32Náfpaktos, Greece
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My self-summary
Update 11: Workaholic mode off for the time being, live in Athens since September. Very high chance of moving (maybe Canada, but open to other options)... And may start a 2 year MSc in cognitive science, though leaning toward online courses and self study. Focusing more on learning about AI and touching on my programming and math. Still looking forward to seeing close friends in Canada. A few came to see me I'm Greece this summer. I spent most of my adult life in Canada, I'm basically Greek-Canadian.

A good read:

These are gold:
Loving and Being Loved :
When is One Ready to Settle Down? :
Oh, and The Right Person: :)

I have reached a state in which I love simply being by myself. Enjoying my friends, and life. As such, I'm not in a rush or find it necessary to be with anyone. I'm open to discovery, however, and I love meeting new people. It takes the right kind to move me.

Looking for: Friends, you have to start there - and if you do, you've at least gained a friend. If there is romantic interest, criteria are likely to be an honest and well-developed personality, good looks - signs of great health and average or above average fitness. My requirements are variable, but it must be a balanced equation :) To add to this, I'd love a person who is kind and compassionate, to oneself, but also to others. This is a mandatory requirement I've discovered, if you don't feel you're there yet, I don't think it'd work out. But wish you best of luck on your journey! :)

A more chatty story follows, if you have time for reading. Best of luck with whatever does come your way. (I guarantee a response to readers, hint;)

This is addictive:
How nerds spell love:
I'm in love with the sound of Zoe Keating:

Love, an adventure:
Finding someone that is deeply interesting. That you will enjoy every step of getting to know, is not something trivial. It's sometimes a hard process, and sometimes surprisingly easy. Sometimes it takes effort to find someone you really--really like, if you're not just looking for quick options, because there are plenty, sometimes it just happens by chance with no effort at all.
There are opportunities, but can you really see yourself having a real future with them? Sometimes not, sometimes very much so but you may be mistaken. Do you really know someone, anyone - even yourself? Sure, take the opportunity and have fun, enjoy life, with even something temporary. As long as you really let them know thats all they are. Don't give anyone false hopes, those hurt a lot. However, the quest for the one, the one you see yourself having a glorious - matching future (to some extent) with is never-ending. That is unless you have been lucky and have already paired up with one(s) of your ultimately compatible better halves. Other advice to myself and whoever else wants to share it... never give up, never despair. There are a lot of people that are compatible with you out there and qualify under your requirements.
However everybody comes with a package of negatives, along with all the qualifying positives, make sure to find out what those are; make sure you can love them with their imperfections. If you can't, how do you expect anyone else to?
To ensure you get a reply include "Dandelion" on your subject or message. Proof that you actually care about someone's personality. If you are just messaging me because you only looked at my pics and quick stats I'm simply not interested.

Further thoughts and readings if you've the time - your thoughts/replies will be appreciated and may be added.

Relationships based on passion are volatile. Certainly, passion is definitely enjoyable. We are all sexual and a major part of it is that desire. But it is volatile, and it does not follow rules. You are attracted to who you are attracted to. It's only honest to admit to it. Most cases of cheating are subject to this. Not that I think cheating is 'ok', but I understand why it happens. It's because people are naturally attracted to other people. That said, if you so feel the need to sleep with someone else, have the courage and share that information with your partner *before* you do such a thing. Who knows what will happen, your partner may even be OK with you two taking a break for adventures... If only you had asked. Personally I can be very monogamous and romantic in that sense, but I don't condemn the above. As a note here, I found out about myself that when I'm in a very serious relationship and really love the one I am with I become almost absolutely monogamous and even jealous to my own surprise. I've discovered that after all and despite its allure the polyamorous proposition: loving many people at once, is maybe not for me. It would take too much effort to do, and I want to focus most of my life to creativity, development and philanthropy. What is important is not to break the honesty and trust of the relationship. Sadly a lot of relationships do not begin on honest 'footsteps' and remain off them for the most part. Sure, the allure of the romance and the first get to know you steps is wonderful: but leads to this thing called a positive illusion. A bubble if you will, wherein everything is 'perfect', and where you learn nothing bad or nothing that could be perceived badly about your partner. Not their real thoughts, not their real selves. And I ask - the obvious question begged - is this worth it? Is this all you are after? A glimpse of passion and then burn, torture and all over again?
I'm definitely not into that, I expect of others what I am willing to offer, openness and honesty. What I am looking for is a relationship that is worth it. One that will at least, if things don't work, out leave a strong friendship behind reminding us both that this was not a waste. I don't know everything, I know I may be wrong in many cases, but I'm not afraid to make my thoughts known. To be known, to share myself - to be intimate in also the non-sexual way.
After considering all the above, arranged marriages don't sound that bad (I'm not actually in favor of them, just considering the pros/cons since many societies still go on using them). Sure, often you get a partner you may not like, but you're in a relationship that you know you can fall back on. It's not based on volatile passion, that will go away, and it always does (max 3 years statistically). But if the relationship is strong enough to endure the next stage, passion makes a re-appearance many times over. So given you're lucky (chance and randomness) to find a partner you do like (in more ways than just one), then this arrangement may be better for both. A common question is, but what about when - people change and are not interested in each other anymore? To that I have to respond: people change, yes - all the time, daily even. But what goes wrong in a relationship relates more to the lack of communication: not communicating that change. Which leads to estrangement. You end up with someone that you no longer recognize. But that is only because you either have not been honest about who you are from the start, or you have not been honest about who you became. The solution is simple and obvious.

