38Springfield, United States
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My self-summary
Nothing ventured, nothing gained...

I'm a bit of a dork, with a bit of nerdy thrown in for good measure. I like knowing things and I like a good challenge. Sometimes, I play devil's advocate, even if i agree with you, but I do know how to be wrong gracefully.

I can rock like the best of 'em.

Sometimes I worry that what they say is true, that owner's personalities are reflected in their pets. Olsen is painfully clever, an attention whore, and the sweetest dog ever. He does a cute little dance when he wants your attention. Not really sure what that all says about me...

I love lamp.

Once, when I was a kid, I put my eye to a camera flash and took a picture. Yes, bad idea, but at the time, for some reason, it seemed like an interesting experiment. I ended up blind in one eye for about 2 hours and was scared shitless. Eventually my vision came back...PHEW!

I still conduct random experiments. I call this Living.

I think that in order to survive this thing we call Living, a sense of humor is key. You need to know how to laugh at yourself once in a while. That way I don't feel terribly bad when I'm laughing AT you...and I WILL laugh at you. A lot.
What I’m doing with my life
I protect the youth from people who may be doing them harm.

I am a percussionist with the Arlington Concert Band.

I spend a lot of time trying not to get lost. For some reason my GPS goes berserk once in a while and tries to drive me into a body of water. Usually at 100 mph. I'm pretty sure my car was not designed to do that...

When inspiration strikes I write.

I can strum chords on my guitar with enough skill so that people can sing along.
I’m really good at
-Trivia and random facts
-Having no idea whats going on but not letting on
-Board Games
-Making Lists
-Thinking outside the box
-Saying really inappropriate things at the most inopportune moments
-Finding answers online
-Saying what is on my mind
-Not getting embarrassed

Things I am NOT good at:
-Card games :(
The first things people usually notice about me
People seem to notice that I don't have the accent they expect me to have. Also people like my eyebrows. Its kinda odd actually but i get a lot of compliments on those.

And my smile.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My current book queue includes: Nabokov's "Invitation to a Beheading", Garcia Marquez' "Doce Cuentos Peregrinos", Venkatesh's "Gang Leader for a Day", and Santiago's "Conquistadora"

My tastes in music vary depending on the context which I'm in , but I do prefer music that is more lyrics driven and more melodic in nature.

Generally I'm drawn to Folk-ish Rock, but I think I can say I have favorites in almost every genre of music, both in Spanish and in English. I am a HUGE Beatles fan, and dig Mozart. Recently really enjoying Fun., the Luminners, Jason Mraz.

I don't go to the movies nearly as often as I used to. You should take me to one!

I tend to lean more towards foreign and independent films, as well as anything "based on a true story", and comedies. Recently I've been really into French movies. Just saw a French film called "The Untouchables" and it was amazing.

I recently got rid of the cable at my place, and now depend on my laptop for entertainment. Catch NCIS, How I Met Your Mother, Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and Colbert Report regularly. And a ton of NOVA.

Life would be an empty void without NPR. Wait Wait Don't Tell Me! is the best thing to ever happen to radio!

Love Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines. All food is good, but extra points if you introduce me to something new!
Six things I could never do without
1. My family and friends. First and foremost.
2. Creative expression
3. Chapstick
4. My doggie
5. Blue skies
6. Communication and connectivity
I spend a lot of time thinking about
what was there BEFORE the big bang...?
On a typical Friday night I am
Good times with good friends


Relaxing solo with a good movie or good book


In my car en route to somewhere not here for the weekend
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am painfully scared of Sunflowers.

Also...I like Glee. There, I said it.
You should message me if
You have an open mind and a curious nature. You are kind but not a push over. You are looking for something real but not looking for that to happen overnight. You value intellectual and creative connections as much as or even more than the physical connection. But you still value the physical connection. You aren't afraid to push and be pushed. You aren't content to just be where you are, and are always looking for ways to better yourself.

Also, you know that Puerto Rico is NOT a part of Mexico....
The two of us