46 Auburn Hills, United States
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My self-summary
I have lived a rather varied and complex life, and at this point you could say that I am trying to keep focused on the simpler things.
I spent 17 yrs living in San Francisco CA, I moved back in November of 2014. Just in time for worst winter in a decade. It was an interesting welcome home to MI. I been working like crazy since I got here and I was able to buy my first little fixer upper house last July. My dogs love the yard and I get to spend my free time fixing, mending and improving. Consequently I would welcome having someone to drag me out to have some real fun, I have realized that I'm too determined to make this place into my ideal. I would like to have someone in my life to go out and enjoy things with on a regular basis.

Looking for someone who wants a partner to share things with and explore their lives together. I can't say I really care what kind of job you do or how much money you make. I have been through way too much in my life to think that any of that means anything at the end of the day. Someone who is outside of the norm in some way or another. I have always been drawn to people who don't accept what they are told and instead seek out their own truth. I'm hoping to meet someone that is optimistic and somewhat practical in how she sees life. Is open minded and willing to explore new ideas . I love to coaxed out of my comfort zone, and like to do the same with someone I trust.

We are all imperfect and that is how we are supposed to be. We strive to be our best selves because of this. Everyone comes with a history and a story, I am making an effort to write the next chapter, not keep re-reading the old ones. I hope you will as well.
What I’m doing with my life
Just bought my first house on 7/21/2015. So I spend a ton of time working on the house and especially the yard to make improvements. Latest project was putting in over 250 ft of 6 ft privacy fence by myself.
I’m really good at
Surviving situations that should have killed me, I could tell you some stories.....
The first things people usually notice about me
Lots of tattoos
That I guess I look a lot younger than I am, recently found out all my co-workers thought I was in my 30's
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I read every day. Mostly historical fiction, military history, horror, post apocalyptic stuff, sci-fi, fantasy, and odd humorous fiction. I have always found reading to be great way to relax and find my center.

I like to play games on PC, Fallout, Dead Island, Farcry ect. Not daily, but I have been known to go on marathon binges during the boring winter months.

Luke Cage is the latest thing I'm watching, fantastic show
The Walking Dead, The Black List, The Following, Family Guy.
Archer is awesome!
Better Call Saul
Just started watching Misfits on Hulu. And the new Daredevil and House of Cards are fantastic.
Thank god for Netflix.
I think SOAP was probably the best show to ever be on television.

I love good horror/suspense movies like the original Let the Right One In, Dead Snow, Evil Dead, ect.
Oddball comedy in the tone of Raising Arizona.
Most Sci-Fi stuff. Soldier was Kurt Russel's' best since Escape From New York.
Crazy martial arts/action licks like Ong Bak and The Raid
Anything with zombies is good.
True Romance is one of my favorites.

Did anyone else get to see Attack the Block during its' brief stint in the theater? It was fucking Great!

Music is all across the board. Old punk, metal, strange stuff of various kinds. Lately I have had Tears For Fears, Nightwish, Johnny Cash, Man-O-War, Black Heart Procession, Mule, Butthole Surfers, Cruxshadows, Chet Baker, Descendents, Dragon Ash, Fishbone, Pixies, The Pogues, and Kate Bush and Die Antwoord rotating on my I-pod.

I like food, can't cook anything besides bachelor stuff, but am totally willing to do dishes.
The six things I could never do without
Pocket knife
My best pals/dogs Ripley and Muggsy
a good pair of boots.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
It used to be how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse, but that just got way too popular. Now I ponder on how to survive a Muppet Apocalypse. Much more entertaining and colorful too!
On a typical Friday night I am
Playing with the dogs and then sleeping. Been working 50-60 hrs a week lately.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Read my question answers, you will see I'm willing to admit to quite a lot.

Also, I re-watch the entire Buffy the Vampire series yearly ever since it became available on Netfilx
You should message me if
You sometimes wonder if you really belong here, not just on this site but on this particular planet or at this time in history.

You aren't perfect, you realize no one else really is either. But you think maybe our imperfections might just complement each other.

You have a Game Of Thrones theory you really want to share

You can deal with the fact that I voted Trump, seems to be quite the deal breaker around here.

So go ahead and send me a message. What have you got to lose by taking the initiative and sending a quick note to express interest?