30 Scottsdale, United States
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My self-summary
I live every week like its Shark Week...infer what you will.

I am a California born and raised girl, who doesn't take myself too seriously. I am easy going, analytical and kind. I grew up in the burbs outside of San Fran and enjoyed the comforts of slightly neurotic over protective, but loving parents who helped to shape me to become a laid back, left leaning lady.

Definitely independent and driven, and not looking to be doted on or provided for...hell I will even pay for dinner. I enjoy nights out, and nights in, and nights where you don't know where you will end up and sometimes how you got home. I can go dancing and out to a bar with the best of them but also enjoy theater, museums and cultural things to see. I am pretty adaptable whether its****ails and cultured conversation or just having a beer and hanging out. I am quick witted and will poke fun and tease so if you are easily offended, take yourself too seriously, or don't understand sarcasm keep moving.

You get extra points if you understand who Petrarch's Muse was.

I am Witty, Kind, and Clumsy
What I’m doing with my life
I am a giant contradiction. Sarcastic yet sincere, easily pleased but complex, a hopeful pessimist, a practical idealist. I burn my candle at both ends. By day I have the kick ass corporate job that college taught me I need in order for me to do what I love as a hobby. During the day I put on my adult clothes and use words such as "deliverables" and "sync up" and in my free time I spend time writing (Mostly comedy, I got most of my emo angst out in HS) and sometimes even performing my stuff. I idolize Tina Fey as an intelligent witty woman of comedy that doesn't have to trade on the way she looks to get people to notice her.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have a ridiculously diverse taste in music depending on how I am feeling...sometimes you just need to rock out to Aretha Franklin. I will usually give anything a listen.
You should message me if
If a movie and dinner is your A game, I might be washing my hair that night. Cmon, you shell out money for what most likely is a mediocre film and stale popcorn and we sit in darkness not saying anything for 2 hours only so when the lights come up we can make small talk about how mediocre the movie was.

I appreciate if someone will show me their dorky quirks or passions. I am not looking for anything pretentious or expensive. You throwing your money around isn't going to WOW me...I have a credit card too. This isn't the 70's I don't care what car you drive or if you buy your t-shirts at Baby Gap so they are really tight. So make me laugh...that's usually a foot in the door.

If I am choosing, I would probably just go exploring, find some cool hole in the wall and chat. Something comedy related could be involved, this way even if the date is as fun as a lobotomy, we can at least laugh. Laughter is pretty much key

Still pretty new to all of this, so say hi....and dont be creepy