36Henderson, United States
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My self-summary
**Update: I'm not really active on here right now. Recently started seeing someone.

Basically, I'm a grad student in Biological Anthropology.

No, seriously, that's about it. I don't have time to wash my dishes, let alone have human needs, desires, dreams, and wants, and silly things like that.

Just kidding (kind of).

But yeah, I thought I was signing up for a life of adventure, travel, and womanizing like Indiana Jones, but I got a studio apartment, debt, and 10 more years of school instead. Essentially, what I would EVENTUALLY want to do is dig up dead people and learn about their lives (as long as they were more exciting than mine).

I'm big into music, food, culture, concerts, road trips, hiking, camping, being spontaneous, drinking coffee, drinking beer, and karaoke. I love languages and wish I could speak 10. I think I've got English under control, I am (or at least used to be) somewhat conversational in Spanish, I really SHOULD be conversational in French (after 7 years in high school and undergrad), and I'm on to Polish now.

Those are the basics for now.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Shit. Here goes...

Everything, but I know that's not an answer. So some of my favs are...
Gogol Bordello, Bruce "thamuthafuckinboss" Springsteen, Social Distortion, Slobberbone (seriously), Steve Earle, The Black Keys, Chris Mills, The Clash, Counting Crows (yup), Death Cab For Cutie, The Decemberists, The Doors, Jason Isbell, Jackson Browne, The Smiths, The Pogues, X, Ryan Adams, Van Morrison, The Twilight Singers, Field Report, The Great Lake Singers, etc, etc, etc.
Other genres include Reggae (Yabby You, Prince Jazzbo, etc), Classical (Beethoven, Chopin), Cumbia, Traditional Irish, World Music...

Bands I Don't Tell People I Like Unless We're Really Close and I Know They Won't Judge Me (or I'm on a dating site):
Third Eye Blind, AFI, Mana, Juanes, Julieta Venegas

I also think the song "Some Nights" by Fun. is brilliant. Yeah, I said that, and I stand by it.

Don't talk to me about books. I'm in grad school.

I'm a dork. But not in the way that people seem to think is cool these days (i.e., I'm not a "fantasy/scifi" dork). No, no. I like Historical Fiction. I sometimes like movies that may incite some to say I have questionable taste (e.g, I love "The Last Samurai").
A few favorites are: "Everything is Illuminated," "Sin Nombre," "Beautiful Girls," the aforementioned "Last Samurai," "Legends of the Fall" (c'mon, the score is amazing and so is the cinematography), "Glory," blah blah blah
You should message me if
One or more of the following are satisfied:
* The other stuff intrigued you, and nothing I said made you want to run away
* I messaged you
* You don't have the word "princess" as part of your screen name
The two of us