41Three Bridges, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I am the reason why you shoulden't judge a book by it's cover. Since over the last 16 years, I have time and time again proved thoes who have doughted my determination and go getter attitude, wrong by means of my drive to overcome the limitations and hurdles put in front of me.

To know me best, you need to know the sad part, the reason for why I had to hold off on my dreams and learn to live once again (I get teary eyed in movies and am whilst writing this, as I care and am human).

In 2001, I was crushed in an industrial accedent, where an operator in a control room at Gatwick airport, being unable to distinguish a person from a rubish bin. Exactly what the conductors strike has been about, [If you look on my twitter @Phattgreg page, their is a linked video, explaining what happened].

I was hurt and was at the time forced to give up on my dreams, my life up to that moment and accept the horible reality that the pain I had to live with every day would not go away, not ever! But i got board, so i whent to university as a disabled student, [I know this sounds like Bull-Spit, but it's true]. I kept pushing myself and kept pushing myself, ignoring the negative suggestions by thoes in authority and got myself a honours degree for my hard effort.
Their is a lot to tell, but in the last few weeks, I am finally at a point in my life where I am able once again to look forward to a life to live. I've gone so far, from learning to manage the intollerable pain, with only rarely taking real painkillers (30mg Codine with Paracetamol) and I am looking forward to working in a paid role after so much time being in a dark place.

If I can give you, my casual reader, some worthy advice. Make the most of what you have, as you can acomplish so much if you put your mind to it.
What I’m doing with my life
As we have started the new spring of 2017, I am fondly looking forward to a new horizon, full of welcome opertunities and the prospect of freedom in the form of a paid job I am looking forward to undertaking and finding a person to love hold in my arms and make the life we have, worthy of this great adventure.

I've got a genuine love with Themeparks, amusement parks and lot's of dreams about making them and the attractions that go into them, as that was my dream in my past life and it still is one I wish to undertake in the future.

I am a massive Disney fan, with a collection of the Film's I grew up with and have previously been a Cast Member at the Disney company and one of thoes LOCOG games makers at London 2012, yes them.

I love to travel, play video games, ones that make me thing, explore and challenge my mind, as opposed to just killing all the time.
The world is full of great places to discover, beaches to visit, ruins to explore and new discoveries to make, in far off places or close to home.

If one word could describe now for me, it's; Living!
I’m really good at
Discovery and figoring out things, like solving puzzles, be they in a video game or in real life.
If you fancy a sudu fun day out, lets go to a Museum a gallery or a themepark and try and figor out how something works.

I've got such an inquisitive mind, which has allowed me to face my fears, well sort of. I am scared of spiders and Octopuss and have things realted to the way Fibromialja affects my mind and body. But whilst I am scared of these creatures, I also love how beautiful and amazing they are. From the way an Octopuss can get out of most situations, beacuse it's one really smart creature, to how amazing and adapt Spiders are, from the claws to their ability to survive in a vacume like space.
The first things people usually notice about me
Let's just imagine, you couldent see me, close you eyes and let my words guide you. I like to be a good person, I am tall, large and seen mostly by strangers, who really see me, as a really nice and friendly soul.

I try to be helpful, caring and whilst I sometimes walk past, I mostly turn around and help a person in need, regardless of my own priorities. I sometimes wear glasses and sometimes don't, this goes for wearing a beard and seeing myself clean shaved (who are you? O'h it's me!).

So imagine I am here in front of you, what do you notice about me, is it my big hands or big feet, my tall stature and rounded exterior, or do you listen to hear me breath, move and enguage in this world!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A few years ago, I was interviewed by Netflix for one of there Tagger roles, and the interviewer was lost by some of the titles I referanced. Stories like;
The Wizzard (fred savage),
Young Harry Houdini (Will Wheaton),
The Wizzard of Speed and Time,
Les Visitors,
Waking Sleeping Beauty,
Most Disney Classics and films,
The Barefoot executive, Computer wore Tennis Shoes... The Medfield series of 70's Disney live action films.
Countless others including romantic films, comedies etc.

Besides open world games like GTA V (the Grand Theft Auto series), Saint's Row, Just Cause. I have played and do play a wide selection of games, with my particular favorites being ones that challenge my mind. Ones that allow me to really explore like Fallout 3, World of Warcraft, Assassins Creed, 2048, whirly Words and Spiral Pulse.

If you have the time, you can look me up on Steam under phattgreg or check out my play throughts on youtube Phatt.Time.

I do read, quite often these days, topics like Science Fiction, non fiction and the time old classics that on occasions I get quizzed about, because nobody has read that book in a long while.

It would be really nice in the future, to have room for a library, filled with Book's, secret passages, films and video games. A bit similar to the library in the Disney feature, beauty and the Beast, crossed with the Salem, House of 7 Gables in new England.
Six things I could never do without
1) A good Hug.
A good Hug is a truly magical thing, that great people who were unable to experiance, have endevoured to re-create, like Temple Gradin did, the amazing Inventer and and innovator.

2) Friendship and Family.
Friends and family, be they siblings or your own connected clan.

3) Media.
Music to listen to and dance too, stories to rread and discover, pictures to take and movies to watch.

4) Adventure.
New discoveries and adventure, gives you purpose in life, reading a new book or taken the lesser traveled path, (the author took the familiar path in the poem).
Just enjoying the moment and staring off into the sky and seeing a galaxy of stars for the first time, like in beautiful New Zealand.

4) Travel.
Most recently, I have been to New Zealand for my cousins wedding, seeing the Innovative country of Singapore and in the next few weeks, I hope if funds will permit, I would like to be at Disneyland Paris, for the 25th aniversary on the 12th April 2017, as I was the kid waving the Mickey mouse plush toy, in the crowd, back on opening day in 1992. I bet you did similar when you were younger!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The future and seeing the children I see in my imagination. Imagining the world they will live in and concernig myself with Tomorow.

I get to dream about my plans and ideas for road trips, my scifi adventures and look forward to what will happen tomorow.

Right now, my mind is on some film projects I want to start and get rolling, seeing more of teh world and visit Singapore and New Zealand once again, as they were magical places too see and experiance.
On a typical Friday night I am
I don't have typical friday nights. Previously these have been moments I fear as they lead to Sundays, the day I feel least interested in. But now, right now, as I go out doing things, like attend Board Game munchs, and other social interactions to keep my mind busy.

My friday nights are an opertunity to socialise and feel normal.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Some mysteries are worth discovering in person!
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