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My self-summary
I am very likely (but nobody knows for sure) a temporary speck in a mind boggling expanse of time and space. Therefore, thanks for being here at this moment. There are two ways (among many others) to spend a string of 15 minutes - 1) To read the following "self-summary" or 2) accept a mutual invitation to buy each other a beverage and talk for 15 (hopefully more) minutes. The choice is yours.....
I often wonder about social conditioning. May be you can share your thoughts further beyond the fork.....

.....there was a fork in the road, and thereby you came upon this summary. Welcome!

Why-am-I-here motto - The thought of a good date a week for years with the person you love and adore as the sheer ecstasy of being alive. Moreover, I and you, alone in our ways cannot cover the beauty and the reality of all that goes on beyond the limited awareness of our individual senses. To be able to share our perspectives on how the world works and thereby inspire each other.

My highest goals in life - 1) To be the undisputed king of silliness, champion of goofiness, and be at the pinnacle of quirkiness (it's a tough one), 2) To consistently love the work I do, 3) To cherish the ones whom I have known (even fleetingly) over the years.

A Friendly Note - The summary is long - and your suggested edits will be highly appreciated.

Note 2 : I'm looking to befriend (as in friendship defined by intellectual companionship and sapio-intimacy which we would cherish for years) single women AND if you are the sweet-heart who will make me log-out forever from dating websites than that will be wonderful.

Around my watercooler - These are thoughts and trivia stuff going on in my life posted under the "Journal" tab. OKC has decided to take this tab out of publication.

Chronology - present going into past. I am a scientist by profession. I have lived more than 45 % of my life in the United States Of America. I completed graduate school in USA. Before that I lived in India, the country of my birth. I studied undergrad in India. People and cultures have always fascinated me. When I was a kid, I often had dreams of being on an airplane and visiting distant countries. Whether I like it or not, growing up in India in a vastly different socio-economic environment will make me seem come across as unconventional (this is true for almost anyone who moves away from HOME after their formative years). Being unconventional (often a plus, but not always) is a product of experiences bygone.

You And Me What is it that will inspire a communication between me and you - two complete and random strangers?

Beautiful moments are to be shared. Doing things is great, but having somebody special to do with makes it magical. The presence of the other person imparts meaning to the memories to cherish for our entire lives.

It's tricky/awkward meeting people outside of organized activity such as work/classes/places of worship (church, temple, etc). My antidote - openness of mind, heart and a leap of faith. In the last few years, I've consciously tried to seek out opportunities to strike a conversation with people (I feel better if that person is a woman around my age) around me when I am traveling, grocery shopping, bookstore, coffee store. This exercise has somehow inexplicably made me a better human being (I hope I am correct in my self-assessment). These occasional interactions have sometimes rewarded me with a window into the other person's life and vice-versa. In turn, it has opened up my mind to the limitations of my unique individual experiences, my strengths, and my shortcomings.

Thoughts I admire the philosophy of Dalai Lama, Gandhi, Emerson, and John Muir. Their writings have also provided multiple ways to appreciate and understand a very complex world and thereby stay away from dogma.

Which book am I reading now? - 1) The Wilderness World Of John Muir. 2) Flash Boys by Michael Lewis.

Fun And Relaxation Books - mostly non-fiction and some fiction, travel, music, people, Netflix - foreign language and subtitles are good too, wandering about the town, occasional concert, museums, introspection, neighborhood bookstores, pandora spotify, the thought of another visit to Lollapalooza, National Parks. National Parks have provided me the sharpest, most beautiful, the most powerful and moving moments in my life.

Food I love food from almost all ethnic origins. I am a vegetarian. This should not limit our chances to meet up.

Animals are awesome and honest. I love them. They do not talk, but they convey in their silence and animal-speak. If you have a dog, than it will be a bonus for me.

Sports I'll be happy to share and be a part of your enthusiasm for your favorite sport.

Synchronicity is a fascinating thing. It's an abstract idea but then comes a moment when we can distinctly sense/feel it. It somehow connects one random experience with another random experience to provide an aha! moment. It's almost a conduit to provide meaning to our perceptions of randomness.

Friendship is an amazing bond and as significant as a family. Like most good things, it is hard to find and needs nurturing and a good balance.

Religion - I strongly believe that virtue and reverence for life blooms from compassion and mindfulness. It seems to me that the construct of organized religion leads to dogma which subjugates the highest qualities of being human. It is likely that every individual's unique life experience colors their idea/belief of religion and acceptance or skepticism.

Gratitude, respect, love, and duty toward life around us are powerful thoughts. I believe that our joys, gifts, the wonderful life around us, and "our own" presence is because of forces far more magical than we can even begin to comprehend.

This summary is not complete yet. In the meantime, you take care, and I would love to hear from you. Your friend.

