32Vallejo, United States
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My self-summary
-____-" ugh! another proper essay summary!?!?.. nope!..not today!!! ^U^
hey wussup! this is me! and yeah thats my summary lol jk.. hehe what can I say? well.. lets say.. I'm a silly, dorky, nerd, geek, goofball.. hehe.. sooo... thats make me pretty cool right? RiGhT? RIGHT!?!?... ugh! never mind lol jk..but I love who I am for I am blessed.. family oriented..really friendly..and usually humble and understanding.. My friends say that I have alot of patiences, very caring, old school gentlemen, understandable and open hearted.. I'm quiet at first but when you get to know me more I'm definitely silly, random, spontaneous and out going. If the music is playing.. foreal I'll dance in public xP. Just full of energy but you can decide on that xP. I always like to make the best of things even if the days are awesome or bad, remember blessings, positive motivations, even to just walk around and talk about life and deep into gods unconditional love.. ya kno! down to earth somtimes, to be enlighten. =) I know I know, I've probly sound like a kid at heart and its true. But I enjoy life and love to make it worth living for.. I do take things very seriously when needed and responsibilities.. but I choose to smile, be happy, humble and just to embrace along the way. So dont let my silliness fool you now. hehe xP.. Ah snap! I admit to have a HUGE sense of humor.. ever so little or alot. I will eventually laugh even if it doesnt make sense at the moment. But if I can share a moment with someone that can laugh with me, foreral that's a plus =).. I enjoy the world of food.. any sorts! I just like to eat alot. lol I enjoy going out alot with families, meeting new/old friends and doing random/adventurous things =). Even the simplest things like walking.. chillaxin at view point areas.. or watching TV is just fine with me.. can't forget snacks and food though lol.. I like making conversations through inbox, txt msgs, and calls. So if you guys want to talk, hit me up! forreal ask me a question and i'll give you a story =) I'll eventually answer back in no time =D

So... umm.. why am I here? That's a simple answer! My friends made me do it -___-" lol.. As for everyone else would do and they suggested, to find that special someone right? well I'm pretty old school myself and again I like to talk trying to get to know people. But first things first, I want to know all the beautiful ladies as friends. Because the most I seek are communications and understanding, knowing a person for their inner beauties. because out of everything to me is to build a foundation, trust, friendships, and comfort. Maybe along the way, someday god willingly to build that bridge that I could find that special someone. And forreal!.. no one's perfect, I'm not either But to accept myself and to love someone's imperfection unconditionally. That's wussup!. But hey, I would'nt know unless I try =)

Sorry ladies for the WHOLE weird out summary. It probly give you guys a headache through all those run on or incomplete sentences.. but I want to thank you for getting out of your way just to read just what I'm just typing through my mind and maybe made you had a little laugh or smile abit.. best way to start a day right?.. again Thank your for you time =D
What I’m doing with my life
Im currently at school renewing my Pharmacy Technician license and working towards my AA degree still. But along the way, I want to Become a Phamacist with a BA degree!! SHAA BAM!!! but it's a working progress

For everything else on my extra time.
1- Spending my time at chruch as a Leadership assistance for the youths and kids
2- Gym workouts. Jogging.. tennis.. yeah I really need to be out there more
3- I write poetry or play my ukulele at a local starbucks or park
4- skype, group chats, study, play alittle video games or dj for fun =)
I’m really good at
1)that's an easy answer.. being ME!
2)EATING!!! I lub food =D
3)SLEEPING! =)... I'm a polar burr >.<"
4)Dancing =D.. I've grew up into hip hop, break dancing and zumba but I want to learn salsa, waltz and cha cha one day =)
5)I love playing my beautiful ukulele name Aerith (it was named after a girl in Final Fantasy 7)
6)Any PS3 fans? Racing or shooting games?!?! I'll add you!! xP but I don't play alot though
7)Some of my friedns say I'm pretty good at making creative presents and costumes
The first things people usually notice about me
1) My hair >.<" Becasue I'm too skinny to notice my whole body is there lol
2) it depends either I'm shy at first or silly dorky person
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books- As of right now.. it's my school books and the bible =)

Movies- I really like to go out and watch horror movies.. but I admit.. I haven't been up to date with the movies.. the last movie I watch out there was Iron man 3 -__-" need to go out more

Shows- does Netflix count? then sometimes I do watch a little..

Music- I listen mainly to 90's RnB.. Its just me.. it has more meaning to another person then the ones today.. I admit the beats are nice.. but words are not my type to treat a woman's perspective that way of todays.. but over all I really do listen to all types of music. trance, dubs, 50/60's, doo wops, 70/80's, orchestra/instrumental, light rock, love oldies, alternatives, Hawaiian, reggae, K/J pop, hip hop, and yes also country =).. I'm not good with artist or titles.. but if you play a few songs for me.. I'll definitely sing it for fun.. sorry not a professional singer though lol

Food- Yes.. Lets go!
Six things I could never do without
Family and Friends
Having fun!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
1) What I can do better today than yesterday
2) Im hungry.. what can I eat today?
3) Thinking about my short and long term goals
4) Another day of how to basic cookings :D
On a typical Friday night I am
School, work, homework, gym and free time to anything!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
1) I can tread water but I can't float O_O. I just don't know why
2) I'm pretty good at dancing but I cant freak dance even if my life depends on it. such a fail xP
3) If I find someone on OKC that is an interest to me, my shyness kicks in and sometimes it's hard for me to say hi lol
You should message me if
Ha! That's nonsense beacuse there are no if's.. because you know you want to. xP lol jk..

I really have no answer for this though, I'm a shy person myself. But out of the most, if I get caught checkin out ur page through your notifications lol. If I didnt say anything at all and you've check my page out and you see that you could be interested in me, alike, or cool to hang out with. Shoot! Go ahead and prove me wrong hehe xP. Forreal messege me back, get at me and be like "HEY! I know you not just check out my page and you did'nt say anything! wussup with that?" LOL and we can start our conversation or a simple "hi" =) is all it takes.. will be great too!

I'm going to be real and its true. To me, there are no if's to message me. I'm willingly to challenge myself to try up for new things that might find opposite/similar attractions just to open up more opportunities of things I've never knew finding or learning what love can really be. love is blind if im picky and dont get me wrong, I do have standards but im very flexible. I would'nt want it to sound like a job application or qualification to be my interest lol. Personally it just makes it sound so difficult to know someone nowadays if no one are not giving chances.. or even just that opportunity to just be friends to talk to.. but again first things first for me.. friends to best friends.. and maybe so on.. HA! XP

Soo.. for those in the A-list members.. and you like my pictures.. I can't be able to trace you back.. to message you.. it will just tells me how many.. but dont know who.. I'm not a A- list member.. -__-" sorry..

By all things. If ur interested, wanted a loyal friend to kick the nights away or to be there at times, pen pals, online buddy to talk to, message away! Real talk *fist pound* fwla la la la <~ big hero 6

Be open.. Be real and be your beautifulness in itself within =). If you want to stop by and say wussup.. I'll do the same thing too =D.. ty for taking the time to read all this xp..take care everyone and god bless
The two of us