39 Dorchester, United States
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My self-summary
I'm looking to have fun and get to know some new guys, not necessarily looking for anything serious. Yeah, I'm bisexual but that only means I've been in relationships with women, that doesn't mean I'm looking for Mr. Sensitive Ponytail Man. I'm looking for guys who want to get some drinks and flirt with me, not make potluck vegetarian casseroles together.

My profile says "casual sex" but I'd like to define that further. I'm interested in casual but not meaningless relationships. That means I won't get mad at you if you don't buy me something for Valentine's day, I won't make you attend family parties/weddings with me and I won't necessarily wait until the 3rd date to have sex just because that's what girls are supposed to do. However, I will probably need to have some interesting conversations with you before I want to have sex with you (some folks on this site are reading "casual" as "indiscriminate"). I am currently seeing some guys who are really awesome so that needs to not be a problem for you.
What I’m doing with my life
For many years I used the principles of human behavior to help kids on the autism spectrum learn social skills. Now I work for the same company and use the principles of human behavior to make sure the operations side of the office runs smoothly, and I work with insurance companies to get them to cover our services. Turns out it takes a lot more patience to work with insurance companies than autistic children. I like working in a field where I'm helping people out but I'm not like those kindergarten teachers that think kids are just so PRECIOUS. Kids can be entertaining, mind-boggling, and often annoying, but they are not precious.
I’m really good at
Trying new things – especially physical stuff. I've done aerial acrobatics, played rollerderby, taken african dance classes, I do some indoor rock climbing and yoga, and I'm trying out some stand-up paddleboarding. I'm pretty fit and like finding new activities to try out. I'm also good at dancing to hip-hop, but I can't promise I won't make silly faces that will, unfortunately, completely cancel out the coolness of my mad dancing skillz.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm very petite and people tend to like to pick me up and throw me around
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: The Song of Achilles, The Science of Yoga, Fun Home, The Sparrow, anything by Michelle Tea, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, Watchmen, World War Z, A is for Alien by Caitlin Kiernan.

Movies: I don't have favorite movies, I like too many different kinds - from pretentiously highbrow foreign films to anything involving slow-motion action sequences/Bruce Willis/huge explosions. I love movies like “Wanderlust” or TV shows like “Arrested Development” where the humor comes from being out-there and inappropriate. If it makes you laugh but also squirm, I love it.

Food: I will eat anything. Literally, I will eat and enjoy just about anything. This probably comes from living in France as a kid where I was expected to eat that blood sausage/snail/cheese with mold on it and not make a fuss about it. Picky eaters make me profoundly sad.
The six things I could never do without
1. Fighter conditioning/boxing fitness classes at Peter Welch's gym in Southie (they kick my ass and keep me sane)

2. The "Where's my bus?" app (seriously, it's a game changer if you don't drive)

3. Coffee (not because I need the caffeine but because it tastes so fucking good!)

4. Books (I need to always be reading something)

5. Drinking cheap beer in the sun (how does one get through Boston winters otherwise?)

6. Sunscreen (my ancestors lived on the cloudy English moors, also I must protect my tattoos)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
- How to entertain myself on my endless rides on the T. I usually end up practicing my T-surfing skills, meditating, staring at attractive people, watching other people staring at their phones, reading, or wondering if I should participate in any of the various studies being advertised in the subway cars.
On a typical Friday night I am
Having dinner with friends, at a hot yoga class, or on a bus to visit one of my sisters
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
As a kid I went to a faith healer concert during a brief Jesus phase. When the faith healer “blessed” me by touching me on the head I fell to the ground. But the spirit didn't actually enter my body, I just fell down because that's what everyone else was doing and it seemed fun.
You should message me if
- You like to flirt over whiskey drinks
- You want to understand the rules of roller derby (I can explain it all to you!)
- You're passionate about something - a craft, a type of music, an activity - I don't care. I just like hearing guys talk about something they're psyched about.