30 Denver, United States
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My self-summary
I am a person with a fantastic sense of humor. It's pleasantly twisted, dark and dirty. I love to laugh, and have been blessed with a most infectious laugh. That's how most of my friendships have been forged, actually. Being a good friend is extremely important. I am most definitely a quality over quantity, kind of girl. My personality is constantly morphing depending on my surroundings. I am never not myself, but just being respectful to the social restraints of my company. I am an extreme introvert, but I am not socially inept. I have interests across the board, ranging from slightly nerdy to elegance and glamour. But nothing is really taken to extremes. For example, I own a piece of the 90s X-men cartoon memorabilia, but I do not have a strong desire to go to comic-cons or be apart of online forums. I have an appreciation for many things all over the spectrum of life, but I do not harbor these interests to define me. Right now in my life, I am super busy, between school and work, with little free time, thus I am taking the online dating route. But to put a positive spin, on that, it forces one to take things slower, in such a fast paced world.
What I’m doing with my life
Going to School for Industrial Design, been a long scholastic journey thus far, but I finally feel like I am heading in the right direction. I like making things more efficient or more aesthetically pleasing. When not going to school, I work retail to get by.
I’m really good at
I am really good at laughing, listening, and being a good friend. I dabble in painting, usually of microscopic of diseases, and doing interior design type things. I am good at offering fashion advice to my friends, but I do not really care about it all that much personally, I am usually just trying to get them ready and out of the house. And being sarcastic and tipping are two more talents I possess. This is an edit, but I am good at people watching, to the point where I create story lines for random people's lives.
The first things people usually notice about me
Sounds cliche, but my smile. I have been told by many people that I usually have a giant grin on my face and on the opposite end of that spectrum, when I am not in such a good mood, I look like I could destroy someone. I use both to my advantage, like walking alone at night and getting free drinks. I kid, I kid.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Honestly, I am not a big reader, but I do pick up a book every now and then. I never get physically comfortable while reading, the only Author to really capture my mature attention was Kurt Vonnegut and Augusten Burroughs. I know this sounds horrible to most of the people that would consider me, but it is what it is. I would be down to to lounging around while you read to me, Victorian style.

Movies, I love all kinds of movies, except the big Michael Bay Brotastic type productions. Love, love, love Documentaries, that's a huge reason I love netflix. My personal movie library is quite large, but the main genres are nostalgic kid movies, comedies, horror, chick flicks, a little action, and dramas and period pieces. Examples: I heart Huckabees, Running with Scissors, Kinsey, Little Giants, Heavyweights, Disney/pixar, About a Boy, Jawbreaker, Mean Girls, Easy A, Bobby, Shortbus, the Borne Movies, X-men, Saw, Hostel, and the list goes on for a bit.

Shows that I love are Parks and Rec, Broad City, 30 rock, Cheers, the first 3 seasons of Trueblood, Better off Ted, Designing Women, Downton Abbey, South Park, Family Guy, and Arrested Development.
The six things I could never do without
My sight, lanterns, toss pillows, a good bed, laughing, and an orbital sander.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Hypothetical situations
On a typical Friday night I am
Well working retail, I do not usually get a prime Friday night off, but on my nights off, I am down to go out have some drinks, maybe some dancing every now and again. I like going to places where you don't have to put on a facade to fit in, but sometimes I do enjoy employing crazy characteristics.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have watched the entire The Hills series. I know, I know...
You should message me if
If you aren't afraid of Bisexual people. Biphobia and erasure needs to end. You have to understand I have the ability to love and be attracted to so many people, but It doesn't mean I will cheat on you, or just want to have anonymous group sex.

Or if you know what "FUCKABEES" means and love it, come on down.

Or, if you want to help me recreate minimalist black box theatre productions of Breakfast Club and Empire Records.