40 Minneapolis, United States
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My self-summary
Psst... I've recently found someone amazing who, for the moment at least is meeting all my needs - even though they live soooo far away. Best of luck to you all :) But here's my info anyway just in case you're curious:

I’ve thrown off all the boxes that define me. I have sexy wild side, a boring nerdy side, and a reclusive anti-social side. I've decided that I don't have to disown everything wild and interesting about myself. I'm a feminist who likes porn and dressing like a whore. I'm a mom and sometimes it make me want to jump out a window or crawl under a rock. Other times it is like looking into the face of God. I'm philosopher, a sometimes poet, theologian, navel-gazer, consumerist, bourgeois, frivolous hypocrite. And that's fine. I don’t have to make sense to anyone but myself. I’m discovering that actually makes sense to a lot of people!

I have always been a kind of nerdy girl, interested in social justice, spirituality, religion, sexuality, gender, literacy education, literature - that kind of good stuff. I like to write. It used to be poetry and stories, now it's mostly journals and blogs. I'm a PhD student studying education from a critical sexuality studies lens. I have some learning quirks though so if spelling errors or trouble with names makes you nutty, we're probably not the best match.

I am nerdy, sensual, and obsequious
What I’m doing with my life
I am a full time PhD student in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Minnesota specializing in Critical Literacy but I also plan to focus sexuality studies, queerness, sex-positivity etc. I'm Pretty much infatuated with Foucault.

I'm also parenting a 6-year-old who's too cute and too smart for his own good.
I’m really good at
Thinking, writing, mom-ing, empathic understanding, academia, kissing, taking it like a good girl, affirming the inherent worth and dignity of every person, dancing in a slinky bar-dance kind of way, writing about sex, over-thinking EVERYTHING
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes or my ass depending on which way I'm facing. They also notice that I'm smart, irreverent, curious, opinionated.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The Bonds of Love : Psychoanalysis, Feminism, and the Problem of Domination by Jessica Benjamin (This book ROCKED my world), The Bluest Eye, Kurt Vonnegut, Speculative fiction, Mists of Avalon, The Ethical Slut, Dante’s Inferno, Anais Nin, the dictionary, The Bible (as literature, a primary source, cultural studies, religious studies, etc. not as, well, “The Bible”), bell hooks, Freire, Foucault, a new one Learning to be White by Thandeka.

Movies: I like costume dramas and anything beautiful even if the plot is completely inane (eg: The Cell, Moulin Rouge. Elizabeth.). I like weird film-fest type stuff. I like sexy stuff – but not Hollywood sexy as much (Secretary, Y Tu Mama Tambien) ANYTHING with Angelina Jolie – again regardless of any other factors. I can handle suspense but generally avoid horror/gore because it negatively influences my “energy” I loved Black Swan!

Music: I’m a lazy listener so I usually just flip on the radio. Cities 97, B96, KDWB, JackFM. I have been doing the Current lately so I feel pretty cultured. I really like really good hip hop if it’s handed to me on a silver platter, but like I say I’m lazy. I like singer/songwriter stuff because I like to sing. I like radio type hip hop because I like to dance. Tori Amos. Ani Defranco. Fiona Apple. Dave Matthews. Prince. Eminem. PDiddy. Brittany Spears. Etc. I also like choral music, classical and weirdish modern instrumental stuff. Not a big fan of metal or country but I make exceptions.

Food: I like food. A lot. I’m not stuck up about it but I like good food. I've been on an ethical eating adventure. Had a long season CSA this year and have really enjoyed eating fresh veggies all the time. It kind of ruins your palate for cheap fake food though. It all tastes like nothing. I'm a semi-vegetarian. You can think of that as being flexible or being weak, it's a little of both.

Random stuff I like – most of which is plagiarized from other profiles, lol: Authenticity, BDSM, bois, burlesque, challenge, change, constructive criticism, fun naughty stuff to wear, creativity (writing, collage, conversation, planning stuff), critical literacy, cultural studies, dancing, deconstructing everything, drag, education as a social justice issue, faeries, femmes, flirting, food, Foucault, gender studies, hair pulling, honesty, justaposition, kissing, learning, nonmonogamy, parenting, Petron, photography (looking at it, being in it), poetry (writing it), polyamory, power exchange, queer theory, serendipity, sex-positivity, sexuality, spirituality, teenagers (teaching them, aren’t they cute), thinking, thunder storms, tops, Unitarian Universalism, words My friends
The six things I could never do without
Something to read.
Some way to write.
Somewhere to be alone.
Really good questions
Someone to talk to about all this stuff
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Sexuality, gender, feminism, sex, what I'm going to wear (lol), justice, what kind of life I want to live, how I can be a better person, sex, what I can queer.

I am also currently interested in exploring "orientations" within various spectrums (particularly my own). For example it has recently come to my attention that currently my most preferred gender (in terms of who I'm attracted to) transmasculinity from butch to FTM (I know some folks wouldn't call that a spectrum, but in this case I mean that I prefer queer identified FTM as opposed to straight male identified FTM if that makes any sense). My own gender identity is femme and for some reason I spent a good deal of my life uncomfortable about this because it felt like some kind of betrayal of feminism. Fuck that. Pass me the heels. I'm also interested in thinking about roles and motivations in BDSM, various forms of nonmonog. Etc. I find these topics endlessly fascinating, want to talk about it?
On a typical Friday night I am
Fridays I'm either home with my son, doing homework, or out with friends. Why do they ask about Fridays anyway? Ask my about Tuesdays and Wednesdays! I also like dancing, going to burlesque shows, going to queer stuff, random lectures and such, having sexy time, eating, cleaning. Lots of options here.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I really keep very little private. Kind of a quirk of mine.
You should message me if
If you're queer, you think I might be an interesting person, you have something to say other than "tell me about yourself" because I just DID that :) I've met someone amazing so I'm currently not looking for romance, or sex, or any of that good stuff.