32Berlin, Germany
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My self-summary
The human individual is nothing in isolation. So let's meet! I'm looking for connections to share tenderness, perversion, and folly. I like holding hands, guro porn, and watching silly stuff together.

You'll find in me someone who …
… likes to participate in hacker camps and hippie conferences.
… has a great love for the history of cinema, and often hosts snobby movie nights (Sergei Eisenstein, Éric Rohmer, Michael Bay).
… dances erratically to techno and its relatives (but too rarely dares to visit a club).
… likes discussing books on history, anthropology, language.
… cautiously experiments with psychedelics.
… very casually plays "Magic: The Gathering" (still barely understanding the basic rules, but learning).

More joinable activities

I have a tent and a backpack, and enjoy using them once in a while (but am no jungle survivalist). I want do to more traveling, and visit the museums of far-away historical sites.

Most Thursdays I host a private 8pm screening of episodes from the TV shows "Hercules" and "Xena", to which I gladly invite anyone interested.

Recently I've started to do the "MultiSEXual BOXhopping" at Monster Ronson's Ichiban Karaoke (~ once a month).


The restrictions state and capitalism force on human experience and progress annoy me greatly. I sympathize with anarcho-communist self-organization, and utopias like this one: & And I'm looking for everyday tactics to help working towards those, bit by bit.

But I'm not much of an activist: Confrontations with authorities scare me to death, and I find it difficult to step into political groups and projects. I'm also a bit of a petty-bourgeois opportunist. That said, I find it hard to tolerate disdain for sex work, picking on the poor, hate against pedophiles, and praise of the police.

I consider myself non-religious, but feel no resentment towards religiosity. (Having grown up in a very secular East Berlin environment, where churches had a recent history as havens for left-wing dissidents and punk concerts, my atheist contacts with religiosity were rather benign. Maybe I've just been lucky never to have suffered under powerful dogmatisms of faith. In any case, the result is that I'm more often annoyed by Dawkins- than by Bible-thumpers.) I half-seriously entertain extropianist/singularitarian/transhumanistic ideas.

More data points to filter me in or out

I'm self-employed as a freelance programmer. I've also written a book or two on political/cultural issues of the digital age, worked as a film critic, and done some futurological seminars.

There's some beard growth in my face that I'm undecided and lazy about. Every few weeks I shave the thing away completely, and then let it re-grow until I again find it irritating.

I can barely drive the bicycle (only when there's no traffic to fear), and cars (outside of GTA) not at all.

My knowledge of musical pop culture is superficial at best (I try to catch a little VIVA once in a while to update it); I can dance to most music if it has a beat. I have some affinity towards avantgardy non-vocal repetitive music. I'm very slowly teaching myself to play keyboard (and improvise easy Philip Glass imitations), and once every few years I try to compose something on my computer. Some stuff I like: Michael Nyman, Die Antwoord, Foyer des Arts.

I got enough social anxiety diagnosed to warrant regular psychotherapist sessions. That's one possible reason why messages I send here might, as I've been told, sound as if from a robot. Sorry!

Practical dating considerations

I'm not here looking for penpals, but for face-to-face meetings, and I'll try to steer most conversations quickly to the point of arranging those.

Sexually, I'm not very pro-active. Genital interaction is low on my list of prefered carnal pleasures; much higher: intense cuddling, pervy games.

When it comes to going out, I'm a cheapskate: I prefer activities that don't require spending money. When meeting for drinks, I usually order one glass of water for the whole evening. My ideal first date is a walk through the park, or strolling through the streets.
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