37Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
Let's make this interactive, shall we? Clicky, clicky.

I like learning, I like going, I like doing. I like being, I like staying, I like sharing. I like eating, I like drinking, I like you.

I like cuttlefish.

I've rolled around in the grass to feel its pokiness while I get dizzy. I've walked in the south Louisiana rain to feel wet while it soaks me. I've tried the food that I know I don't like because I may have changed my mind without my noticing. I've started an argument in the hopes of being convinced that I am wrong. I've kissed a llama. I've saved a hummingbird's life. I've crushed a person's soul. I've loved without losing.

The baubles I collect are experiences; the currency of my richness is memory. I'm just happy to be here.

All that matters to me is if in your soul is something with keen eyes and sharp teeth, not some little hoofed thing munching on grass. Something that is always moving forward or through whatever is in its way.

In adjectives three, I am thinking, playful, and sincere.

And when I get tired of all that, I'm jaded, disdainful, and ironic. Like with politics. Regarding these two sides of me, the things that push me toward the first three are snuggles, teaching, and silliness.
What I’m doing with my life
I am pursuing. I pursue knowledge, communities, health, stability. The chase never stops. I'm learning which things to chase after when. I am on the constant lookout for carrots and shiny objects. Lately, I'm also pursuing employment.

I am cultivating sex-positive, love-positive feminism in the world. I am appropriating terminology, creating new cultural norms by example, and bringing up sex toys at dinner. Or maybe bringing them to dinner. Applicants accepted.

I want to do flips, to suspend disbelief, and to swim with the cuttlefish.

In the winter, I want snuggles. In the spring I want outings with sammiches. In the summer I want splashing. In the autumn I want baking.
I’m really good at
academia: I own school, bitchez.
perspicacity: I can see it your way, too. That's because I genuinely care about people.
snuggling: I moonlight as a contract snuggler. My fees are affordable.
wonderment: I am agog with fascination for the universe, for how it works, and for the animally bits inside.
honesty and sincerity: I shan't lie to you, and I shan't mislead you. I thrive on sharing and cooperating.
making lists: apparently.
chomping: Om nom nom nom.
The first things people usually notice about me
I take this to mean the first thing that significantly distinguishes me from other people, as opposed to some less useful interpretation. And then I throw that idea out the window.

They probably notice that I've dropped my idiolect and it's stuck 'twixt my toes. Moreover, it's hard to bend over in this skirt. Won't you be a doll and pick it up for me therefore?

I sure do ask a lot of questions. But in a group I'm quiet.

The last thing you'll notice about me is that I've coiled up like a cat, my butt is wiggling, and Ack! He's pouncing!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My tastes are delightfully broad and frightfully picky. It's a game, see. XXXX
I like fiction that lies to me and non-fiction that tells me life is fictive.
Jorge Luis Borges - Ficciones, Richard Brautigan - A Confederate General at Big Sur, Gregory Currie - The Moral Psychology of Fiction, Viktor Frankl - Man's Search for Meaning, Stanley Fish - How to Recognize a Poem When You See One, John Taylor Gatto - Why Schools Don't Educate, June Jordan - Poem about My Rights, Robert M. Julien - A Primer of Drug Action, Tim O' Brien - The Things They Carried, Carl Rogers - On Becoming a Person, Patricia Smith - Skinhead.

Have you not a favourite poem, romance twixt the two of us ought not to be.

Movies: If it rips out a piece of your soul, or if upon finishing you feel like nothing happened, or if it feels like your best hope has been dashed upon the rocks, that is the movie I want to see. Also, Hayao Miyazaki, because who doesn't love Hayao Miyazaki?

Music: sacred Norwegian keening (or secular). Ordered quasi-static. The mysterious making of (heavy-handed) metaphor. Ping pong in a factory. Lovers with a lush, innocent, impressionistic polyphony. A cushion of sound with blue dazzlies. I don't list names because the only people who know are the people who fit the battle themselves.

Foods: That food I've never tried before. You'll rarely have trouble getting me to try a new restaurant. Creole food is the best food on the planet, though.

