56 New Bedford, United States
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My self-summary
(You can choose to believe what you will, or opt for reason!)
First, I'm a songwriter, trying to get something going, have c.d. in the works.
Second, I don't play any head games, of lie, (what and get caught? oh!oh!) Don't have time for either!
Third, I open doors, slide in seats, walk the traffic side of the sidewalk
(so if your to indipendant for that, STOP here!)
Fourth, I Love to cook, and will cook you anything you want, maybe a breakfast in bed, just for fun.

loyal, romantic, affectionate, talkative, honest, laid back, mellow,
have a shaving kit of baggage (I don't know of anyone who don't)
very even tempered, don't let things get to me, and always, always, the gentleman, (thanks mom, god bless)

I think you should know, I do have a couple of health issues that have slowed me down a bit, so gym rats, exercise nuts, and runners, ect. look elsewhere.

like I said easy going, mellow, so I move at my own pace, not an invalid in any way.

so that's the honest truth, so take a chance, the one you seek, could be right at your fingertips, yeah right here, look down, those long things on your hands, start typing and say hi! it make take a day or two, but i will reply to all who message me thanks "The Pirate"
What I’m doing with my life
working in a machine shop/pt.time
writing song lyrics, friend does the music (sort of like Elton John &
Bernie Tuapin, but!!! NO! side benefits)
other than that ,??????
you have to ask!
I’m really good at
cooking, being grouchy at times,
writing, being a good human being, because what you see, and what you ask me, is what you get.
so ask and I shall answer if I'm not writing, I won't stop in the middle of a song, just because some alert tells me I have an e-mail from this site, just have to wait until the creativeness wears off, see told you, grouchy huh? (and honest, huh?)
The first things people usually notice about me
ME, I am just as handsome as my photos, and some say better in person, think there just trying to make me feel good, LOL.
my smile, always bright and happy
my attitude towards life (grouchy, & happy), just stay laid back, sort of go with the flow, and if something bad is going to happen upstream, face the storm head long into it, but never run away from it!!!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
hitch hikers guide to the galaxy, any tom clancy novwl
forrest gump, 3 godfarthers, brian's song(see how the memory is)
NCIS, other than that not really t.v. fan (will watch and not be bored, but ?)
Alice Cooper==Frank Zappa/and all styles in between
(no rap/or this crap Minaj, nor anything like that, fake voice done over by computers)
food/just about anything (but Brussle Sprouts or Califlower) see
don't eat em'/can't spell em'
The six things I could never do without
2=clothes (unless in Bali or something)
3=Pen and Paper ( if the big crash comes one day, I still want to be able to write a song, for my lady)
4=food (unless I'm somewhere I can find my own, this is the
polite version)
5=cell phone (again just waiting on the crash)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the world, and our surroundings
why does earth have a livable atmosphere
will I get a # 1 song
(settle for a # 10)
will I ever find the one for me, the one who is who is wondering
if they will too!
On a typical Friday night I am
well, not much of a night owl, sometimes you'll see me w/friends
others I'm at a coffee cafe, enjoying acoustic open mic nights
like I said kinda laid back, but have spontainious bursts
I'm not a couch potato, but usually you'll find me at my computer
writing song lyrics, or out for dinner, great Portuguese place 10 min. walk from my house, and a great, good value place, 5 min. drive
and at night live bands, (MOSTLY ROCK, AND THE ONLY PLACE
AROUND HERE THAT HAS BANDS 5 NIGHT A WEEK!!), and I was not just shouting at you!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
well, when I meet you, you will find out
and it's really hilarious, to say the least
You should message me if
now I'm not shallow, but ladies if you have to say a few extra pounds, and it turns out to be a lot more, don't send a message
curvy but solid o.k., but don't lie, don't like that, sorry.

you're not looking for any games, nor lies
you're looking for an honest, caring, affectionate, teddy bear,
(no facial hair though, but can grow it)
and most of all if you are seeking a one woman man, that is comfortable in my world, skin, style, mind, soul, and searching the globe if need be for the one for me.