35McCordsville, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a former philosophy and library science student and sort of a nerd. I like interesting TV shows like Rome, Buffy, and The Venture Brothers, but kind of ambivalent about TV itself. I'm omnivorous but very veg-friendly (I like tofu and don't understand why everyone doesn't). My politics are mostly based around identifying power structures and being mad at them.

I'm not evangelistically polyamorous but it's what I've found seems to work for me.

I love wintery weather and consider the effort involved in getting around while it's snowy to be an acceptable price to pay for how pretty it is and for the delicious chill that cuts through the thickest coats. My favorite days are the ones where it's heavily overcast but isn't raining, cool and beautifully bleak.
What I’m doing with my life
I work a LOT these days and I probably should stop coming here until I have more free time.
I’m really good at
Clumsiness and overthinking.
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair. When it's more than about an inch and a half or so, my hair is curly as hell. When I was a kid, I used to hate it, but anymore I've come to accept it and even like the unruly tangles of it. Lately I've been keeping it short, and I think I like that for now.

If your first exposure to me is textual you'll probably notice that I use a lot of parenthetical phrases, which I try with variable success to control.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Horror and nonfiction, mostly, and of course RPG stuff. I just got Trail of Cthulhu and I really want to run it when I have more time. Authors include Iain M. Banks, H. P. Lovecraft, Charles Stross, and John Scalzi. Give me a collection of Lovecraft pastiche short stories of varying quality and I'm happy. I mostly don't read print comics (and am still pretty mortified about how awful a lot of the old 90's Vertigo stuff I got into comics on actually was), but I liked Rat Queens when it was running and simply adore The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, which is pretty much the best thing ever. I just picked up the first collection of Beasts of Burden, which is very pretty and very nice.

Movies: Comedy and horror are the big ones. I think my favorite movies are Grosse Point Blank and The Thing. John Carpenter movies basically come in "incredible" and "unwatchable" and I'm always up for the former category. I have a weird affection for found footage horror flicks like REC and VHS and will cheerfully sit through some really, really awful shit just because it's found footage. I promise not to subject you to this- I know how bad these movies usually are.

TV: My all-time favorite shows are The Venture Brothers, Parks and Recreation, the first several seasons of The Simpsons, and Mystery Science Theater 3000. (I am super excited for the reboot!) I'm not generally into procedural scifi/horror shows (I think I burned out my receptors for that after about nine seasons of Supernatural), but iZombie is really, really good and I don't know anybody who watches it.

Music: Industrial, punk, goth, synthwave. I recently started getting into 80's thrash metal, but Slayer's Reign in Blood kind of cauterized that appetite because a lot of stuff just sounds kind of meh after that. Best albums:
Nitzer Ebb, That Total Age
Skinny Puppy, Too Dark Park
Crass, Penis Envy
SPK, Leichenschrei
The Sisters of Mercy, Floodland
Front Line Assembly, Tactical Neural Implant
Tch'Kung, Incite
Midnight Syndicate, The 13th Hour
Depeche Mode, Violator
Test Department, The Unacceptable Face of Freedom

Food: Meat and vegetables, mostly, along with some cheese and nuts. I always like trying new foods, though I'm keeping the carbs down right now.
Six things I could never do without
good music, good books, games, a readily available variety of cuisines, radical politics, and Lil' Bub
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Politics and inconsequential nerd shit, and the interaction of same. And Lil' Bub.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hanging around at home, wishing I didn't have to go into work in the morning.
You should message me if
You think I'd be interesting to talk to.

I'd really like to meet somebody who likes the same kind of music that I do. I don't have anybody to listen to the Sisters with or gush over the new Youth Code at.

The use of slurs targeted at people who are members of minority classes in the various intersecting oppressions pisses you off and you don't have to check over your shoulders to make sure the room is racially and sexually homogeneous before telling jokes.

You're local- I simply can't do long-distance. Tried it, can't do it.
The two of us