27 Collingswood, United States
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My self-summary
I just got out of a serious relationship, not too sure what im looking for yet, but for now I figured i'd look around and just enjoy myself. Also for some reason it is not allowing me to change my status to single.

I have lived in Jersey my whole life except when I went to school out in the middle of no where PA. My goal is to visit all 50 states, currently I am at 20. Although I am not against visiting outside the U.S, I have been to the Caribbean and love it there. I would also like to check out Europe, Japan and Australia. I graduated from college in 2011. I am a huge History nerd and with it I make a lot of history jokes. I am hoping that when I have time I would like to get back into stage acting, but at the time with my current job I don't have the time.

I really enjoy watching T.V and Movies, in fact my last job has allowed me to watch movies while working so I have been tearing through my Netflix queue. For me I would say a good evening for me would be if I was out with friends doing something fun at a bar, or just chilling at home watching a T.V show or movie. So that's kind of the person I look for someone who wants to go out and have a crazy time one night and the next wouldn't mind staying in to just chill. I will also say I love playing Video games , but I am not that kind of person who will ignore a chance to go out just to play games.

I have been recently hiking in areas in NJ and PA. I would definitely like to explore and hike other places, and would enjoy a partner.

Other than that I started a new workout routine that I have been enjoying. I also play Paintball, and I am hoping to play it more this year.
What I’m doing with my life
Well I have been working for a flavor company, but looking to get another job. Otherwise hanging out with friends, planning road trips or just enjoying my self on PSN.
I’m really good at
Coming up with any reference from a TV show or movie or even a historical event to fit the situation, some say its a curse I say its a gift.
The first things people usually notice about me
Is that I am pretty funny at off the cuff remarks, and I like to be sharply dressed.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: War novels and sci-fi books. Harry Potter Series, Hunger Games and Game of Thrones books.

Movies: Any type of Movie except horror, I try to go 2 or 3 times a month depending on whats out. To have a few examples: The Dark Knight series, Avengers, The departed, Bad Boys, Hangover. I could go on with my entire library, but it would get dull so just ask me.

T.V: Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra. Game of Thrones, Psych and more. Same thing with the movies I have a big library of shows I own and are on my queue so feel free to ask me I may have seen it. Although I mainly try to avoid reality shows, honestly most are just shit and make Americans look bad. I also enjoy internet shows like Red Vs Blue.

Music: Mainly Rock, all types Alternative, modern, classic. Although I do enjoy hip hop, R&B, very little country. I enjoy any good music.

Food: I used to be a picky eater growing up, but I decided to try new things now I love it! I love Sushi, Italian, Mexican and I am open to new stuff. I have also been really trying new beers, and I have been on a wine tour which was a ton of fun, I certainly recommend it and hope I can go on one soon again.
The six things I could never do without
Beer and Whiskey ( I am counting it as one)
My Dog
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Situations that characters find themselves in books, tv, and movies and wonder what I would do differently.
Plenty of historical stuff
The future about me and how will I impact it.
How we decided to use a word to describe something. Like funny or ignorant who decided that those words describe those definitions.
Sorry sometimes its a lot of random stuff, my job gives me way too much free time.
On a typical Friday night I am
Out with friends at our usual bar, which is slowly becoming more packed with people making it tougher to enjoy. So we have been trying different places and going over to philly more.

Although we have been enjoying having some drinks and ripping apart those bad movies on Netflix, like a more modern Mystery Science Theater.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
There is a video of me on youtube gaming drunk
You should message me if
You are a person who does not like drama and you don't like to play head games.
Just looking for a fun chill time.
If you want to go out and try different alcoholic drinks as well as foods.
Or you just want to talk about books, TV, movies, or history.
Oh also I am against some social norms of the guy has to make the first move. Not saying I won't, I am just saying lets tear down some walls!!

Oh yeah and if I view your profile multiple times I am not creeping just keeping track of who's who