48Boston, United States
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My self-summary
• I'm a curvy, plump redhead with an hourglass figure.
• I'm pretty good with a snarky one-liner.
• I am logical and level-headed (INTJ), but also can be silly.
• I think in metaphors, so I find abstract math mystifying.
• I snort when I laugh really hard.
• I rescue worms off the sidewalks after rainstorms. (I really do.)
• I'm a professional with a good career.
• I'm a single mother of a 8 year old.
• I like the water and resort towns off season.
• I love old churches in European cities, but I'm an agnostic.
• I enjoy walking all over the place but I'm not a gym bunny.
• I'm a secret geek girl and an unexpected introvert.
• I'm kind, honest, warm, affectionate, and very open.
• I'm a fan of the Oxford comma. (See above.)
• I was educated as an historian but I write for a living.
• I'm very liberal/progressive and a bit of a bleeding heart. (If you support Trump we are not a match.)
• I'm not into the bar scene, but I do like a nice glass of wine.
• I hate first dates. I like fifth or fiftieth dates much better.
• I play games... but Scrabble or Civ 5, not the head kind.
• I am mostly a city girl. But I could live in the wilderness, or a farm, or a lighthouse island if I had internet and Fedex.
• I wouldn't say I'm immature, but I'm kind of young for my age.
• If I have passion for something I can be fiery, but otherwise I'm sweet and pretty easy to please.

This is a lot about me. I thought about writing about you, but I don't really want to define you that closely. I'd rather you surprise me. My requirements are simple. I want to find you interesting and sexy, and I want you to find me sexy and interesting, too. If you're willing to meet me halfway on everything else, (and you're hoping to find someone that you could fall for and eventually build something with), you're my type.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a content writer. It's a dream job, really.

I'm a true single parent, raising my daughter on my own. I carve out time to date and have adventures, but I might be a challenge for anyone who doesn't like to come into the city at all, or who is adverse to some nights snuggled in when no sitter is available. We are in the North End.
I’m really good at
Writing. Teaching. Learning.
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair, probably. Maybe the freckles. Maybe the dimples.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love films. I Netflix, Acorn, Prime or On-demand (are those verbs?) my favourite tv series, usually a season all at once. Buffy, Farscape, MI5, and Arrested Development are all-time favourites. Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Downton, Mr Robot, Man in the High Castle, Orphan Black, Miss Fisher, Sense8, and Walking Dead are currents. Except I'm not up to date on Walking Dead because it's too scary to watch alone! And in among the shelves of history books, I have a fair number of mystery, cyberpunk, spy novels and historical fiction, some fantasy, a few sci-fi, and a lot of classics.

A bit of "alternative", some BritPop, a dose of punk (especially the stuff infused with Irish/Celtic sound), some folk to feed my soul (and even sometimes Americana or alt country!), and some vintage jazz (think 20s and 30s, not 60s or 80s) or showtune vocals for sunny Sunday mornings. Ben Lee's "Gamble Everything for Love" sums up my philosophy of love, and I have soft spots for Great Big Sea, Pulp, the Cure, Lennon & Maisy, Edith Piaf, Annette Hanshaw, Arvo Pärt, Imagine Dragons, the Killers, and Jonathan Coulton.

I don't eat much meat, but I'm not opposed to it in theory. I love to cook, but not if I'm eating alone. Then I eat crackers and cheese. =)

I read a lot. I also write.

I also will say that although I'm generally very low maintenance, I am a sucker for a classy dress-up date to a nice restaurant.
Six things I could never do without
My daughter. My computer. My books. My passport. My family. Intimacy of all varieties.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to keep my little girl as sweet as she is right now.

How to perfect my chocolate chip cookie recipe.

If dropping those extra two letters in the word "you" is really the time saver so many people seem to think it is. (Seriously, this is like nails on a chalkboard for me.)

Where you are and why you're taking so long.
On a typical Friday night I am
Any given free night might find me noodling around online, grabbing dinner out or in, taking a walk along the waterfront, hanging out on the roof deck with family or friends, reading, or watching a movie. Mostly the last three.

I'd *like* my typical Friday nights to involve more traveling for weekends away, exploring new restaurants, cinemas and theatres and museums, hanging out with friends, finding cool out of the way spots, kisses, and laughter in bed.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It's all in the question answers. =)
You should message me if
You have wit, tolerance and maturity.
I can trust you with my heart.

You have peeked at my question answers and think we'd be compatible or complementary. (e.g. You're not quite vanilla, either.) Oh, and you have a public photo. And I shouldn't have to say this, but don't be married.

...or if you have a good zombie apocalypse survival plan.

(I don't actually believe in zombies... but I AM actually starting to get a bit nervous about EMPs and wackos with nuclear codes (thanks One Second Later!), so if you like the idea of owning a little part time farm or homestead-ready vacation property out in nowhere--or if you can talk me calmly off my ledge, definitely write!)

And in the interest of skipping to a more interesting email exchange, here are some answers to most common questions:

1. Hi to you, too.
2. I'm fine, thanks. How are you?
3. My weekend plans? Probably hanging out with my kid.
4. Yes, I'm a natural redhead, though I get help with the grays. And yes, I can prove it, though if you continue that line of questioning before we actually meet chances are you'll never find out. :)
5. My day/week/summer is going swimmingly, thanks.
6. Much appreciated, but I'm not into FWB/NSA
7. If I was having much luck here I wouldn't be here. But I'm an optimist. :)
8. DDD

This profile is a novel, but if you've read this far and want to write but can't think of anything to say, why not send me two truths and a lie. As long as you're not a stalker, I promise to write back with my guess. :)
The two of us