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My self-summary
I just came here by accident through a link to the Tits, Ass and Cuteness test. Which was great, by the way, and which showed me I'm totally into cute (already knew that actually). I'm not too serious about this OKCupid thing, but anyway... you never know what may come out of it... Well, if you want to know more, just let me know.

I am eccentric, eloquent, and reliable
I spend a lot of time thinking about
...torturing the person who flagged the pictures I had put up here. As I explained, I came here by accident and never intended to go and sell myself via the internet. I sort of like the idea of the anonymity of it all. On the other hand this site is a nice medium to get to know random people whom one would never have met in real life otherwise. If I do meet such people here and come to like them, I have no problem whatsoever to send them a genuine picture of my streamlined body and handsome masculine face. However, as OKCupid nowadays obliges people to upload at least 2 pictures before one is even given a chance to start a conversation with such a random stranger, this is exactly what I did. For the good understander, the pictures already gave away a lot about my personality, so I considered them not being exact photographic representations of my true self only a minor disadvantage for the people looking at them. I will never put up such pictures on a site like this anyway, so, my dear picture-flagger, learn to live with it. I'll put them up again, and don't dare touching them once more!


UPDATE - as I do seem to get questions about this very often. This comment was written about my previous set of pictures, which were actually representations of medieval paintings. I liked them, but my flagger didn't. So in the end I gave in and did put up normal pictures. But what guarantee do they give you about how I really look? At least with the paintings it was clear that there wasn't any...
On a typical Friday night I am
Oh, I know... You hipsters like to show off here by sharing the fact that there's no such thing as a typical Friday night in your life because it's so exciting that you never know what will cross your path the next day, let alone next Friday.
Well, I have to disappoint you. There is a typical Friday. It involves a bar (usually the same one, every effing Friday), a couple of loyal friends (usually the same ones, every effing Friday), some alcohol, left-wing vs. right-wing discussions, literary discussions, lamentations about the deplorable state of our careers, lamentations about the deplorable state of our love life, exciting stories about our soaring careers, exciting stories about our flourishing love life,... You know, the usual.
On an atypical Friday night, however, I might be with... you?
You should message me if
You shouldn't. Or you should, as you please. Just keep this in mind: this may officially be a dating site, but I am not looking for any kind of date, so if this is your objective, then you may just as well save yourselves the trouble.

There is only one person on this entire site to whom above comment does not apply. If you never met me out there in the real world, then don't think that person might be you. She knows who she is. And she can message me anytime she pleases, I will always be delighted to hear from her. I can only hope she will.

UPDATE perhaps, as I do seem to be getting a lot of comments about the above, too. It was written somewhere in 2009, and even that was a lot later than the other essays that are still up here. Which gives you an idea about how long I've been around on this site. Though not always actively. Anyway. I have kept all of the essays on here not because the contents are still accurate but more because my profile would look empty without them and because well, for what it's worth, it did mean something to me at the time I wrote it. And if you are that kind of person, perhaps you might even venture to draw some conclusions about what kind of person I might be, judging by the way I write.

So, now then, you should contact me if... You feel like it. You want some conversation. You think we might potentially be compatible. You think we could mean something for each other. Though I confess that's hard to predict based on just the bit of information you've seen so far. As for me, I prefer getting to know people by interacting with them once they somehow drew my attention. But maybe if something here tickled an interest...?

Oh, and for the romantics amongst you: that girl... It didn't work out. She's no longer on here. But she still exists. There's that.