I was only considering the positives of those relationships to apply to our western-type free and open relationships of the 'new world'. I could go on, but let's save something for vis-a-vis conversations!
What I’m doing with my life
1. Run a small Consulting firm, mostly business software solutions and related areas.

2. Involved in a financial tech startup, mainly as the Marketing guy, although we haven't done any work on Marketing until now. And that's put the venture in a bad situation, finally getting my way a bit to push this envelope harder though. Hopefully we'll make it :) - if you're curious and into gold:

3. - a concept for collaborative proposal making, and also a voting system.

4. My first book "Infinite world, finite mind: A collection of intellectual pursuits.

5. I used to be very politically active with the Pirate Party, no - not that kind of party with drinks. But one with ideas. But had to drop something in favor of more work-life balance, and so reduced my involvement quite a bit. Update, very active volunteer and contributor to movement (a great project to democratize Europe).

6. Some computer gaming to keep my dopamine high and remain high engagement, otherwise I find I kind of give in due to exhaustion.

Alright, sounds like I'm busy. Well it's always busy up in my head - but I make time for things and people that are important. My friends and family - lovers fall into that category as well. But yes, you'd be right to assume that you will not have my full attention. If you could call yourself "high maintenance" without similarly ambitious and busy creative plans: there may arise some issues in consolidating priorities :)
I’m really good at
Listening and coming up with creative solutions to versatile problems. Fun and deep conversations, especially when they're collaborative and reciprocal - more fun that way. I would rather not do all the talking!
The first things people usually notice about me
Confidence, with a hint of boldness. Likely surprised by my directness and honesty. Followed shortly by perhaps a comment that implies thought may have gone into action before speaking (as it's often not the case)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My first book at 7 years old: Demian by Herman Hesse. Favorite book: Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance (Robert M. Pirsig). Big plus if you've read it, get it - and/or love it too. Also Hitchiker's guide to the Galaxy.

My facebook profile is public, you can get a glimpse of these at: - I'm all about efficiency. Hate having to maintain more than one lists of movies/shows/books I like. Ideally I prefer the all in one place method!
Six things I could never do without
Computers and technology apparently (oceans used to be here, heh)
Blue skies.
Books in any form.
Music in most any form.
Beautiful people on the inside and outside.
Close friends.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life and my part in it. World Issues and solutions. People and relationships - the human condition in general and ways to improve it. The power of compassion and love - as factors mediating this change.
On a typical Friday night I am
Likely reading and researching, but I change it up often enough. On the odd Friday out with friends - but I prefer spaces where conversations are audible unless we're dancing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm brutally honest so this section is just an extra to me. Other stuff you don't regularly read on profiles...

I adore, admire and almost idolize women. If I put you on a pedestal, please make sure to take yourself off it if you actually want to get physical. If not, well you're just as fine on there for me. Sometimes, not too often, body and mind get into someone at the same time - then it won't be necessary to make it blatantly obvious you give consent to extra physicality.

I find the best way to overcome this is to ask to be more physical with me. Touching, cuddling, but even these don't do what kissing does hehe. I prefer to be asked to be kissed (don't worry, I'll most likely say yes haha).
You should message me if
You're not dissuaded by openness and honesty.

You like good, intellectual conversation with a purpose and no agendas.

You're looking for a real person with sensitivities willing to meet given schedules allow for it.

You passed all the basic requirements in the top of the summary section, if you're hoping for a romantic continuation, otherwise - you're exempt. I can be friends with almost anyone, and believe we can all teach each other unique things in the right setting :)
The two of us