28Jackson, United States
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My self-summary
Whatup! I'm Ryan. Life is wild, full of opportunity, and I'm trying to ride as many waves as I can! It's working out and I've collected bits and pieces of adventures along the way that seem to stick to me. I'm driven by a passion to learn as much as I can - Everything is interesting for 5 minutes or less, so give it a shot. I think friends are a person's greatest asset. I'm a firm believer that if you love something, and are creative about it, you can carve out a niche in this world that precludes you from actual work, because you found a way to do what you love. And after all, your first job as an organism is "life", so why not love it?
What I’m doing with my life
After graduating with a wishy-washy degree in fake engineering (usability and ergonomics) and with a bunch of cartoons in hand, I somehow stumbled upon the wonderful institution that is seasonal work. Since graduating I've had the pleasure of dabbling and exploring tons of interesting jobs that have all built on one another in interesting ways. Cartoonist to Dogs to playing in the woods and working on a startup, it staves off the boredom. They seem disparate, but to me they feel like they converge. Everything you learn is relevant. My companies take up a lot of my time (they're my passion), but they keep me outside and engaged in an activity (so I don't go insane). We'll see how they turn out, but regardless, I couldn't imagine spending my time in a better way. Graphic design and web development pays the bills.
I’m really good at
drawing, doodling and cartooning -- it's been saving my butt for YEARS every time I forget to buy someone a birthday card.
climbing, kinda. I like it and I learn from it, but I don't crush. It's good, cause it means there's more to work on.
articulating stuff.
making things - I really dig sewing, sculpting and auto mechanics (didn't make it from scratch, but I can usually keep it running)
Getting overly excited about cute girls I saw way off in the distance.
dancing to some funky-soul-explosion grooves! let's dance!
Driving a stick shift. Automatics are numbing.
The first things people usually notice about me
"is that a...a....mullet??"
It's my souvenir from Argentina (they're stuck in the 80's). At first, it was a relief haircut from long hair that kept getting in my eyes when I was hiking. I eyed the locals, saw the prevalence of the mullet and gave it a shot. From day one I was sold on the sheer functionality of the cut. It's out of the face, yet it blows in the wind and you can run your fingers through it. Really, it's a cut designed implicitly for the user. I haven't gone back since.

don't worry, I keep it trimmed up
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The Soul and RnB classics: Gil-Scott Heron, Isaac Hayes, Earth Wind and Fire, Curtis Mayfield, James Brown. The new Soul/Funk/RnB-ers: Menahan St. Band, Charles Bradley, Sharon Jones

Good 'ol hip-hop: Masta Ace, Big L, Tribe Called Quest. New jazzy hip-hop-ers: MoJoe, Common Market, Blue Scholars, Little Brother (D-town, wahtup?!!!)

Crank-the-bass Reggae: John brown's body, Dub Apocalypse, 10ft Ganja Plant, Ernest Ranglin

If it's on TV....: arrested development, always sunny in Philadelphia, Colbert report, archer, wilfred

or in print: blind watchmaker, anything Carl Hiassan, Endurance, EPIC, The mountains of my life, Freedom of the Hills. Ishmael, guns germs and steel, Wired Magazine,

I love any and all types of food, but Banana Pudding is at the top.
Six things I could never do without
getting outside
learning something new
good, comfortable friends
bright colors
funky music
yerba mate (not six, but it's prevalent in all of the above)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to make what I do impact the world in a positive way. I don't like to produce or work on junk and clutter.

How I would draw something as a cartoon.

Also, camping gear, but that's more of a disease or affliction. I'd say that falls in the larger arena of figuring out how to make things easier for me (or others) to use.
On a typical Friday night I am
kickin' it with friends! Definitely beer (IPA's usually make an appearance). Might be noodling on my Ukulele (trying to figure that out) while my friends make real music, or chillin' on a porch watching the stars. Possibly driving to a weekend of adventure.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I check facebook way too much. It started as a business thing and now it's just a problem. Trying to wean myself off with this thing called OkCupid, which has generally replaced much of that time-block...
You should message me if
you're trying to have an adventure/make a story. let's go dig one up, they're everywhere!! Or, we could just hammock at Duke Gardens until security rolls up and says to stop messing up their trees. Beers encouraged.
The two of us