48Warwick, United States
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My self-summary
I just want to go out, dance, and have a few drinks and laughs. First round is on me. C'mon ladies... who's up for it?

On the suggestion of imaginary friends (with whom I have since had a falling-out), I am re-writing my entire profile, because apparently I come across as a dull, drab, ball-less eunuch who isn't worth the time to get to know on the most shallow of technologically-enabled levels, much less a real-life interaction of any sort. So, enjoy...
What I’m doing with my life
Being completely honest about who I am and what I want - which is apparently a completely futile effort.

Working in IT, but trying to find time to write. I have always loved reading and, after the encouragement I received during a class in composition, I realized I had things running around in my head that should be on paper. Currently, I'm practicing my poetry: easier to pick up and put down when I have the time.

Looking for that woman who I can hang with, go drinking and dancing with, and who will occasionally let me do terribly naughty/nice things to her body. What, I should lie instead? Please understand: I'm not a cheater, creep, or perv (well, ok: I'm a perv!). I'm not looking to hurt anyone, leave my marriage, or complicate your life. I'm looking for someone I can LIKE and have a mutually-satisfying physical relationship with - on OUR terms. If this isn't you, I completely respect that. I also understand that not everyone has chemistry, so if you think you might be interested, give me a hollar and we'll have coffee, a chat - I expect nothing more than what you are comfortable with.
I’m really good at
Being a daddy.

I've been told my writing is good. And I think I have a bit of an eye for photography.
The first things people usually notice about me
Is that I am actually a fun, friendly guy who just wants to make a few friends and maybe a little more...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Does anyone actually read this section? Be honest: you skim it, right?

A handful:

Joss Wheden could write a menu and I would buy a copy.

I can listen to any music, except rap and what is laughingly referred to as "R&B." Sorry, babe: Al Green is R&B, Usher is the musical equivalent of Appleby's. Old Crow Medicine Show, Alison Krauss and Mumford & Sons are my current obsessions. Past ones include Elvis Costello, Beatles, and Joan Osborne.

I love science-fiction, the best is by the Masters - Bradbury, Asimov, Bear, Brin, Benford - because it is about the PEOPLE in the story, not the science. That is where the original Star Trek got it right and every subsequent iteration came up short.

I get a little emotional over an exceptional slice of sashimi. Throw a Kirin or Sapporo in the mix and you'll probably get lucky.
Six things I could never do without
Weak nuclear force
Strong nuclear force
Electro-magnetic force (personal fav)
69ing (wait... I may have lied about E-M...)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My daughter warms my days and haunts my nights. Her name is the sound of my heartbeat. I would die for her.

Your body: as a whole and it's individual yummy bits.

How, apparently, I come across as a complete shit/stalker/tool on this website - which couldn't be farther from the truth.
On a typical Friday night I am
Home, watching my little girl and waiting for my wife to get home from her date... I'm not kidding.

Saturday nights are mine. I want to be doing something a lot more often than I am, but it's tough on my schedule. We can watch a movie; sit and talk; visit a new place; something. My favorite evening? A loud club, dance music, cold vodka, sweaty dancing, and walking back to your place...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My wife and I are non-monogamous. We recognize that one person can't be everything for you all the time, and that includes sexually.

I enjoy getting randy on the phone. It's a nice, safe way to entertain some fantasies and interact with someone sexually. I get that it isn't everyone's cup of tea (and has drawbacks just like any other interactions can) but it's easy, fun, and a nice change of pace.

Have to say, I absolutely adore the people who put something clever here like, "I can't admit something like that!" or "Then it wouldn't be private, would it?" Ummmm... maybe you missed the point of the question, babe. Read it again.

Oh, yeah: I say "babe." I say it to men and women, depending on the circumstances, and without a trace of irony or sexuality. Although it isn't meant sexually, it's my "tell" - if I'm drunk and happy and call you "babe" then I'm definitely thinking about getting into your pants.
You should message me if
You grok that being a shit to someone (making plans without any intention of following through; telling lies about yourself to score a date with someone who you know has no interest; setting someone up for a fall just to amuse yourself) doesn't make you clever or interesting or superior: it just makes you a shit.

You just want to be friends. I can always use new and interesting people in my life and what the hell could it hurt?

This paragraph makes sense to you: A sense of adventure; critical thought; careless laughter; clever hands; understanding that your family comes first; great movies; sly humor; good food; understanding that my family comes first; great books; bold talk; the occasional Marlboro in a dirty alley; sexual confidence; lingerie; cold vodka; good grammar; dancing like a spaz until you drip sweat; f*cking in the parking lot on the way back to the car; having something to say that stops me in my tracks...
The two of us