38 Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
OK, does everyone on this thing do yoga, beach handstands, shoot guns, skydive, an InstaModel, is a foodie, owner of a baby tiger, a CrossFitter & drink craft beer? Geez! LOL

Atypical, 6'2/225 - ENFP - 140 IQ - 76% Left-Brained - MS in Psych. Small biz owner: 11th yr. True Cancer. Sapiosexual. Secular Humanist. Sith Lord. Former US Marine. Ex MMA fighter. Semi-foodie(due to allergies). Old school Rollerskater. Owner of a full passport. Originally from LA but a NewYorker at heart. Allergic to Kardashian Klone culture, the word "yum" & having to figure out which is YOU in your many group pics... 😐

For me, honesty is policy and with that said, I'm just looking to have some fun - see what happens from there. If you're GGG(Google it), send me a shout!


1. Communication is KEY for me. If we exchange numbers, and you are "not a phone girl," become a phone girl. They are cool, but I will not do ALL of my communications through text, as it is impersonal and at some point we would need to actually speak. I mean, If we hit it off, we will have a lot to talk about.

2. If you say you are somehow too 'busy' and do not have a lot of time for dating, do us both a favor and skip me. I have a lot going on myself, but I know that people make time for the people and things they really want in life. This is a dating website. If you don't have time nor energy to date, why are you here?!

3. No games in 2015. KNOW that getting to know someone is a 2-way street. If youre notoriously 'busy' just know Im not gonna keep pursuing you to no avail. If we are talking and you are honestly interested, I shouldnt have to keep contacting you to see if somethings gonna happen. No disrespect, but there are too many options for us to have either of ours time wasted. Im sure you understand...

4. BBW's are beautiful but simply NOT what Im looking for. I feel like sh*t even saying this, but please be HWP. Sorry! /:(
*Just to clarify, I AM a black dude, so meat on your bones is definitely not an issue for me. I mean, who doesn't appreciate a nicely curvy lady? So, I believe thats all the clarification I need...

5. I'm too old for someone who considers themselves a 'Princess,' 'Diva' and/or 'Barbie.' Mutual respect in a MATURE, ADULT relationship doesnt require grown women to act like Disney or reality show characters. I mean, how would you feel if I acted like Optimus Prime, spoke in the voice of Cobra Commander, or attempted to publicly dress like Shredder from the Ninja Turtles? Just simply not my speed and I will run from you, quickly. I however do not feel like sh*t saying this, at all.

6. Whats fair is fair, and it seems its only fair for a person to demand/request only the things they can bring to a relationship. If you are demanding/requesting your match have XYZ(ie. a big house, nice car, great career, etc), then you should also already have XYZ to offer your match. Sure, there are bumps and snags along the way, but YOU KNOW what I mean... Fair?

7. IMPORTANT - Im an Atheist. Out in the open. No fear, no regrets. I grew up in the church, just no longer how I choose to live my life these days. Most of my friends and family are Christian and they know my heart and accept me, as the only thing that has changed about me is my 'spiritual' belief; or the lack-thereof. I respect all those who give it and wont challenge your beliefs if you dont challenge mine. Ive never had an issue with dating Christian women, so dont create one. Fair is fair. I can truly say this: Im likely no different than any of the other guys on this site that 'claim' they are Christian and dont go to church, nor follow their faith. Sh*t, I still love gospel music and watch Sunday Best on BET. Is that weird? Oh well... ANYWAY, if you think this will be an issue at any point, its probably best we dont start anything... BUT if you have questions, Im an open book. :)

*And NO. "Atheist" does not mean "Satanist," "Devil-worshiper," "Pagan," or anything like that. Besides, I wouldn't have time nor energy for that if it did... Again, if you have questions, just ask.*

If any of these things seem like they will be a problem for you, I'm not sure we would be a match. I am not looking for a quantity of messages, I am looking for quality people.

With ALL that being said, I hope you've enjoyed your stay. You've likely laughed, maybe sneered, definitely cursed and hopefully, you were impressed with my forsakenly long-ass profile. But I wont know unless you write me...

Safe travels. :)
What I’m doing with my life
sound designer and development... traveling... eating... mma training... literal ninja/samurai training(no joke - i have swords - seriously - dont laugh)... teaching my little lady what love and respect is... appreciating the little things...
I’m really good at
understanding a situation and articulating the appropriate response. best compliment ive ever received was that I was "emotionally intelligent." im a fixer; a problem solver.
The first things people usually notice about me
dunno. i guess, im bigger than i look in pictures. havent thought about it... plus, I somehow look different in all my pics... oh, and that i am addicted to using ellipsis "..."
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books: the god delusion, freakenomics, the rule of two -
movies: brazil, contact, coming to america, the game, B2TF II -
shows: the wire, louie, the newsroom, southland, homeland -
music: joao gilberto, fela kuti, juan atkins, ATCQ/common -
food: moto in chicago, il pirata in london, chicklicious in nyc -
The six things I could never do without
1.) my daughter
2.) rent money
3.) oxygen
4.) habitual use of ellipsis
5.) passport
6.) the internets
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Thinking about how i will leave my mark... thinking about what to watch first on my DVR... thinking about why I dont dance more, go to the beach more and why I dont keep in touch with friends/family more... thinking about if my punctuation, spelling and grammar are not making me look like a fool... thinking about how my daughter will perceive what love is by my actions... thinking about how I will become the black Anthony Bourdain... thinking about how much money I could save by switching to Geico... thinking about how much answering this question is clearly a waste of time...
On a typical Friday night I am
watch Bill Maher on my extremely big-ass tv and hang with the peeps, usually. or, whatever random occasion calls. Maybe a movie premiere? A BBQ? Dunno.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a real, no joke, clinical phobia. TRYPOPHOBIA. Google it at ur own peril.
You should message me if
you can get through the craziness without going "f*ck this guy, he's delusional." lol