37San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
shit yeah. here's a list of me:

--modestly confident
--social chameleon/butterfly
--fantastic air drummer
--i once saw "chinese" as an option to a sexual orientation question in a survey. true story.
--became an ordained minister to officiate my brother's wedding
--has a bad habit of subconsciously mimicking different accents (particularly bad boston, british and irish accents)
--i have an irrational fear, when i leave an asian restaurant smelling like asian food, that people might think asians really do smell like asian food. props to me for using "asian" four times in a sentence.
--thinks that "one on one" by hall and oates is probably the most beautiful song ever written. you should listen to the cee-lo/daryl hall version. it's heaven. go youtube it. now. I'll wait. or you can just click here:
--dj's and mc's at weddings/bars from time to time. dj name? dj baby bok choi. for what it's worth, i didn't​ come up with it. my racist roommate did because I'm chinese. and short. *shrug emoji*
--believes that hollywood romances are possible. rare, but possible. i just think that most people aren't willing to put in the work.
--huge fan of the head nod and smile. i try to make a conscious effort to look strangers dead in the eye, as we're passing each other in the street, and give the head nod and smile. more people should do it because we'll be a better society for it... and it'll look like we're all setting a nefarious plan in motion.
--loves people watching and making up backstories for them
--passionate about photography but rarely shoots anymore
--annoyed by incessantly bad spelling/grammar. i don't have the best spelling/grammar but i know the difference between you, your, and you're.
--got stopped by an overly excited dude in a marina bar (shudders) who thought i was Vince Masuka from Dexter. in retrospect, i should've told him that i was that actor. it would've made his night.
--wants to revive chivalry, not for guys to score points with chicks (or dudes, whatever floats peoples' boats) but because there are actually nice guys out there
--I'm probably the guy that most (ok, some) girls didn't know they wanted. modestly confident, remember?
--hates when his motives for doing nice things are questioned
--cannot decide if i want to write this in the first or third person... or present or past tense
--one of the most beautiful things in life is seeing another's reaction to things for the very first time
--loves dressing up for events and always in the market for more three piece suits
--thinks it's interesting that OKC has an match/enemy percentage. would you slap a number on how much you like your best friend?
--star trek nerdy. not star wars nerdy
--marvel nerdy. not dc nerdy
--video games nerdy. not relationship games nerdy
--if you're still reading this, your interest has been piqued. keep going
What I’m doing with my life
I work in tech! but I'm hardly a tech-bro. Yeesh... I sound like a tech-bro for even saying that. I work out of my apartment most of the time. Sounds cool but definitely not as glorious as it actually is. Then again, sure beats a cubicle... and there's always clean laundry.

That's what goes on during the 8-5. After hours, I've been doing way too much karaoke lately. i also like brainstorming photoshoot ideas that i barely get around to. currently, I'm working on taking the plunge into rock climbing... i need to hone my skills to become the perfect ninja.
I’m really good at
being the voice of reason. you'll either love or hate my calm demeanor when it comes to moderating situations.

unintentional backhanded compliments, so I'm told.

doing one particular song really well at karaoke.
The first things people usually notice about me

that I'm usually the shortest guy in my group.

i have a bit of swagger in my step.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Currently juggling "packing for mars", "unspeakable things" by laurie penny, and amy poehler's "yes, please". oxford comma, yall.

Last fave live show: i saw maya rudolph perform in a prince cover band. they're called "princess" and they are brilliant.

Music's all across the board. I'm revisiting a lot of Billy Joel right now. always trying to rediscover lost 80's artists. strange advance would be one of such artists.

TV: from the guiltiest pleasures of the flash to the grittiness of fargo. silicon valley, veep, sherlock would fill those gaps inbetween.
Six things I could never do without
MORE LISTS!!!! YEAH!!!! (although, this one's a bit generic...)

--mi familia (blood or otherwise)
--the camera that i rarely use (an actual camera. not my cell phone)
--my glasses/contacts
--the cap for my chapstick

am i a conformist for stopping at six? should i be sassy and add another?

--potato chips

ha! take that, the man!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
defrosting that rib-eye in the freezer and make a bomb ass meal out of it... but ultimately, going out for a burrito...

how long it'd take for me to run to ocean beach from my apartment.

why you never see any baby pigeons... only full grown ones.

whatever happened to good ol' fashioned talking on the phone? don't yall miss the days of talking til the wee hours of the morning about anything and everything? fuck texts.
On a typical Friday night I am
--practicing the choreography and reciting the songs from grease
--sparring with ninjas from rival clans
--having drinks with said ninjas afterwards
--sitting in my fire escape with a glass of scotch, listening to the waves crash into baker beach
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I bought cowboy boots because I think they're effing awesome. actually, that's not that private. i kind of point them out every time i wear it because they're effing awesome.
You should message me if
you want to join me in deleting this app from your phone.

you want me to recite montell jordan's "this is how we do it". no, that's not the karaoke song that i do well.

oh, and if you have no problems with shorter guys... we're really not as bad as randy newman makes us out to be. plus, it'll show that you're a really confident gal. wink wink.

and if you've actually finished this profile, give me a shout. what've you got to lose? hell, you'll most likely get an engaging conversation over drinks, at the very least.
The two of us