Board Games: If there's some way I can extort something from you, gain your trust in order to trounce our enemies, or in some way interact with you as a human, I'm sold.
I told you it was a game.
Six things I could never do without
Hyperbole on friend-making websites
Incorporating the unusual into the norm
My stegosaurus
Physical affection
Intellectual moderation and reasonableness
Better living through chemistry
The ability to count
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Linguistic curio: Knowing whence a word comes happies me. I'm a sucker for old, dead languages and modern, unpronounceable languages with lateral alveolar affricates and uvular fricatives.
The well-being of those I love: I concern myself with the lives of a few close friends, attempting to intertwine my life with theirs. Practicing love is its own reward.
Self-betterment: physical betterment such as aerial silks, hooping, ice skating, O lifting, yoga, hiking, swing dancing; intellectual betterment such as reading, writing, discussing; and life-betterment such as responsibility, reliability, independence.
Psychology: I like helping people overcome the problems their own minds present. I like being a midwife to a personality.
Sex: My imagination runs on thigh highs, skirts, dreadlocks, and unshorn underpits.
On a typical Friday night I am
You know what? I was never much of a fan of this question. Instead, I'm going to talk candidly about something else. It seems a lot of people on OKcupid state preferences about the language usage of their potential matches. I might as well give that a go. What I shall receive therefor, I know not, but I suppose I shall find out.

I would prefer you know the difference between the jussive subjunctive and the desiderative subjunctive. Bonus points if you can tell me why the hell Firefox thinks "desiderative" is misspelled. Hasn't it read a bloody dictionary?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My pillow talk is screenwritten by David Lynch.
I once had fiction anxiety. I was afraid of the power that fiction has over minds. Now I'm afraid that fiction isn't as powerful for me as it is for others.
I'm a sex-positive, love-positive feminist.
I'm not wearing any pants.
I subscribe to the Ed Gruberman school of learning.
Help, I'm trapped in a list factory!
My mating call is the whistle of a train pawing at the night.
If you don't explain your emotions, they won't feel real to me.
Being friends with me is kind of like being friends with wikipedia. Or maybe with T-Rex.

If you wear yellow, I will be quite inclined to make out with you. If you wear lipstick, the reverse is true.

I have HSV-1 and take valacyclovir. I have been vaccinated for HPV, but have also been exposed. Take some initiative about your sexual health, too. Like, have test results available. Or don't! It's the easiest way to say no.

I'm much more interested in non-monamorous friends.
My status never changes from "Available". I'm never "Single" because I'll never participate in the "Forsaking all others" bit. Everything else is and always will be available, more or less.
You should message me if
If'n you couldn't help but click on the links.

If the thought of a mollusc sliming or suckering its way across your skin pleases you to no end.

If you are preternaturally intelligent, like some prescient sciuridic deity as I am an excellent foil. Like the hats. Especially when you have an unmistakable bent for making the world a better place, be it through creativity or service.

If you are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. If you have a sense of entitlement when it comes to dating, you go run right along now: adults are talking here.

If you're a feminist first, love-positive next, and sex-positive last, and you've cowboyed up on these and chosen non-monamory. Sacrificing feminist ethics for sex or for love is a sure way to lose my respect.

If aquaria, zoos, hiking, urban exploration, or board games sound like your idea of fun.

If you appreciate that my reply very well might contain an em dash—and not just a couple of hyphens standing next to each other awkwardly.

If you are already dating someone. Dating someone who's in a committed relationship is like having grandchildren: a bunch of fun, and you get to send them home when you're done. HHOS.


You look better without cosmetics. You smell better without perfume. You taste better without cigarettes. You are kinder when you exercise. You are divine when you value all life, not merely the portion that is cute or amusing. You are sublime when you need the answer to be satisfied. Sharing is caring; non-monamory is trust, responsibility, and strength—and it's what I practice.

It helps if you're GGG.

PSA: I browse anonymously, so you just might have to send the first message.

The two of us