48Oakland, United States
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My self-summary
[Want more pics? Just ask. Sorry for the hassle, but I prefer not to give them to OKC.]

Greetings to you. Please make sure to read the very bottom of my profile, since there are some important things about what I'm looking for and my availability.

In short, I'm thoughtful, incredibly patient, and thorough to a fault.

I'm quiet, like to be introspective, yet I am very passionate about certain things and go out of my way to do what I think is right in those realms. I try to prioritize what I believe really matters in life, though "what matters" is truly subjective, isn't it? In recent years as I strive for acceptance and understanding as broadly as possible, I find more questions than answers, which is fine, since I love to ponder life's uncertainties - ideally whilst stargazing.

Jock culture turns me off, but I love to be highly physical myself - on my bike riding until it hurts, or backpacking in the mountains for days on end. Despite some ambivalence in regard to ski resorts, I spend a LOT of time skiing. Sure, I'll even watch some sports, but I don't care in the end and would rather be playing the same sports with my friends, perhaps in a mildly competitive manner, but with an overriding sense that the sport is just an excuse to be laughing and playing with your friends, no matter if they are good at it or not.

I work hard - too hard sometimes - I probably stand to learn from people who might be considered "slackers", but since I work for myself, I choose my own schedule (and aforementioned priorities), so I do get outdoors and recharge rather frequently.

TV is rather low on my list of priorities, but I will definitely pick and choose certain series to watch from start to finish (the more challenging and thoughtful ones - not into formulaic/mindless/low-brow stuff usually shown on network TV). I DO love nothing more than sharing an intelligent movie (and cuddling?) and then the good conversation that it inspires.

To me the most important part of a relationship, romantic or not, is the depth of conversation/vulnerability/connection - the extent to which I can learn from someone - the stimulation of the mind and heart. Sure, who doesn't like the physical aspects, but I find it obvious (or rather, I'd have it no other way) that once you've established a deep emotional and intellectual connection, the sex will be fantastic.

I can geek out with the best of them, and in fact, I spend a large amount of time as an Open Source contributor, etc., but I don't find that ultimately important enough to make it central to how I define myself as a person. I spend enough time in front of a computer, so I would rather use any remaining hours of my day not continuing to have my relationships mediated by technology (ah yes, the irony of saying that *here*...).

I have a strong interest in socio-political issues. I found my politics via punk, which will always be an important part of my life, but I find it objectionable (and too easy) to draw lines around my beliefs - I've found lots of meaning and growth in friendships with people who are situated outside my particular set of worldly opinions.

Finally, I am quiet and shy, but I like to have fun - PLAY - when the time is right, and I can be loud and boisterous if I need to be. I've been in bands, I still like to dance in my room the music that inspires me: anything from punk to bluegrass to dixieland jazz and beyond.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm vegan, but I don't need you to be. Just no dumb meat-eating jokes. :)

Unfortunately, I mostly read online. I certainly wish I had more reading in my life, mostly of science fiction and political books.

Music has always been a big part of my life, and I do have my favorites, but lists of genres or artists isn't that interesting to me. If it's good, I will enjoy it. No artificial limits, such as refusing to listen to Country Western.

I like to veg out to Hollywood movies, but hardly ever see them. Independent films are usually more thought-provoking I suppose. But I'd rather go take a hike.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Yep, I spend a lot of time thinking. If I tried to explain, I'd end up writing a book. I look forward to some long idea exchanges with someone philosophically inclined!
You should message me if
...you're thoughtful, considerate, smart, empathetic, open minded, unconventional or any combination thereof.

If you want close-up pics, feel free to ask - no pressure, no expectations.

IMPORTANT - I recently have had the chance to shift my life away from the Bay Area. My friends and cultural affinity are still in the Bay, but my goal is to end up somewhere more scenic and relaxed. For now I'm skiing most of the winter in Tahoe, cycling the Sacramento bike trails in the Spring, and enjoying the PCT in the summer.

I *would* consider being back in the Bay for the right person, but ideally that person would be seeking an eventual exit from city life (and you will have to be amenable to my frequent/long trips to the mountains). I understand and respect people who want to meet up right away, since chemistry is often best understood in person. However, I think if you're not the type who has the patience and interest in communicating via written word, we may not be meant for each other.
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