45Winnipeg, Canada
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My self-summary
I keep laughing at the personality indicator. It is saying I'm quite Artsy and Scientific (which is true since I've worked in both fields) Adventurous is also true.... looking back, I've done some crazy things in my youth like trying to kayak across Canada (almost died twice and failed miserably! But had a FANTASTIC time)
I still like an adventure, but now it is more like getting lost in a strange, new city instead of the barrens of northern Canada.
The one trait that concerns me is I'm very sloppy?! no idea what this means? (also wondering if they are looking at the state of my house during the renos via my web But in reality my work usually entails a lot of clean detail orientated work. This being art, writing, or installation work.
But my bed making in the morning could be considered sloppy.... ;)
What I’m doing with my life
with the job format, they only give you one catagory to choose from. Yes I have worked as an artist and was highly successful as I fell into a job producing art for a multi national corporation. friends would introduce me as an artist and my response was "well I play an artist on tv.... "
I actually have a double major in Bio and Geo with science and nature being my first true loves. But I come from a highly intelligent and creative family full of talent, so the art was always something I did in private.
I remember the first year I made a tonne of money as an artist and getting very upset that the accountant was putting "artist" on my tax forms.... "I'm not an artist! I'm a science major!"
He looked at me and then at my papers.... "well, these papers and the 80 grand you made with art say something else...."

I also have various diplomas and certifications. some notable ones are I'm a massage practitioner, trained as a Wilderness Emergency Med Tech, have been a first aid instructor for 20+ years, Taught rock climbing for 8 years, and have the first 2 years of my CGA (actually did that as a dare but liked the courses and could use the skills on other projects)

I have been slowly leaving my old job to start work on a project for myself. Things are falling into place with the right team members and having enough money set aside to allow me to take the time to get this project off the ground. It is an exciting time but will allow me to work for myself and travel for fun. The only thing that concerns me is my Mom actually thinks its a great idea... she usually shoots holes in everything as my personal devils advocate. So having her get excited and think I'd be great at this.... (yes I did look to see if she had been replaced with an alien clone)
I’m really good at
making other people feel comfortable and be able to laugh.

seeing the humour in most situations

being able to make the driest lecture material interesting and fun.

finding solutions to problems and doing it in a way that saves money. Plumber! pfffttt! we just need a really BIG flame.... surprisingly my solutions work and rarely burn things down.

taking the road less traveled and finding it is a profitable path.

forgetting about capitalizing words, and just writing what pops into my head. (this resulted in a 1/2 page run on sentence in grade 9)
The first things people usually notice about me
my hair and smile and my odd sense of humour

If in a crowd, people have been able to locate me by my laugh. (I can be loud)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I was brought up by my mom and i would often read her cast off books. I am very grateful my mom was a veracious science fiction reader and have been exposed to several of the classic writers in the genre. Arthur C Clark, Asimov, jueles Vern, Tollkin, and a wave of new writers.... Still to this date she will pop a book into my bag when I stop over for dinner.
it also helps that she was a librarian and knows books.... lol

I grew up watching Sci fi, mostly from my moms choice of programs and grew to love them and the opening of my mental horizons. I will still check in with mom on what new programs are worth watching since I don't have a tv and don't have the time to watch everything... so I will download some of her suggestions and she is usually right. (advantage of smart parents )

music.... that is a universe all onto itself. I love music but will often never pick my own but will go out with friends and catch what they are currently listening to and finding out if its something I like or not.... a road trip is a great way for an album to sink in. ;)
Six things I could never do without
duct tape
having a creative outlet
a comfortable pillow (I can sleep on the ground but my head NEEDS a pillow)
seasonal fresh fruit (think I might be part bear the way I will attack a blueberry bush)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I spend a lot of time thinking about things that make me laugh. Odd thoughts pop into my head quite often and when I write them down, people apparently find them funny.

I also think about various work issues that I have or an idea that is just not coming. Going for a walk along the lake or the long car ride home will usually help to sort out an idea and allow me to clear away the chaff and leave that kernel of an idea.

I am lighthearted and love to laugh and make others laugh, but I do spend a lot of time dealing with more serious issues and trying to find solutions for friends and their problems. I like to help instead of letting them run in circles
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
that is a hard one since I will usually tell anyone anything they ask. Even my most embarrassing stories, I can see the humour in them and laugh.
update: while doing several of these questions I did come up with one embarrasing story. Years ago when I bought my first house, I figured as an adult I needed a proper tea pot. So I went to the store and bought a really nice Denby tea pot. I then looked and saw a quite nice water pitcher in the same set and bought that too.
i had been going to a lot of friends weddings at this point too and they kept complaining that they would get a plate or bowl or some odd numbers in their china set and then have to pick up the rest. it was really annoying them
So I thought.... one day I will get married... so why not pick up a plate or two a month and then just have to do the filling in for the registry. This seemed to be a brilliant plan at the time and picked my pattern and every month spent $50 to $100 to pick up some pieces. this worked out quite well until 18 months later my set was discontinued and I wasn't even close to getting married.... so had to quickly pick up the rest of the set.
so for quite some time I have a complete china set of 10 place settings. I get to use the set maybe once a year but the pasta bowls..... they are a staple and use all the time. lol
so a bit embarrassing but I find quite amusing too
pick a question and I will answer it.
You should message me if
You should message me if you are funny, smart and have a smile that can light up a room. I find the brain is often the sexiest thing about a person. If you can make me laugh and smile, I'm in trouble. Add in a cute smile and a snort... Oh boy, game
The two of us