32Cape Town, South Africa
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My self-summary
//Heading to Cape Town beginning of September to work for 3 months, then hopefully meet you and spend some time traveling//

Tall, dark, and a touch the wall flower. I can talk your ear off when we are one-on-one, and be more silent than a mime in too big a crowd. I can also whirl around said crowd with the social air of a young debutant.

I have a penchant for punk rock and rockabilly, with a serious appreciation for all things jazz/blues/folk. Hiking and cycling give me a bit of an adrenaline rush, feeling the wind in my face keep my feet planted in reality.

I would otherwise take off. I am guilty of lofty and perpetual dreaming. An idealist stuck in a pragmatists body. I have been to war, and come back with all my appendages and 97.3% [addendum: 96,253%] of my mind intact.

I am more stoic than emotional, but a more genteel individual you would be hard pressed to find.

Je suis Franco-American, qui habite en France maintenant depuis les dernier deux ans. Je fait guide touristique, et je parcours tout l'Europe tout l'été. Je découvre petit a petit la magie d'Europe, je vais y rester le plus long possible, ils faut seulement que je commence a comprends la système ludique française de tout faire :D
What I’m doing with my life
Like Casey Jones, I'm off riding that train. The only difference is I left my bag of cocaine in the caboose, and since realized that who needs it anyways. I'm constantly on the go. I call nowhere home, but have places to rest my head on two continents [at least]. Summers are spent traipsing around Europe, as some sort of tour guide. I hike the jagged fjords of Norway, I cycle the tranquil and meandering Loire Valley, and I drink too heavily on night trains between party destinations in cosmopolitan cities throughout the continent.

When I'm not working, I'm traveling. Most recently I wintered in the Caribbean and South America. I hunted voodoo in Haiti, blurred my brains in Jamaica, lived on a boat in Florida, attended my cousins wedding in NJ, traipsed around Colombia, hiking, cycling, taking sulfur baths, meeting genuinely beautiful humans, and finally a month working on a farm in Ecuador. It was a great vacation, and a great interim between seasons tour guiding.

tl/dr - I'm a wanderer
I’m really good at
Growing hair out of my face, it's a willpower thing, but I spend 20 minutes every morning just concentrating on hair growth, and look what I have achieved in three short weeks. If you send in your three easy payment of $29.99 the secrets of my meditative hair growth could be yours. But hurry you have to act fast, this offer is only valid as long as this commercial is on your screen.

Picking things up with my toes (I have mastered a slew of object types and sizes).

Remembering a face.

Charming the pants off your grandma (but not literally)

There are a veritable cornucopia of abilities I excel at, but these are the most pertinent.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm goofy, or that I look angry? Or that I have an animal living on my face, or as my family has told me, the bull ring in the nose. Sometimes it's the tattoos. Usually it's that I have something stuck in my teeth. But hey we all go after different things.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My reading tastes vary. All time favorites include: "The 48 Laws of Power" - Robert Greene; "Still Life with Woodpecker" - Tom Robbins; The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius; "The Teachings of Don Juan" - Carlos Castaneda; "The Count of Monte Cristo" - Alexander Dumas; "The Joy of Sex" - Alex Comfort (real name); "The Stranger" - Albert Camus... and so so many more. Books have been my respite for years. I also love authors across a broad spectrum of topics, and read as many genres as I can dabble in. I really love sci-fi, a lot of random L. Ron Hubbard novels were available in libraries clear across Afghanistan. Jack Kerouac is an inspiration to me. I wish I had the gall to live a true dharmabum existence. To be continued...

Besides Judd Apatow comedies, and documentaries I rarely watch too many current movies. Film noir is a favorite genre. I really love Oliver Stone. My all time favorite movie (for this moment) is: Gettysburg. The coolest new movies I've seen include NWA: Straight Outta Compton;and that other one I watched in the movie theater in Bogota whose name I can't remember.

TV is cool to pass the time. Netflix makes me lazy. I can finally understand Game of Thrones memes now. La tele francaise ne m'attire pas beaucoup mais il y a des tres belles chose sur Arte de temps en temps.

Who doesn't love music! Atmosphere, Wu-Tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, The Pharcyde, The Roots, Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Cream, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Robert Johnson, Medeski Martin and Wood, The Misfits, The Nekromantix, AFI, Rancid, The Transplants, Dead Kennedy's, Gregorian Chants, Georges Brassens, Jean Ferrat, Santiago (folk music form the Andes), are the first few that spewed from the fatty, watery mass between my ears. Ask me about others, there are oh so many more. Je commence a ecouter un peu plus de musique francaise, comme IAm.

Food. I love food. I will never stop eating meat, although I feel for factory farmed food's plight. I only wish I could afford to eat purely ethically raised meats. Being poor keeps me on a mainly vegetarian diet however. I love fresh fruits, raw veggies, yogurts, cheese, and my lovely pasta carbs. I would drink olive oil if it wasn't frowned upon. Je bouffe tout.
Six things I could never do without
A camera (appareil foto)
Friends (des amis)
Culinary Delights (delices culinaires)
Intimate Moments (moments intimes)
My Freedoms (liberte)
A good pair of hiking boots (des bonnes chausseurs de rendo)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Animal Ethics
Value Theory
Just War
The Apocalypse
The Post-Apocalypse
On a typical Friday night I am

The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Just look through my questions. I think that about sums up what I am willing to admit.
You should message me if
A/The spirit so moves you... You are bored. You want to rant, or are otherwise feeling like you generally desire to do so.
The two of us