37 Victoria, Canada
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My self-summary
Current mood: To fall in love is a type of insanity, which I love to be in, although the current human world standard considers it to be a forbidden act and the human true insane acts to compete, dominate and grab money to be the true value of sanity! Ergo, I abide my rights to fall in love if permitted as I am a very patient man seeking strength to complement and build this world for the better with my life partner!
Anyways, I hope your new and old wishes to be renewed upon an everlasting love, joy and happiness in a promising peaceful world this year.
The removal of all hatred and those who are addicted to it through transmuting negativity by integrating each other into nature.
May all happiness pours into your life, as I know living lonely is hard for one to perform creativity and exceptional traits to preserve the beauties and the serenity of this world :)
As Jimi Hendrix said: "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."

I am a visionary scientist with a ponytail (for now lol), whereas conserving the pragmatics of the notions that I come up with are noticeable in my research notes, inventions, awards and publications, or see

To view my Youtube presentations you can refer to the same weblink, under presentations section, and for some of my arts as a hobby and computer games I have developed you may visit:

With a multicultural background (I'm tri-racial blooded, Armenian-Persian and else), I lived and spent most of my life in different countries, born in the Philippines, raised in the USA and now an active/published scientific author in Canada (moved in since Jan, 2012), UK and Sweden. I still got from a conventional point of view, a few more papers to publish (in scientific journals) and gain a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering (currently a Fellow Researcher, doing research and instructing students (TA positions, tutoring and teaching), thus shall graduate in 2017, UVic) + Physics concerning new discoveries as I met with (more in terms of inventions such as an energy-matter replicator to feed our planet eliminating hunger while preserving our ecosystem).

Coming from a family with medical and technological backgrounds, the field of my activities is boundary-less and at the moment I'm focusing on my ace aims in life which are basically to gain the ultimate fruitful outcome over a discovery I made useful to mankind. What fascinates me are patterns, logic, philosophy and the perception of angles of life and indeed, intelligence. I'm a complicated person but love every being in the universe even the negative version that slows down the system but preserving the equilibrium state of forces on both sides of the equation. In a few more words that, I'm seeking for someone willing to understand me in a passionate, resourceful way commencing with basic evocative relations in love vs. hate

I have a positive + realistic outlook on any situation in contemplation.
I also love nature and the universe as I always model/simulate them in science as well as art :)

Relationship Summary
I never had causal relationships, and never took advantage of girls even when the time was right! The reason is that I’m a sensitive romantic guy looking for the very right person to share my emotions and everything, where romance is mainly my key attribute and I will satisfy my partner fully. That is why, any relationship of other kind based on just lust, money, and certain selfish priorities to get rid of an urge (which is shallow), for me will never work, otherwise, I’ll be the best when it comes to trust, reliability, romance on any scale, equal pleasure, etc. reciprocally indeed. I will consider this relationship to be my first priority as far as we both walk along the path of our dreams and make them happen. So, if you are prepared for this, please message me ASAP, because I’m all ready for you ;-)
What I’m doing with my life
See the above which is self-explanatory...
I’m really good at
Socializing, being fun and blending into any topic, Scientific Books, Publishing papers, Logic, (selling my new Lossless Data Compression Invention and a Quantum Metric as my PhD defense to the global community) and solving the most complex and enigmatic problems, equations, formulae in Physics, Engineering, Mathematical and Computational Sciences; Chess and Puzzles, etc. I am however, a bit eccentric at times once you get to know me... I'm also good at cooking/preparing e.g. Italian special dishes, also Mexican, Chinese, Persian, Turkish, Russian etc. as well as my own invented ones! You'll love them ;-) ohh, don't forget the treat I go for different BBQ styles ... Also exercise/sports, jogging, swimming and shoot a few hoops... Dance as well (I adapt my moves with whatever is being thrown at me... Ohh... I love to dance and make moves with Aqua musical clips ;) lol
Disco, Flash, Persian, Rap... ) And about musical instruments, I can play dulcimer :) In addition, some of my poems and philosophy have already been published and copyrighted as part of my book written on black holes at I have also graduated from theatrical arts and media in the early days of my youth (before university) and played a role in Shakespeare and that's why I know how to write in the world of imagination + history/myth. Therefore, I have developed computer games to make my 3D characters alive (good at graphics, simulation of black holes and 3D worlds off of my imagination!) once I establish my own company here to employ people, fully develop my entertainment and scientific products (while having my academic/technical job) inclusively.
The first things people usually notice about me
First impression is my native American English accent (mixed with a bit of British) and communication level as well as finding my explanations in my line of work or any topic fascinating. They also say I’m interesting in terms of my mixed features (at first people usually think I come from a Greek, Spanish or Italian Background based on my looks, and having a loose long hairstyle, sides kinda trimmed but backside with a ponytail), sophisticated in dialogue (whereas the other side as being social also applies) and manners inclusive of being collective, and reciprocally scientific. One other thing that people mistake is the age thing... They usually think I'm 24 or at most 26, but they get shocked when they learn that I'm actually in my 30s... I think it's to do with my genetic background, diet and exercises lol You can check out my photos from different countries which I have uploaded up to a few months ago (current) and compare!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
All books related to Quantum Mechanics, Physics, Biology, Pure Mathematics (relevant to my work/research), Sci-Fi and Literature including Comic books, crime such as Agatha Christie novels (films/TV shows), History and the World (non-fiction); Music: Classical, Country (e.g. Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton), Electronica and any type of music that suits my mood (the energy state of my mind) at that very moment... here is a list:

