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My self-summary
About Brad
Looking for some help. Would you like to enjoy life together? Hello I feel that I am a strong, fun loving, free spirited, hard working guy. I'm single have not been married and have no children. Also on the question of do I want children I put undecided or open. But lets be honest I'm 46 so I know I would not want to raised my child or children being an older man. How ever if that subject was ever brought up we could certainly talk about it. I would love to find a person who can laugh at me as well as with me. I love to go out to dinner, movies, swim, fish, and a lot of other things. Its all that more special if you find that person you can do it with. just as you women, if you send a message and I do not respond I'm either talking to someone on here or I don't feel the same attraction. Wish you all the best in your search for what you are looking for. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. Oh I guess before I do anything else.
I will be honest here, I was starting to get a BIG complex about this whole thing. Then after reading several of your profiles I understand better. I started to notice a pattern, so I made a little pros and cons list to help me better understand this dating stuff.
PROS- be kind, genuine, knows what they want, attention, affection, RESPECT!!!, passion, intelligence, sense of humor, be thoughtful, spend time with me, honesty, do little things those matter the most, looking for a REAL MAN!!!, say what you mean, a romantic, hold hands, treated like a queen, explore new things, wants a potential future, hard working, one women man, the list could go on and on.
CONS- no game players, not just in for sex, not to be SHALLOW, not looking for a hook up, no nasty pic's, no liars, don't lead me on, this list could have went on and on as well.
Don't get me wrong all of these are good things your looking for and not. After reading this I think its true that men and women are the same, they want the one they can't have and do not want the one that would be willing to take a chance with them.
As I said I did not do this for anyone but myself to remind me on why it is not so simple to go out and have fun with someone, or even turn into something long and lasting. Maybe it will help me understand more and more about life I guess I will wait and see.
Well i guess you figured if i put the above on here i would probably be back. Well those of you who thought that you are right. ding ding ding. you win.
I have to be honest. After reading the pros and cons list i must apologize. Oh not for what i said but how i said it. I agree it really is a poor piece of literature. So after giving it some thought. I decided to conduct and state the subject matter on here. I said to myself how would be a better way to explain it to all you educated ladies? Then it hit me, what does everyone understand these day's? The answer STATS. What a perfect way to explain anything now a days.
So what i have done, was picked out a 100 profiles. I used about 1/3 from different states just to see if our little community was the only one with the problem, well guess what it is not. Well actually i had to look at 103 profiles. You would not believe it. How ever out of a 100 i did find 3 ladies that had my interest, but when i went to hit the send message button a small box came up and it said. You are not allowed to contact this user. Well i thought how awful, that either these 3 ladies had something bad happen to them, or either they heard something or might have read something on here that might have struck a very big nerve??? Now us guys out here that are looking for a REAL honest lady we are being punished for what somebody else has done. I solemnly regret knowing that we will not be on each other Christmas card list this year. Any who that enough about that soap box.
Anyway i choose not to count on those 3, i figured that it could be said that this was survey was fixed, and not as truthful as it should have been. I threw those away. What i did find out however was most interesting. 100% out of 100% of the profiles had two major thing in common. They had to do with in fact education and respect. How you ask, well hold on its coming. But first of all get your favorite snack, your choice of beverage, i;ll have one if you don't mind. Pull you recliners back and enjoy the ride.
100 profile out of a 100 where it ask for education was astonishing. a. some of you put had some college. b. some of you had your associates degree, c. some of you had your bachelor degree, d. even some of you had gone all out for your master degree. Oh and don't get me wrong, the way the world is getting we need all you smart women out there. How ever i must have been out of the plan ole high school that day, when they said that when receiving a higher learning, you would in fact lose some of the skill you were raise with, and possibly some grammar skills. Hold on it will just take a minute to some all that up for you all.
Let;s say for instance i view a profile i happen to like, i proceed to email the lady not a real big message. Although i try to be informative and also polite. So i hit the send message button, So maybe that day, or ever a few days later at my personal email. I get announced that i have a message at plenty of fish. I think hey she is either wanting to learn more about you or she may say we live to far away or even i not her type. So here i go, i click the inbox. Oh joy what do i see. that tiny little 5 litter word (hello) well i must have been out of the plan ole high school that day when they told us guys that we would have to be perfect at mind reading. Cause ladies i am pretty sure i can speak for all us men on here (hello) don't tell us jack. Also about what i said about the skills you were raised with, I was talking about those tiny little words like respect, just being a little courteous. I guess that's to much to hope for.
oh remember it maybe me i don't know? I feel you women have not had this emotion that long. That would be the P word and the big C word which are Power and Control. Hey i kind of don't blame you if you like it, hey then it must be right. right? Any way the reason i agree with some of you ladies on here when you say this site is a joke, although instead of looking at it from your eyes. I am looking at it threw mine. I get to see the guy side of it. The power and control is all that you want. you may say your looking for this or that or i am just a plan ole country girl looking for a faithful man, who want cheat bla bla bla bla, who wants to build a future together bla bla bla. Nope because it really does not matter what kind of guy you would have. You look in the reflection of yourself, and say ole no he's not going to help me with my life cause than i would not have all the P and the C. I would have to share it. and he is not going to tell me what to do.

First Date
Any who, Just remember. It may be me I don't know? Oh yeah i forgot to mention to you nice ladies, when i asked you to get your favorite snack, and a beverage. I forgot to tell you while you are reading this, keep in mind that a little bit of laughter is coming out of me. Well i think i created at masterpiece. So you all think about it. i am outta here. piece out. god save the queen. you know all that jazz.

Oh and P.S and not P.C I hope this will increase my chances. On this site. who knows. What do you think?

Oh yeah you went ahead and did it. You got me started on the view me little button. Its like magic. Let me whip this on up for all you smart ladies. Well i figure since some of you ladies have been on here for a good while, i can speak for most guys. Oh yeah the magic remark- well no matter how long i stay on here whether it be 10,20,or even 45 min. I can look at profiles and happen to notice a certain female or females looking or viewing me. So i give it a few more minutes, she may have viewed me for at 6 or 7 times, well i click on the view her and guess what poof!!! that lady is gone, i don't mean she logged off. she- you are still online. I feel it goes back the P and C if it makes your ego feel good than that is what you have done. How ever ladies if that has done that little for you, just think what if makes me feel like when it took you 6 or so times to get to view you. I ask who has the control??????? again piece out, love one another, God bless the USA. Look after my dogs, cats, so on and so forth. I'm outta here again.
What I’m doing with my life
Im working in a distrabution center for 10 yrs now. Im a battery tech, ie change battery's and maintain them through out the day.
I’m really good at
Im really good at joking and being a goof ball!! I love hearing ppl laugh whether it's at me or we are laughing together. It's all good when ppl laugh and smile. makes the day go better.
The first things people usually notice about me
I never meet a stranger. I can hang with the most witty or hold my own with a better than I was raised to have respect for any and everyone. No matter how some ppl act. But sooo love helping a underdog out!!!!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite book would be the bible of course, not a saint but try to attend church on a regular basis. I love anything scary that makes me look over my shoulder for the following wks after. Not to many of those around anymore. love anykind of music love to dance.
Six things I could never do without
swimming hole
On a typical Friday night I am
either at the movies or mostly at home fed my dogs and played with them then come in and flick tv. play games or shamming.
The two of us