31Hoboken, United States
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My self-summary
I like to laugh to the point where I can't breathe.
I like to write letters and postcards and send them out to people or companies that I don't know.
Other delights - small, but noteworthy surprises, story telling, light hearted moments, improv, movies

Love random experiences/ jobs. Have worked at everything from a mascot at the Times Square Toys R Us (Dora the Explorer) , Monster Energy truck driver and rep - Travel Agent - Special ed. teacher - Barista - Papergirl- Falafel maker - Warped Tour gum handler - Face Painter at the Flyers games - etc.

Love watching movies- I want to watch everything- from your more serious Days of Heaven or Knife in the Water to junkier movies like Deuce Biggalo. In fact, this weekend I just hosted a Nicholas Cage marathon- The Rock and Snake Eyes. Pretty quality Nicholas Cage freakouts. Just needed a little John Cusack - Con Air action to even it out.

Attended University of Pennsylvania for a psych degree, but have a career in education
What I’m doing with my life
Running every day

Waiting for it to warm up

Looking to travel

"Working a lot, but hardly working"
I work for a startup international education company in Midtown during the week and manage a small tutoring setup in my free time.
I love helping students- meeting them, creating that personal relationship, seeing them discover, watching them grow.

I think kids are so cool, and I love the unique and creative perspectives that they share. I especially love it when the teens teach me about Bioshock III and Minecraft, while I regale them with the times of Final Fantasy III or Chrono Tirgger. Or when the little girls teach me all sorts of Hello Kitty or Princess dances.
I’m really good at
Collecting stories.
Sending mail love.
The first things people usually notice about me
Goddamn you half-Japanese girls..
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
City of God, La Dulce Vita, Once Upon a Time in the West, The Wild Bunch, Ghost in the Shell II, Kill Bill, There Will be Blood, Sansho the Bailiff, Amores Perros, Me, You, and Everyone we Know, Days of Heaven, Metropolis, Suspiria, High and Low, Vanilla Sky, Say Anything, Royal Tenenbaums, Jules and Jim, Rear Window, Tree of Life, Drive, The Artist, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Greenberg, Toy Story 3, Bringing out the Dead, Zero Dark Thirty, Looper, Beasts of The Southern Wild...
Fav Directors. Terrence Malick, P.T. Anderson, Kurosawa, Scorcese, Fellini, Argento.

Music: Cat Power, Japandroids, Macklemore, Elliott Smith, The Smashing Pumpkins, Best Coast, Neon Indian, Arcade Fire, Mogwai, Beach House, Beach Fossils, Neva Dinova, Gogol Bordello, Modest Mouse, Phantogram, Beck, Heatmiser, Portishead, The Smiths, Sonic Youth, The Pixies, Tom Petty, The White Stripes, Kavinsky, Interpol, New Order, R.E.M., Alt-J

Books: East of Eden, Sometimes a Great Notion, Into the Wild, Dorian Gray, David Copperfield, The Ground Beneath her Feet, The Windup Bird Chronicle, Rabbit Run, The Sun Also Rises, Great Expectations, Better than Running at Night, Sister Carrie, The Beach, Norwegian Wood, The Hunger Games Trilogy, etc.
Authors: Dickens, Hemmingway, Murakami, Rushdie

Show: Carnivale, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Oz, Louie, The IT Crowd, Little Britain Lost, Deadwood (well the first season anyway), Mr. Show, The Office, Superjail

Podcasts: American Public Media, Planet Money, Culturetopia, Freakonomics, Filmspotting, RadioLab, Meet the Director, Fresh Air.

Food: Falafel Sandwiches, tacoes, oatmeal w/ fruit, mangoes
Been pescatarian since I was 8.
Six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to gamify the learning systems I put into place for my students.
I want them not only to learn, but to have fun while doing so. And I want to make my programming more accessible- to reach beyond the student with high level of self-motivation. Education can work for everyone if applied properly.
On a typical Friday night I am
I would love to be watching a really good movie at the theatre. While I am satisfied watching movies on the small screen, there is nothing like being able to shuffle about, choose your seat, and settle in for a full screen viewing.

If it's warm enough, I want to be walking all over the city- up and down to the West Village. Across the Williamsburg or Brooklyn Bridge. Into some show, with a pitstop for takoyaki or fro-yo.

Or I'm seeing Employee of the month or some other show at UCB. Any night is a good night to be rolling, laughing for an hour.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When I was 16 I loved driving around my suburban town- making trips to the nearby Tastykake factory late at night- getting hoisted into the air by my friends and over the edge of the 10-foot tall dumpsters that held all the expired tastykake packages from the day before.

I'd fall into that sweet batch, swimming in Butterscotch Krimpets or peanut butter chocolate cakes. The best packages I'd toss out for my friends to gather into my car trunk for kaking our friends' cars or throwing like darts at street signs.

What is private.. is that while my friends just saw these as ammo. the icing filled my eyes like dollar signs in a Looney Tune. After I had dropped my last friend off, I would take a box of Krimpets into my house and cake by cake, lick all of the icing off.
You should message me if
you either want to meet up for a random adventure...

..or want to exchange snail mail
The two of us