48Indio, United States
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My self-summary
As a writer and healer, I am sensitive and understanding. After having many paranormal experiences that were very pleasant, from other realities beyond, it makes me see things in a different light. What interests me is setting intentions for healing and being thankful for miracles, after we allow ourselves to witness those all around. I like to push the limit on what might be possible and stretch reality a bit. The miraculous zone intrigues me. How far out of the box we can create is fascinating. I also believe in kindness, truth, open communication with compassion and deep understanding with sensitive listening. Listening to how someone is listening to you is really important and then knowing how to alter how you speak in order to make yourself understood is prime. It is always nice to share and meet a like-minded person who can see the same shade of blue when we look up into the sky together. A man who loves to cuddle is magical. I believe the bonding behavior of cuddling is one of the major keys to longevity in relationships.

WHAT I AM ATTRACTING: You are not connected to societal gender roles, but rather to who you really are as an Evolved Soul in a body this time around. You have overcome being run by your chemical hormones and are now able to express love by choice and decision with an impeccable ability to care for another and notice how to serve in ways to bring more harmony and love into every situation. You are connected to your heart so you are loving, receptive, giving and are in touch with your feelings and have a great ability to share and care. You are more like a cuddly animal than a human in that you have let go of your ego and of negative judgement. You have become a positive person here to help since you add to the solution for peace. You are beautiful inside and outside and we can "see" and feel that.
What I’m doing with my life
I am writing and spending a lot of time with goats. I love unconditional love, receiving and giving, so sitting with goats is prime. I come as a package with two male goats. You would have to love goats, too. I am willing to move from where I live but it would still have to be a large sunny area for them.
I’m really good at
Understanding the feelings of people and animals. Sometimes I can feel what they don't want to feel or what they don't want to express.
The first things people usually notice about me
My energy. It is not typical. Perhaps they can sense my heart or my sensitivity, or that I may look truthful. They will notice that I am real. I do not dye my hair, paint my nails, where synthetic cologne. I don't use makeup or wear trendy clothes or high heals.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Paulo Coehlo, Esther Hicks/Abraham books: Ask and It is Given etc. Spiritual fiction and non-fiction. Travel writer Jeff Greenwald who wrote Shopping for Buddhas, The Size of the World, Snake Lake. He traveled around the world without using airplanes in The Size of the World. It is both spiritual and educational, if you like to travel but don't want to go to his extent, this is the book. He writes about Nepal extensively. Another travel writing book that is amazing is called Running with the Moon by Jonny Bilby, From England on He traveled on his motor bike across Africa after the death of his soul mate.

Ethnic food, healthy and real. Music that I can sing to or dance to. World music. Currently making my own version of Kimchi.

I love Korean films and t.v. series. (on Netflix, I don't watch any t.v. unless it is Korean series)
Six things I could never do without
Sunscreen, Hiking Boots, Love, Nature, Goats, Freedom, Gratitude, Sharing. Forget the number six, I cannot just do six. Abraham as channeled by Esther Hicks, studying Law of Attraction for purpose of good manifestation of any desire, metaphysics, mysticism, my own type of spirituality, telepathic communication with animals, Animal Rights Activism, Keeping horns on goats, sheep and cattle. I could not do without horns and hoofs. Nurturing and being nurtured. Soft, cuddly, sweet, generous, gentle, sincerity, honesty, open-hearted, Dalai-Lama-like-compassion, looking into the eyes of animals that are loving, hiking with someone that is as gentle and caring and considerate as an Angel from Venus
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Animals. Love. My spiritual connection to Divinity (non-religious), increasing my Trust in the Unseen and increasing my ability to accept miracles.
On a typical Friday night I am
All nights are like Friday nights. I might be dancing to the music on my Amazon cloud player or to the Bollywood music I saved on YouTube or creating something: artwork, cooking, baking. Or walking or reading or, if I am lucky, in a great alignment with all that is , writing a poem - not just a poem, a good poem that wrote itself and was caught on the sleeve of a sweater on a clothes line blowing in the wind, and some of that wind was able to land in my pocket...
It is easy to write a poem, but when the poem is a good one, ah, that's it, right there, that is the moment....of a perfect now....
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am perfectly fine with men who wear pink, even hot pink or magenta, and like it.
You should message me if
You are addicted to kindness - being kind, feeling kind, giving and receiving kindness. Your heart is so open you can drive a semi-truck through it with the side mirrors stretched out to Venus. You are an exceptional being that is caring, considerate, compassionate, kind, generous, loving, cozy, affectionate, beautiful, good at listening and communicating, has a sense of humor, and is heart centered. YOU ARE VERY EVOLVED AND COMMUNICATE IMPECCABLY, And YOU ARE KIND.
The two of us