Things I care for Family, Friends, Music, Books, Cultures, Movies, Travel.
What I’m doing with my life
This sounds like a simple question "What I'm doing with my life". But, as I scratch below the surface, and take a deeper look then the simplicity of this question disappears. I am a scientist - my research is related to medicines and health-care. Beyond this, I am learning to keep an open mind to understand the subtle things that happen in my life and in life around me. I am trying to discover life as it unfolds. To fill my moments with the best that life has to offer - nature, people, books, music, art, science - is the hope. I want to be better tomorrow than I am today.
I’m really good at
Listening and Talking to strangers.
Having a good laugh.
Watching movies.
Being curious.
Remembering important dates.
Having a good shower.
Giving a super massage - though I may be losing practice.
The first things people usually notice about me
The accent and the NOT so obvious - Each one of you will notice something which may be unique or may be not, and it depends on your frame of mind. There is no statistical average of the multiple perceptions of multiple people. But if you look closely than you may notice an openness of mind, ability to conjure moments of clear unconcealed healthy humor, curiosity, skepticism, love for life, thankfulness, independence, and a love for people/animals.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books - Boys In The Boat, Travels with Charley - In Search of America John Steinbeck, Stumbling on Happiness, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, The Prophet, Three Cups Of Tea, Shantaram, Merle's Door, Life Of Pi, Tuesdays With Morrie, The Boy In The Striped Pajamas, Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok, [[Into The Wild, A Man Without A Country (Kurt Vonnegut), Jonathan Livingston Seagull, The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, John Muir, and many more.

Movies - 12 Angry Men, Shawshank Redemption, Gone With The Wind, Cast Away, The Truman Show, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Casablanca, Amélie, The Imitation Game, The Pianist, Alfred Hitchcock, When Harry Met Sally, Life Is Beautiful, The Wild Parrots Of Telegraph Hill The Way Home, The World's Fastest Indian, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, Pale Male, The Simple Life Of Noah Dearborn, Groundhog Day, The Chorus, Madagascar - II, Kung Fu Panda, Forrest Gump, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, It Happened One Night, Yes Man, Karol:A Man Who Became Pope, The Tunnel, Dan In Real Life,Duma, Horatio's Drive, Finding Forrester, White Fang, Pixar movies, Happy Accidents, Blue, Rain Man, Fly Away Home, Cactus Flower, The Illusionist, An Education, Hachi: A Dog's Tale, Lion, Captain Fantastic, and more.

Music - Arcade Fire, Aretha Franklin, Au Revoir Simone, Band Of Horses, Beach Boys, Beatles, Ben Folds, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Bob Seger, Bon Iver, Branford Marsalis, Bryan Adams, Coldplay, David Gilmour, Decemberists, Depeche Mode, Dire Straits, Django Reinhardt, Don Henley, Eddie Vedder, Green Day, Instrumental, Jack Johnson, Jan Hammer, Joe Satriani, John Coltrane, John Legend,Johnny Cash, Ladytron, Lana Del Rey, Led Zeppelin, Marcus Miller, Mark Knopfler, Mars Lasar, Metallica, Muse, Nirvana, Paul Simon, Pearl Jam, Pet Shop Boys, Poets Of The Fall, Ray LaMontagne, REM, Robert Miles, Savage Garden, Simple Minds, Snow Patrol, Soundtracks, Sting, Sufjan Stevens, The National, U2, White Lies, World Music,Symphonies.

Food - Indian, Thai, Mediterranean, Italian, Mexican, Oatmeal, Pizza, Soups, Fruits, Ice cream.
Six things I could never do without
Family and A (Few) Good Friends
Books and Music
Hope and Imagination
Conversation & Intimacy (These two are a corollary to Family & Friends)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
1) Life is a great gift, a blessing and how to treat life better.
2) How to return the favors that have come my way.
3) Music
4) Friends/Family
5) Cricket
6) National Parks
7) Heartbreak(s) - The nature of it and any possible alternative. If sapiens could figure a way out of it leading to continued inspiration and understanding.
8) Occasionally, I wonder about how many honest, intelligent, and warm messages were sent AND replied to by the OKC community. The trends and surprises therein and possibly a small window to sociology based on visitors, quality of messages received, responses not received, age, etc.
On a typical Friday night I am
Any of the following - meeting a friend or two in town/reading a book/ listening to music/movie/at a coffee-tea shop to be among people.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am no Cary Grant. With the right woman, I may just be better than him!

On a realistic note, I'll be happy to share on this if you give us a chance to meet in person.
You should message me if
Message me "if" is very limiting. Whereas, your curiosity, and your-wish-to-message has no limits, therefore write away and your message will be the additional inspiration of my day. Who doesn't like a well written thoughtful message!

PS: Mutual chemistry is a nebulous feeling. One solid way is to create it, dig for it, and discover it for our own surprise.
The two of us