44Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
I'm flamboyantly shy and I love interacting with the characters of this world, as i am one of them myself. don't be surprised or dismayed to find me directing traffic one minute then supporting the kitchen wall at a party... I have a writer's sensibility for observation...

I am a fiery personality. In this i am the spark to ignite your imagination and a catalyst for change. I am the crimson coals of a hearth fire, leading you to smile in your home and in your darkness... for only when you play in the dark can there be light.

I love to dance, get my hands dirty and create fabulous meals for my loved ones and strangers. sometimes all at the same time! You bring the wine and I'll feed you ;)

Any insecurities i may have are directly balanced with exceeding confidence. Exploring my doubts and insecurities only allows me the way to be the strongest and most honest person I can be.

My present totem is a wind up spinning clown. seriously.

I often attempt to explain myself or tell a story through interpretive dance... Can sometimes be a problem in small restaurants.

I am interested in meeting people who are active and creative in their life. I want color and passion, the shadows and white noise. The questions??!! And the answers!!?? By no means am I looking for relationships that are by any standards normal or bogged down with expectations. Life is magical and that's how I want to live. The one thing I can say for sure I want from my intimates is connection. Life force shared! Bam.

Also, it's ok for you to be happily involved in a relationship or relationships. This can be either you alone or "you" as couple. (This also doesn't mean you have to be paired off with another in order for me to be interested.) I am actively involved in relations that are FAR from monogamous or what has, to a fault I believe, become the over-all idea of traditional. My relations vary in intimacy... Right now I am only interested in non-exclusive intimacies. I make out with my friends and deeply love married people. This doesn't mean I will always be sexual with multiple people but I will always be intimate with more than one person.
( let it be noted, though: I am not looking for, nor will I be a part of "affairs"-- I abhor dishonesty-- with that you will be put to the curb in a heartbeat.

I am naturally oriented to sharing my relations with others. I thrive on sensual touch and deep and goofy conversations & interactions. I am interested in sharing myself with people who are looking for sensual, sexual intimacy AND a connection. Whether my connection with you is casually sexy or ongoing... I AM NOT looking for sleazy.
What I’m doing with my life
Living it day by day. bearing witness to all the glorious colors and delicacies of that which make up this terribly beautiful world....
Building a clinical acupuncture practice... Bringin this clinical nature back towards my previous incarnation as an eclectic eclectic. Then playing mashup, to create the coolest health arts space you tongue has tasted.
Getting used to being out of school...
remembering I am an artist by nature... As "alternative" acupuncture is on the outside, the learning of it is quite route and it took quite a lot of energy for me to sit in the class rooms as much as i was expected to...
Exploring the balance and /or dynamic of social interactive time with others and alone time...
I’m really good at
connecting the dots

oh, yeah and cooking and dancing my ass off.

my own style
The first things people usually notice about me
my height and tattoos. oh, i suppose my hair... then of course my volume when i get excited... my smile and laugh...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music: Fink, Jeff Buckley, Peter Gabriel, Jesus Christ Superstar, Mr. Bungle, Queen, Fiona Apple, Tool, Love and rockets, Tones on Tail, Dr. Steel, Rasputina, Jill Tracy, , Jello Biafra, Sparks, Les Claypool, Danzig, Primus, Pink floyd, John Denver, Misfits, Seal, Kate Bush, 80's,the Cure, Electronica, music that cannot be lumped into a genre

Books: American Gods, Promethea, The Fifth Sacred Thing, V for Vendetta, The Far Side, The Lost Girls, The Giant Storybook Project, Wild Fermentation, Nourishing Destiny, Dune, Calvin and Hobbes, Dinotopia

Movies: Zardoz, The Fountain, Lady in the Water, Frankenhooker, The Holy Mountain, Tampopo, any Hayao Miyazaki movie, Purple Rain, Avatar, Superstar, Fight Club, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, V For Vendetta, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Like Water for Chocolate, Amelie, Star Trek Insurrection, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along

and i will admit. that although I do not own a TV, i am a sucker for a few shows too... Fringe, The Colbert Report, Star Trek, Haven, Star Trek: The Next Generation
Six things I could never do without
Outside of the fact that this is quite a silly question since I live in one of the most diverse and wealthiest cities in the world, my selections would be...
the sun
I spend a lot of time thinking about
that theres so much to think about
On a typical Friday night I am
As varied as the rest of the nights.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
willing to admit most anything to a fault actually... the funnier or embarrassing, the better.... just ask.
You should message me if
you've actually read this and understand that you must be interested in a non-typical and dynamic interaction... if you can say more to me than "hey sexy"...
The two of us