36Tacoma, United States
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My self-summary
Moved to seattle from spokane in April 2013, have a house in the eastlake neighborhood and loving it. * In tacoma now as of 11/14*

It's been almost 4 and half years since I got out of federal prison for the distribution of LSD. I am very intelligent, and an excellent cook... cooking is an artistic expression to me. I like to write and to read, and I love to travel. I am expressive and creative with words and reality, and live a very interesting life. I am very Dominant for the most part, but tender and kind just as much as I am sadistic and kinky. slaves, lovers, friends, and a pet furry are all a part of My life.
I really should write a bunch more in here, but why?
I gave a little update because a friend of Mine thought I ought to.

Not bi-sexual, not straight, not gay, pansexual perhaps but not really. Just... sexual and caring.
Polyamoury works for Me for the most part, though sometimes people are happier alone or just with one for periods of time. Love is not exlusive, nor is attraction. jelousy is a symptom of insecurity which is a sign of unhealthy communication and trust.

I am pretty content with My life as it is, am in love, happy, and building a pretty good future for myself and one that those around me could be comfortable in. I am poly and am pretty happy living with My fiancé MsSillyBee and playing with My slave in training. Though I'm always looking for new friends and play partners.

important number 420 710 23
What I’m doing with my life
Creating beautiful and tasty meals for my friends and others... researching, writing, enjoying freedom.

I am in the process of starting a business and building a life that can provide some comfort to those I love and to Myself.

Writing. A book. And planning. To take over the world.
And to cook beautiful foods for people.
I’m really good at
Did I mentioned I'm an excellent chef? For real, it's creative expression for Me. A passion really. Art.

I am also a very good public speaker. I'm good at being a Dom and spanking. I'm good at being Me, usually, except when I'm not.
I like to dance with fire.
Traveling is something I am good at and love to do.
Understanding people is something I'm good at too, though I usually force people to learn how to communicate effectively rather then subtly.
Oh yeah... my favorite past time, sex... I'm pretty good at most aspects of it. I enjoy it at least... I tend to have lovers who like to stick around when they have other options, so I would guess they enjoy it too.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes? People seem to comment on them. *Actually, even I think My eyes are pretty hot. I'd fall for Me.*

That or some article of patchwork clothing that I am wearing usually. Or My awesome fucking beard.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
swan song, this much I know is true, wally lamb, TAZ, hakim bey... lots of books. Daniel Quinn wrote Ishmael... which is an amazing book that I love. Ken Kesey. Jerry Garcia. Hmm.... lots of things

principia discordia
Six things I could never do without
My chosen Family
I spend a lot of time thinking about
sex, gender, food stuff, travel, past, future, nature, chaos, lifestyle differences
On a typical Friday night I am
usually having sex
or visiting with friends or family
or both.
and no matter what else, smoking lots of weed.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't get it.
You should message me if
you are not closed minded. I was in prison for LSD distribution. I am a radical liberal, and am into BDSM.

you should message Me if you would like the opportunity to defend your reading of the 50 shades of grey books.

you should especially message if the phrase "hail eris" means anything to you.

you enjoy anything I wrote.
you like Die Antwoord.
you like Johnny Polygon.
like me, you are a mother fuckin' ninja beast.
you like barter fairs, gatherings, and festivals.
you hate those things.
you're a deadhead.
you like a good road trip.
you enjoy talking, or sex, or both.
you like to eat good food and are NOT a fan of Geroge Bush jr or sr.

you should message if you love this video as much as I do

Be aware, I have a pretty full love life as it is... and am happy with those who are in My life. I am open to friendship and occasional play, but if you are seeking something beyond that, it might not be found with Me.
The two of us