32 Lynchburg, United States
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My self-summary
most important disclaimer you will read:
i have accepted that 99% of every female on this website wont get me, i have excepted that most women in lynchburg have a better relationship with Jesus and religion then they do with there own boyfriends much less anyone interested that are non religious, i do not expect any of you to be interested, and i expect most of you to see my profile either play message tag and not be in anyway serious, see i am not christian an run screaming to sunday school. or a dozen other scenarios that end in you being way to skidish then actually try to get to know me outside of digital space. and those that do. you are not interested in the long term, and maybe 50% aren't even interested in anything carnal. i am shit at English which cuts off the English Nazis. and i am not desperate enough to sacrifice my personal standards to just dive into what i can get.
most of you are just going to waste my time , or your own. and even in the rare chance that a girl exists on the level. after 5 years im pretty sure that i am alone.

Closed minded Bigots, feel free to Fuck off. i don't like racists , or homophobic right wing idiots, if you are not culturally open minded. im not interested

" To witness the erection of a temple
At the place where order dies and chaos unfold
It's tower shall lean out over the precipice
Oh the wonder's those that mount it shall behold"

"Well, mother, tell your children
Never do what I have done
Spend your lives in sin and misery
In the house of the rising sun"

First and foremost, Grammar Nazis i Suck at grammar, but i do speak the English language, i am also used to people correcting me in mid sentence. your silver lining.

Music is essential for my day to day life

Devout Christians, Bible thumpers , or those who find it necessary to live a church like life. as well as conservatives and those with puritanical morals. should not even bother. i burn King James and NIV bibles for shits and giggles. i wont judge you if you stay the hell out of my way. i have no time for sheep.

i am not family friendly, nor do i find any enjoyment from family friendly environments (its basically a personal form of hell ) if i am not in some form of rated R environment, i have a fucked sense of humor, so it is kinda necessary you be as similar as possible, so if you find happiness somewhere between rotten dot com and Pr0nhub we will get along perfectly.

I am a night owl , and have completely chaotic sleep cycles, i prefer to be awake during the hours of midnight and 6am , depending i may not sleep for two days, im normally awake for normal business hours around when i pay my rent and do necessary life stuff. i prefer someone who is similar, but it is not necessary.

Student of the Esoteric , Psychonaut , Satanist , Trans-humanist ,Complicated

I like the idea of living in a dystopian post-apocalyptic world where civilization has fallen and now only exists in tribes and survival of the fittest is not just a game or idea but reality.

i am on snapchat, a friend twisted my arm to get one, so if your into that you can contact me there : Tortured.Mynd
What I’m doing with my life
Art , collecting bones , upcycling and repurposeing ,building my own furniture from upcycled and re-purposed items and reclaimed wood , exploring taxidermy . trying to end myself.
I’m really good at
im a Scavenger , i upcycle ALOT , Artwork. i am really only good at two things this is the one i can safely list.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Games :
Diablo III Reaper of souls (PC )
Fallout 3 ( Xbox 360 )
Fallout 4. ( PC )
Deus Ex ( PC )
Witcher III : Wild hunt (PC)
TV , Movies :
shows i follow :
Agents of shield , the 100 , once upon a time , Z nation , Supernatural , Salem , Continuum, Ash vs Evil Dead , Walking dead ( i watch alot of shows on netflix, way to many to list here )
The six things I could never do without
1: internet
2: art supplys
3: coffee
4: music
5: horror and scifi movies
6: smokes
I spend a lot of time thinking about
art Projects, Trans-humanism , the Esoteric
On a typical Friday night I am
watching movies/television shows , working on artwork , playing fallout , consuming unnatural and possibly unhealthy amounts of pornography , and quite possibly numbing myself from one "self-medication to another"
You should message me if
you do not want to tell me about Jesus. but i will except random unsolicited dick pics.
you have a fucked up sense of humor
you are a whiskey girl
you are the rare breed of woman who loves a cigar
your actually interested in haveing a relationship and not looking to just play e-mail tag , im looking for something real.