36Philadelphia, United States
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My self-summary
I am looking to make new friends and learn new experiences; to me, each person is a book, an adventure to discover and grow from, in all aspects of life, disclaimer: I lOVE cuddling :). (According to my pillow, I am an amazing cuddler, but I am not sure if I should take her word for it...)

I am so attracted to intelligent, independent and strong people and I like to be challenged. I am spontaneous and don't mind getting lost in a new city to discover it:)

I like walking, trying new cafes, not a bar person, unless I am going there with friends, not a sport fanatic. I enjoy laughing even at myself or being silly, but I also enjoy intellectual deep conversations.

I would like to continue to learn and make new friends try new things and continue growing. I believe in not limiting your mind or life experiences, there is no need to always put an end goal of a relationship, the journey is more rewarding.

I don't do hookups or one night stands, I also don't jump into super serious relationship right away; I enjoy chemistry and connection. I love being intimate, who doesn't! But I only enjoy it if there was chemistry and comfort. If the chemistry pulled us longer then why not stay together :) that's my view! I guess what I am trying to say is that you meet someone and you give it your best attempt and enjoy every moment, but if it does not workout, so be it.
I do however believe that physical connection is as important as emotional connection; I have been in situations where emotional connection was great but physically (down the road) was in satisfying, so I don't mind breaking the rules and try the physical connection earlier to know for sure not to waste my time or other's.
I am pretty open minded person and accepting, I guess partly because I grew up in four different continents; I think I am a good listener and always try to find solutions for others.
If you share similar interests and open-mindedness, then we could be good friends. :)

I think I am super nerd, I could spend hours researching or learning about say, how things work. Super curious by nature and knowledge hungry, lol. I also enjoy mental stimulation and intellectual conversations.

Disclaimer - I don't have tattoos, like them on others, just not my thing.
What I’m doing with my life
I work to live ... I try to leave work where it is when the day is over. I am not a workaholic, but if I really like something I will work hard on it!

I am also good at taking perfect pictures of nature and outdoors, I love doing that :)
I’m really good at
Turning a bad situation into laughter; being silly and making people laugh including at myself.

Being patient and a good listener, how willing to try and leans new things, also I am intellectually curious, always looking for the reasons behind things :)

I see faliures as opportunities to grow, learn and become better.

Finding the perfect spot for nature photo, stopping taking pic of a tree, plant, river, a flower.

These days, I am really good at researching mental and emotional healthy living via proper nutrition and proper food alternatives life style. I feel like the system and big pharma encourage you to treat the symptoms with meds then the symptoms of the meds with more meds and so on, rather than fixing the cause of the problem, proper nutrition, of course, this would not be as profitable.

Also I have to add that geeky part 🤓, I am really good at problem solving, do that every day!
The first things people usually notice about me
Me myself and I ... Jk.

me + eyes + smile (my name means smile)

If you ask me where I am from originally, this would be my answer:

Well, I am human, son of Adam, at some point some guy who were with Adam decided to leave and some stayed, my greats decided to leave too, but got tired and decided to stay in the area they got tired at, it was pretty hot, so that's how I got dark, it was not far from the Mediterranean though, so I was not too too dark, some how they had an accent:)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like t explore new restaurants and try different kinds of food. My favorite dish is branzino whole fish (with everything including the bones and head) cooked the Greek way, yummy!, I like Indian food, Korean, tapas, Moroccan and of course Turkish and Persian. I also like cheese, my favorite is Gyuere and Brie!

NPR junkie, my favorite shows: Wait..Wait, don't tell me, Weekend Edition and The World.

30 Rock is on the list for sure, love Tina Fey! I liked the movie Lincoln ( Daniel Day Lewis is really a good actor) and just got hooked for breaking bad, it's amazing!
Dexter was good too! Also, I loved House of Cards of Netflix's. The NewsRoom was really good! Started watching the Affair, Homeland, so far so good!

I enjoy watching documentaries, sometimes, the Universe, science, or historical ones. I find myself at times after a long day at work sitting on my sofa and enjoying one of these documentaries :) i guess it's my nerdy side, I could spend hours just trying to understand a natural phenomenon, or time travel, how things are built, curious by natur!

I absolutely love love love Celtic music! I also like middleeastern music, Indie, some country rarely (when I am on a road trip on west side), Donavan Frankenreiter, jack Johnson, etc.

I workout regularly, however, not a sport fanatic but I enjoy watching games with friends!, especially soccer World Cup!

I got Game Console, twice but I can't get myself to use it:) I guess that's an indication that it's not my thing:)

Sometimes I enjoy listening to classical music, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin. I like the sound of piano and violin.

I love stand up comedy, I enjoy to going to it. My favorite three are: Jim Gaffigan makes me cry... from laughing , Aziz Ansari, Luis C.K.

I think Anthony Bourdain has the luckiest Job ever:) love his show!

Just started watching Game of Thrones, I think I am hooked!

John Oliver is informatively hilarious!

I enjoy watching car shows and reviews.

You have to agree with me that Ratatouille and Big Hero 6 are awesome Disney shows :), curious what do you think of sponge bob???

I just started watching shameless and its hilarious!

I am a need and political analysis lover.
Six things I could never do without
1- outdoors
2- outdoors
3- outdoors
4- outdoors
5- outdoors
6- outdoors
I love the smell of burning wood.
Also love a good espresso in the morning:)
Also I love fall season!
Sun ☀️ ☀️ ☀️

I love traveling and nature and culture photography combined ❤️ love ❤️
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Whether the journey will determine the destination or vice versa!

Whether I should focus more on experiences vs achievements.

Social justice issues, victims children in war torn countries, existential questions, what else is out there outside our little world. Spirituality. Ways to challenge myself more and to go out of my comfort zone.

Also lunch and when to get the next vanilla soy latte :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I always forget where I put the keys!

Oh and I have weakness for sweets:( and I can't stop eating dark chocolate.

Sometimes life demands gets you stressed, I do fall a prey for that at times, I try to meditate as often as I can to overcome this. At times, I find it peaceful to walk in the park alone, early in the morning, and listen to the creek and observe nature. I guess we are all connected in some way and part of something bigger.

I could be a procrastinator at times:( so I have to recharge and get back in the game!

Oh and I am terribly afraid of monotony and boredom
You should message me if
- Want to have an amazing friend or companion :)
- Interested in learning new language, I can teach you if you are willing to teach me new things too!
- You enjoy having stimulating intellectual conversations.
- looking for activities buddy! I like tennis, although I suck at it., love hiking and mountains.
- you want me to show my one and only magic trick that will never figure out:), seriously!
- or interested in trying for the Broad street run, I am slowly building up to it, run buddy would be awesome too!
- and Its sad that I had to add, you should not message me if you are, ignorant, arrogant or bigot.

And one last thing, if you didn't fall asleep reading my profile, although it's a good read before bed time.
The two of us