32Longmont, United States
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My self-summary
Some things to start off with since a lot of people seem to want to know:
- I live on my own. I haven't lived with my parents for years.
- I'm financially independent & secure.
- I own my own home & car.
- I'm close to my family and we get along. I'm very lucky that we get along as well as we do.

I am also only looking for a serious long term relationship. I am not interested in casual dating.

Now that those things are out of the way, on to awkwardly describing myself. I'm not terribly good at describing myself in a free form manner, but I have included explanations to a lot of the OKC questions, so that's a good place to learn more about me as well.

I'm an engineer by trade, but an artist at heart. I enjoy the outdoors, particularly getting away from the busy city life. I really enjoy making things, particularly things that others get to enjoy. The best example of that is my love of Halloween. I really enjoy designing and building things for Halloween to scare and entertain people. I once took one of those singing fish toys, hacked it, and got it to make sounds and sing songs of my choosing. I hooked it up to a motion sensor and set it up in the office where I worked and got some really good reactions from people. A good friend of mine and I have the idea of turning my garage into a haunted house of some sort for next Halloween.

I believe in equal rights for all people. I don't believe in taking away rights from people just because I don't agree with their politics. I am really into more obscure or unique styles of music. Generic pop or rock really doesn't interest me since it's all pretty much the same music over and over. That tends to be one of my philosophies in life: find and enjoy the things that are different rather than fit in with the crowd. The comedian Christopher Titus had a great quote about this: "Screw normal. You know why? 'Cause if you're normal, the crowd will accept you. But if you're deranged, the crowd will make you their leader."

I also tend to be very generous with both my time and money. I don't really like advertising this since it tends to feel artificial, self-centered, and somewhat egotistical to essentially say "I donate my time and money, you should date me!" However, it seems worthwhile mentioning it because I also want to find someone that shares that generosity. That generosity is often aimed towards friends and family (both of which I am very close with) but certainly not exclusive to them. I donate to a number of different charities including the Abandoned Pet Project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Both of which are doing very good work though in very different fields.

I have two adorable cats. One of which tends to act closer to a dog than a cat. She's super cuddly and affectionate, but will also wrestle with me and likes being chased around. I grew up with dogs and am seriously considering getting one at some point now that I have a yard.
What I’m doing with my life
Working as a software engineer in Boulder. Learning how to actually own & take care of a house (damn sprinkler systems...). Preparing for the zombie apocalypse. Helping create the zombie apocalypse (mainly during October)...
I’m really good at
Solving problems, finding stuff on the internet, quoting the Simpsons and Futurama, cooking, seeing through to root problems instead of just seeing their symptoms, attention to detail (both professionally and personally)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Sabaton, Nightwish, Alestorm, Lacuna Coil, Rammstein, Within Temptation, Collide, Air, Eluveitie, Nox Arcana (great for Halloween ambiance), Xandria. I'm always looking to expand my favorites list too.

Almost anything. I enjoy just about everything including a good american cheeseburger, Indian, Thai, & sushi. There are only a few things that I won't eat. A YouTube channel I subscribe to once answered the question "what's your favorite food?" with "nearest". That tends to be my answer as well.
Six things I could never do without
Aside from the standard friends/family/etc.:

Problems to solve & things to make
The outdoors, preferably in a way that isn't caged (shoving nature into a corner of our world is not smart nor enjoyable)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The problems that politicians create and then try to solve (usually very badly), my cats, the most efficient route to get from point A to point B (and on weekends, point C), trying to figure out what other people are thinking just by watching them.
You should message me if
You are a self-described geek or nerd
You love learning things (particularly nerdy things like astrophysics, robotics, or other sciences & technologies)
You want to go backpacking/camping and/or love being outdoors
You love animals
You aren't a super hardcore democrat
You aren't a super hardcore republican

Bonus points if you play board/card games (Betrayal at House on the Hill, Dominion, Pandemic, 7 Wonders, Exploding Kittens, etc.). I regularly go to board game nights with friends and would love for you to join me/us.
The two of us