29 Des Moines, United States
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My self-summary
(Finally updated this thing.)

I like being ridiculous with friends, but also having meaningful intellectual or emotional conversations. I enjoy connecting deeply with people (new and old), but I also need quality alone time. I'm socially liberal, but somewhat conservative in my personal choices (particularly compared to Portland, where I grew up and got my second Bachelor's).

Med student. Meditator. Boy Scout.

If I had my druthers, I'd end up living in Minneapolis again someday.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a second year osteopathic medical student at DMU. ("Osteopathic" means that I'm going to be a full-fledged physician, but I will also have the skill set to use my hands to diagnose and treat mechanical imbalances in the muskuloskeletal and nervous systems and the fascia that can exacerbate or cause medical conditions. Ask me about it if you're interested.) Lots of coursework, but now with a more clinical slant than first year, and a good dose of doctor skill labs. Looking forward to getting out into the hospital/clinic next year.

I'm busy, but I make time for people and things that are important to me (including ongoing personal growth).

In my free time, I stay active (hiking, biking, swimming, running, blues dancing, recently started climbing), find adventures, try new restaurants and ethnic grocery stores, volunteer, spend quality time with close friends, host potlucks and board game nights, and have fun getting dirty in the kitchen. Looking toward a triathlon at some point.

I grew up Tibetan Buddhist, challenged and embraced it in my early twenties, and practice daily. It's brought me a lot of emotional stability, which I use to support others.
I’m really good at
Asking deep questions to connect with people quickly and find out who they are and what matters to them. I'm more interested in having deep connections than mingling with acquaintances, so I tend to have intense conversations or over the top banter with people I've recently met. (I try not to overwhelm people. I usually succeed.)

Rolling with change. Last minute spontaneity? Awesome! Plans change for reasons? Ok, let's have a great time anyway, or reschedule. Also good at adapting to change in a longer-term sense.

I'm good at building people up, and teaching.

I'm good with my hands. Take that as you will. ;)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: GoT, The Education of Little Tree, The Time Traveler's Wife, My Sister's Keeper The DOs, various cookbooks, others. I like books that make me a better person, tug on my heartstrings, or are just really enthralling. Definitely have a habit of acquiring books faster than I read them, and I had to donate four or so boxes before moving out from Portland.

Shows: Adventure Time, Agents of Shield, Agent Carter, Community, Castle, Avatar, GoT, Cowboy Bebop, One-Punch Man, DBZ Abridged, The Expanse.

Movies: I'm usually not too picky with movies. I enjoy the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, indie film, heist movies, good documentaries, action/adventure/scifi, Love Actually, About Time, others. Basically the same criteria as for books.

Music: Things I like to dance to. (I dance Alt-Blues. Ask me about it if you're interested. The closest comparison is swing without counting steps, but relying on strong dance connection instead.)

I love good food, and especially trying new food. Thai food is my comfort food. I enjoy experimenting with new recipes (and winging it), and I also like trying interesting beers. Currently eating a largely plant-based diet (with exceptions for special occasions).
The six things I could never do without
1) Spending time with people I feel close to.
2) Independence, space, self-sufficiency, self-mastery.
3) Movement: dance, exercise, adventures. Sometimes, travel.
4) Passion, direction, and clarity. It's hard-won, and I value it.
5) Interesting food. I love experimental cooking, or trying new recipes, or going out to eat at interesting new places (or familiar places with new things to try on the menu).
6) Flexibility balanced with resilience.
On a typical Friday night I am
I live more by my test schedule than by the day of the week. One Friday could be studying, while another might be getting dinner and drinks with friends or climbing or exploring something new downtown. Saturday evenings are often potlucks. Weekend camping and bike camping are good with the right people.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm generally pretty open, if you make like you're interested.

I answered most of the questions on here 4-6 years ago, with scattered updates, so don't hold me to every one.
You should message me if
Right now, I'm looking for fun dates and adventures with interesting people. Honestly, though, I'm more of a relationshipper than a dater, and if it's not headed that way, I'll let you know (and probably try to be friends).

Ultimately, I'm looking for an active, adventurous, ambitious partner to go out with and someday come home to. In addition to chemistry and compatible ridiculousness, enthusiasm, and intensity, I'm interested in people with goals/passion/direction, compassion, awareness of the world, and general competence, who value health and physical fitness, community, service, and partnership. I also want to be with someone who inspires (and pushes) me to be my best self.