October Project, Jean Michel Jarre (Oxygen), Bethoven, Enigma, W.A. Mozart, John Lennon70's, ABBA, Electronica, Modern and Oldies, the Beatles, Bee Gees, J. Strauss II, Cranberries, the Rasmus, Celine Dion, Metalica...

Shows & Movies: Comedy (Futurama, Robot chicken, Friends, Big Bang Theory; movies by Peter Sellers, Jim Carrey, C. Chaplin, Richard Pryor, ...), Sci-fi movies and shows, Walt Disney movies and cartoons, documentary (mainly UFOs and ETs integrating us into the New Earth ;)), wildlife, espionage, romance and history, etc. .. here is a list:

Movies :
Mostly fantasy, documentaries, comic and sci-fi type movies with a good plot and science.

Shows :
Game of Thrones, Colombo, Due South, Dexter, Friends, Quantum Leap, Twilight Zone, Through the Wormhole, The Outer Limits, MythBusters, Nova Science Now, Stargate SG-1, The Big Bang Theory, Third Rock From The Sun, Fringe, Boston Legal, Star Trek, Stargate collection, millennium, Magnum P.I., MacGyver, CSI, Numb3rs, Scorpion

Food: Wine/Cocktail alongside a dish I cook/prepare e.g. Italian special dishes, also Mexican, Chinese, Persian etc., a few of my own LoL, where I'm good at...
The six things I could never do without
Besides the unequivocally-defined biological needs to survive,
My Computer(s)
My Books
Like Breathing Oxygen, my Imagination along Creativity
My Family (my Dad, Mom and only Sister, quite supportive considering their line of work to be mainly in Medicine) and Friends
Hope/faith alongside Effort
Love in different forms (loving nature/universe and/or its constituents), and I strive to find the love of my life in the process
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Current Global Problems, what to do next in terms of solving them, no matter how partial, I tend to think how to make this planet for all of us sustainable. Of course, I also think about the cosmological fate of the universe, hyper-dimensions and beyond within its mathematical and philosophical limits as I have specified in my published book (taking its contents to the next level indeed for the global/academic community)!
On a typical Friday night I am
Either working, having a pleasant meal with some wine, or a night out with friends if I'm free! If some of them are available (mainly from the department of physics, engineering or philosophy), I usually have gatherings in one of my building's lounges as we discuss about almost everything, and engage in conversations, watch a movie or play cards, chess, etc. Although, apart from all of this, my main intention is to eventually have a splendid and romantic time with my future love of my life!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Ask me! But I think being enigmatic most of the time thinking and multitasking in many dimensions (multi-focused)... I also admit that in my private thoughts, I find it insensible and rude nowadays to see people ignoring or not responding to messages/emails even if they are not interested, unless some bad event is in the least should mention it no matter the excuse... I reply to every email (excluding spam/junk emails) despite my work demanding/receiving 100 - 150 emails by average per day)! Ohh... one last thing, please don't judge me based on typical psychological articles surveyed for the majority of talented people like Although I admit, my ideas and work come to me naturally (part of me), and if at some point I behave eccentrically as I enjoy my special cocktails + meditation... it is just I treat everything through moderation and not obsession! So I am very different compared to a typical man out there in every aspect!
You should message me if
If you are not hesitant to click with a guy like me... Whilst sophisticated, I'm really trustworthy, social/fun, ethical, romantic, loyal, dependable and caring without drama... and not into a shallow one-night relationships (a total turn off indeed) and looking for a continuous one... In fact my aim is to ultimately marry if there would be a potential commitment as mutually agree upon!

Ohh, one last thing... for a bit of a long distance approach, e.g., Skyping for a face-to-face contact is possible and see if we click before we meet. Relocation and distance means nothing when love is concerned (as I refer to it in the quantum world to be entanglement of two beings connected regardless of distance)