37İzmir, Turkey
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My self-summary
professional traveler, university english teacher, traveling addict, hitchhiker, political thinker, beer conneseur (however you spell that), chelsea/bayern/club america/clubo atletico miniero fan, whatever you want to call me! :D i travel. travel travel travel...i love big cities! :P i need subways and street performers and cigarettes 20m from my door at 3 am! :P after living in poland for a year, china for 9 years and germany a while, i'm definately a big city mouse! :D

i learn languages! i soak them up like a sponge! it happens after living in poland a year, china 9 years, germany a few months, and so on and so on...lately i've been learning new alphabets for chinese (official cyrillic for chinese, taiwanese bopomofo alphabet, original pinyin still used in hong kong, etc), korean, japanese and so on. also interested in greek, arabic, aramaic, farsi, just about any asian-ish language with a new alphabet ;) i'm also working on creating my own english teaching method customized to chinese students, as well as creating a modified phonetical alphabet specifically for chinese learning english. oh! and also improving the methods used for teaching chinese students spanish, japanese, korean, french, german and russian. keeps me pretty busy between classes. giggity!

i can't wait to travel to south central asia, like tajikistan, kyrgystan, uzbekistan, georgia (especially georgia for their language, it's cool looking such as the word for north! "ჩრდილოეთი"), they're all so fascinating to me! also...i've done so many of my traveling dreams that i've had to make new dreams...here's a new list, and believe it or not it's quite doable:

go to world cup in russia 2018! and qatar 2022!, ride a camel in morocco, go snorkeling in egypt, smoke a hookah in uzbekistan, party for carneval in rio de jinero, hitchhike from buenos aires all the way to alaska, and from portugal to singapore ;)

and just to clear it up i'm mexican/polish mix, not uzbek, not kyrgiz, not chinese, not japanese, not turkish, not filipino, not uigur :) this is confusing for many people :D mexican. specifically norteno aztek/toltec mexican :) (i get asked this a LOT, no one can agree what i look like or what language to speak to me first!) :D

What i'm looking for:

you must be passionate about something, political passion especially ;)

you shouldn't be afraid to give ur opinion about any topic at anytime, anywhere. speak ur mind! a woman who is strong inside projects confident outwards sexiness hehe

you should be intelligent and funny, and love to be silly!

you should be musical

you should be someone who isnt afraid of adventuring and isn't afraid to try new things

you should have goals and ambition

you should love animals (must like cats!)

you should be adventurous in bed

if u know new languages i don't know yet w000!!!

i love hot accents...

i adore brunettes

and linux chicks!

and dreadlocks earn definate brownie points...:D
What I’m doing with my life
lately? in addition to teaching american accent at my university where i live in china, i've been a professional traveler :) i've been traveling a LOT in the last few years, god love life on the road! :) just in the last 10 years i've been to:

North America:
USA- Iowa, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Washington DC, Virginia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Colorado, Nebraska, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Illinois, Texas, California
Canada- Windsor, Vancouver
Mexico- Mexico City, Oaxaca City, Puerto Escondido

Ireland- Dublin
U.K.- London
Latvia- Riga
Lithuania- Vilnius, Birzai, Panevezys, Kaunas, Sakiai, lots of villages around Sakiai
Germany- Kaiserslautern, Otterberg, Manheim/Ludwigshafen, various villages
The Netherlands- The Hague, Amsterdam, Almere Buiten, Nijmigen
France- Paris, Dunkerque, Lille
Belgium- Brussels, Oostende
Spain- Barcelona, Tarragona, Reus
Poland- Warsaw, Krakow, Biolystok, Plock, Poznan

China- Harbin, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Beijing, Wudalianchi, Weihai, Mudanjiang, Shenyang
Japan- Tokyo
Korea- Seoul
Philippines- Manila, Batangas City, Puerto Galera
Turkey- Izmir
I’m really good at
well what you'll notice first for sure is that i'm a mind reader. not literally, but i can read you like a book, and it'll either freak u out or totally turn u on! also, i'm good at soul calibur, FIFA 17...oh and i tell you what i'm NOT good at: i definately SUCK at bowling! :D but it's still fun!
The first things people usually notice about me
my long hair, and everyone's always going on about my deep "chocolate velvet" colored eyes
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
let's see, books...i'm kinda hooked to the Dune series at the moment, movies i love anything you could call a cult classic...kevin smith movies, tarantino, robert rodriguez, anything that sounds good in 5.1 DTS...

for music, i LOVE rock and techno, especially any rock that has that good 70s sound that's coming back, like the black keys or jet or silvertide, but also the good classics like ACDC, zeppelin, the beatles, stevie ray vaughan, johnny winter, oh and SKA!!!!!!!

i'm pretty serious about music and totally love music no matter where it's from, my mp3 collection is full of music from all over the world, i loe to collect music, i have music i jam to from poland, germany, lithuanian rock from some festivals i went to, japan (they had some ROCKIN psychdelic 60s music, as well as modern kickass ska), nigerian (60s-70s afro jazz funk), russian disco, and on and on and on...

and for food? anything i really haven't tried before, i have quite a strong stomach and love to try things that most people would be like "you wanna order WHAT?" yes, i love sushi, spicy food and can make refried beans, mexican rice and tamales from scratch mmmmm makes me hungry, also turkish food is to die for (doner kebab), lithuanian soups, real chinese food IN china...they do AMAZING things with tofu, cilantro and peanuts!!!!!
Six things I could never do without
worcestershire sauce, rock/elektro/ska, close friends, blackberry, ipod, my 2 cats :)

tambien, orale!!!! yo nunca podria vivir sin la lengua de la raza de oro! ;)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
american tea partiers, polish PiS members and israeli likkud members should be be shot (anyone who puts economics ahead of personal liberties should be shot in my opinion!!!!)...thank god for dutch coffeeshops :D also...american marijuana laws are dumb, censorship in the states is overdone, and i feel real freedom whenever i'm in holland!
On a typical Friday night I am
i used to be out exploring beijing, warsaw or mexico city, but now i'm back to the Izmir nightlife :) ocassionally i'm out exploring seoul or manila! :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
my tongue's pierced, and i have a couple cool tatoos, one of flaming dice on the back of my leg and a cool tribal design going around my bicep with an aries sign in the middle, and another aries sign on my back, but i always forget about that one :) lol i got them all while stationed near new orleans, man that place ROCKS :), oh and i tend to hitchhike a lot, europe's perfect for it ;) especially in lithuania, goddamn i must have hitchhiked everyday around the southwest there...10km here...20km there...from netherlands to lithuania too! (more than once!)

oh and i own 7 guitars...it's usually what people first notice when they walk into my flat...i always get the same question: "why do you have so many guitars?": (which always gets the same answer...well one has 12 strings, one is nylon strings, 1 is an electric beast that connects to my sexy pedal synthesizer, one is a mandolin, one is an electric acoustic, and 2 are standard steel string acoustics. yeah. GIGGITY!)

You should message me if
-si se puede leer eso
-ruoguo ni neng duo zhe piar
-jeśli możesz przeczytać ten

-if you can help teach me learn/practice any one of these languages: polish, italian, turkish, german, russian, tagalog, afrikaans or annnnnnything...languages are sooooooooo much fun to learn!!!

-if you hitchhike!!! let's chat

-if u can bachata! i'm always looking to learn to bachata! :D

-if you have a cat
-if you can show me pictures of your cat
-if u will invite me over to play with your cat
-if you're a cat

The two of us