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My self-summary
I'm kind of the sign post for liminallity. Past here there be dragons. Through no fault of my own I have been successful in life by the meager standards of success in this country. By dint of seeing others who were equally merely at the right place and time see themselves as sole authors of their success, even as martyrs for their minor setbacks, I gained a small sense of perspective and humility. Ok, so I'm enlightened ... now what.

Now what; What to do? The question haunted Lenin, no the other one, as it will anyone standing on the cusp between objectivity and inter-subjectivity. The first question of philosophy said Camus ...

"I draw from the absurd three consequences, which are my
revolt, my freedom, and my passion."

This is the sort of rambling you'll get in buckets from me, I have the buckets made specially in Bruxelles you know. It comes in many flavors and is quite bi, that is I enjoy listening to others hold forth on subjects of special interest to them as well. I do so enjoy thinking that I've setup a 'salon' (fancy nancy's word for brunch) for 'full contact thinking' though so far the most geeky it's gotten was a discussion of graph distributions as a means of regressing bio data, I'm holding out for the 9th century music discussion.

I am closing out a chapter of indolence in my life. I really enjoy doing and making things but have slid into the soft belly of mid life and left the habit of agency in the past. I am looking for friends, frenetics and evil minions to get myself back into the habit of doing. 'kneel and pray and you will believe' as they say. So if you have projects that need bodies, or want to explore ideas, art, limits ... do let me know.

I do not fit neatly into OKC's ontological buckets. I am in an open marriage. I'm not looking for anything long term for that reason, we are not looking for a triadic other. just dating and enjoying a new set of friends. if you'd like to catch a movie and flirt nervously please do, but mostly really looking for friends that love to think, do and change the world.

Oh, and since some friends have noticed ... and others have asked ... if I rate you highly it's because the algos on okc take this datum to calculate your attractiveness so I'm up voting you. For people that know me, no I'm not hitting on you (I'd do that in person) I'm just saying you're pretty awesome. If you don't know me I'm saying the same thing: you seem awesome and I want others to see that but I'm not certain that you are looking for my particular set of offerings.

I try not to message people that I'm not reasonably sure would want what I have to offer as women have far too much unwanted proposals as it is. #yesallwomen
What I’m doing with my life
a11y advocacy, grad school, acquiring property ... you know the usual.

I'm growing more interested in guerrilla policy making. which I guess is a high falutin way of saying I'm thinking of trying to solve some problems by starting a nonprofit but not committed yet.

I'm also working with a startup, a cyber-warfare center and building a consultancy - 'cause I like to stay focused.
I’m really good at
collecting, collating, reducing to praxis, analyzing, bloviating, simulating, dissimulating, dissembling and extracting.

but these are all optional features of the model and can be toggled from the main interface panel should the user not wish to engage with them.

oh, and I'm told I cook really well. I'm not happy with most of the things I make, but objectively if chefs tell me so I guess it's true-ish. feel free to assay this for yourself.

not using capitals but still using needlessly fancy words to amuse myself; eye rolls are encouraged.
The first things people usually notice about me
the prehensile hair is often seen dragging nubile young things away for its own nefarious purposes. not sure what they notice about me, I kind of live my own life vicariously.
might be quotes like that actually. many people have commented that I should write merely because I can be pithy in the moment. I've tried; it wasn't pretty.

Oh, and I sing show tunes frequently
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
lit: camus, rorty, svevo, dumas, hockenberry, ed roberts, seneca, pepin, lovelace, yeats, kierkegaard, thompson, ginsberg, linton,
cervantez, scott, cellini, rousseau, poe, turgenev, akhmatova, hooks, weimer&vining, thompson, salznick, popper, kuhn, saussure, ortega y gasset, kaufman, kafka, zizek, butler, goffman, sendack, silverstein, kerouac, angelou

film: bauer, coens, eisenstein, herzog, gilliam, vertov, vertov,
kurosawa, miyazaki, lynch, almodovar, fellini, besson, bauer

song: porter, lerner&loewe, webber(hate to admit it), mozart, infected mushroom, johnson, daddies, puccini, tiny hat
orchestra, mr oizo, JL hooker, richard clark, a3, supreme beings of leisure, shpongle, monk, franklin, bauhaus, costello, orbital, klf, 5nizza,devo, negativeland, part, beethoven, sondheim,

food: anything made with love. I agree with tiberio
(http://www.lafigaproject.com/) that food and touch are essential to life and that food is better when it's good, fresh and simple. I love bending expectations (ikura made with carrot caviar and that sort of thing) but agneau de sept heures (ignore the fancy name it's a slow cooked lamb) is glorious in its simplicity.

I don't watch TV, but I don't see it as a moral failing if you do. I don't have enough time for what I want to do already so TV in general just isn't interesting enough to be worth the time.
Six things I could never do without
I have done without them. adversity is a great lens, it focuses the mind on what is important. L.C. (someone will get this reference ;)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
pretty much anything but sports or invisible sky pickles (that would be religion). I do think about theology a bit, c.f. upanishads, illiad, epecurus and aquinas, not out of belief, more as historical philosophy.
I've received many messages from lovely and charming women who seemed reticent to ping me as they expected that I require all discourse to be at a theoretical and affected level. I assure you I do not.
I am interested in your ideas, not whether you express humanity in terms of anxiety, liminality, alterity, power or 'suck'. the idea doesn't improve with fancy words, despite what fancy nancy says, or suffer from their lack.

lately I've been thinking about the rise of the absurd in a seeming response to 20c cynicism. e.g. colbert's 'truthy' response to stale claims that we as a society care about things which our actions clearly show we do not. I see this constantly as the affluent discuss the effluent, those we flush out of society, and ask things like why there is still homelessness. they assure themselves it is endemic but the reality is we just don't care to end it. our fine left coast sentiments assure us we care as we drive past in our teslas.
On a typical Friday night I am
teaching math to the daughter and questioning the rectitude of choosing public school.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Of all the random tests the 'best thing about me' test surprised me. The data say 'humility' and I am absurdly grateful that I have changed enough to see that.

I'm a Seattle native; haven't gotten far in life I guess.

I've made very poor choices my whole life. and they all worked out for me. I'm very lucky and a terrible role model.

I buy laptops when I'm sad.

I'm also one of the men on mydatingprescription.com, can you guess which one?

I haven't joined NSPP but probably should as I know dozens of ya.

Further have it noted that I am an ass[sic];). -dogberrey
You should message me if
gratitude is like breathing for you (swiped that from another profile but I like it a lot)

you are decent, or indecent, or indiscreet.
if you do things
if you think things
if you think you'd like to do things
if you like poking holes in trite little theories of nous
if you engage in the reductive ritual of coffee, or tea
if you want to flirt and push boundaries
if you want a chaste discursive friend
if you just want someone with an ear to lend

if any or of these form a trend, then send ...

(dude I am totally aping Shel Silverstein today)
The two of us