34Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
Eyem looking for a friend and sport climbing partner to visit Rumney Rocks (5.9-11+ that is not my height in case you don't know) I have a sport rack and a van with a bed and camping there is only $10 per night on a beautiful permaculture installment called D Achres! I have set up 3day weekends for the foreseeable future in order to pursue this aim.
Seriously though? Eyem an unrecognized PhD in pedagogical science. Actively researching effects of music, movement, resonance and respect as they coalesce in the process of learning through mirror neurons. We all reside somewhere on the autistic spectrum and the human mind is evolving in that direction.

ya see eyem six foot one and eyem tons of fun
and eye dress to a t
passin the digits from fourth cost to key
got more clothes than muhammad ali

lyman paras rhodes 3(9)
super kind and friendly
talented dancer, musician, artist
positive, open, free, spirited, wild
hunter gatherer trapped in a consumer society
eye am searching for someone to resonate with in the most extreme startling and hilarious sense. eye am my own death cult.

to someone the flow forgot

we are a kind old folk
to bear those ignorant
over this eon [stock rock sun flit?]
someone and son forget
my daughters 123
someone will once commit
my daughters 3 45
someone will soon regret
my love come from new world
quill signed entreats to packt
in hair and eyes a black
our trail of tears my back
she stole our first born son
from they who owned his tan
the wagon gun effect
the brothers slowed for them
remember me to her
you know is all been done
enter me old in hat
knowledge reiki b [phat, fat, phlatt]
cunt slip tin homonym
her scent like throbb in treck
rackem up
t the brim nelson
back im up
over these orders with pim
Fibonacci sequence
may seem elegant every time but
will get you nowhere my son you've got to
crank him boy
rack him
till e holler (let im go)
till e holler (let im go)
maybe you to let a spirit flow
over one ear and and out awhisper
maybe you latecake
maybe you to let my grandma know
eye'l be ok!!!! ey yo uw ouwheye
maybe you to let your name sake go
someone sat in on that
[craving, claiming] a regal cap
hubris of ages snap
to quell te sorry sap
eye'm open over what eye did when young heroin swan song
over and intone [ervene]
eye will tell you bout eye was a fresh young thugg thing
living too fine for
even her sweet tongue
but she made it clear again and
here was no other one
eye was the trouble one
she hate me chrome and drum
controversy was what she
felt was fun to pass the sun a
though she knew she not
take these ideas in haste but wait and pray
or we crumble and just like all tat fay
no way whey
What I’m doing with my life
eye currently design school experiences in Brooklyn and live in my van. eye taught preschool @ green apple garden... eyemake music soulful and danceable... eye draw... Eyem a student of trad climbing working in the gym every day getting ripped

machines were mice and men were lions once upon a time, but now that its the opposite its twice upon a time.
I’m really good at
danz, tenderness, cook, watch, listen, draw, music (drums, keys, guitar, bass), sensuality... respecting my demon self and repairing.

eye love working on my bicycle, E150 van, and motorcycle (when eye can afford one), and other modes of transportation/cartography.
The first things people usually notice about me
my silly, young and gangly appearance. eyem not afraid to look weird and eye love style.
my good jinn juju.
the fact that eyem singing dancing or doing taichi.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
the only one who knows this ounce of words is just a token is she who has a ton to tell that must remain unspoken.
-moondog (louis hardin)

Calvin Johnson, Jean Michelle Jarre, Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Roy Ayers, Moondog, Sun Ra, Phunkadelic, Style Council, Yaz, Fine Young Cannibals, Paul Robison, B-52's, Peter Gabriel, Hooverphonic, Prince, Pet Shop Boys, David Bowie, Brian Eno, David Byrne, Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club (Martina Weymouth), Sonic Youth, Men At Work, Icicle Works, A88A, Nash the Slash, Kraftwerk, Sugar Hill Gang, Diggable Planets, Sid Barrett, Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Can, Eurythmics, Joy Division, New Order, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Desmond Dekker, Althea and Donna, Max Romeo and the Upsetters, The Slackers, Diana Ross, Temptations, The Platters, George Gershwin, Chopin, The Lovin Spoonful, Satie, Aphex Twin, Square Pusher, Isley Brothers, Jackson 5, black mouth super rainbow, Com Truis, photay, vectroid, chilly madison, dust junkies, Blunt Tapes, manny, naso, Charles Trees, DJ Shadow, Beressi, Chopmonk, Matisse... um... these are some of my favorite Artists. Eye recognize my ignorance...
Six things I could never do without

every and no thing... eye need no thing and am everything.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how to have more pot luck dance parties everywhere.
electromagnetic resonance and its propagation.
dream state, multiverse, theoretical physics and metaphysical ideations of all sorts really...
smooth vintage style with no cash.
On a typical Friday night I am
making Majic-Art-Science
Driving to a cragg
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
eye have no game, no pretense, not many bounderies... since relinquishing junk eye realize my life is too short for compromise. eyem haunted by the ghost of my favorite junky woman... one universe away, eye died in a motorcycle accident.

eye suppose there are a lot of things eyem willing to admit... no shame here... eye don't need to be forgiven.
You should message me if
you like food, music, dance, art, teaching, learning, wonder, secrets, biking, danger, majic... even if you just want to meet a kind friend or band mate?
The two of us