56Evanston, United States
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My self-summary a recent okcupid date told me that I'm much more fun, carefree, and sexier than I come across in my profile! He actually said that my self description seems "prissy" and a bit "uptight." Rather than get defensive, I decided to take this as constructive criticism that I could use to my advantage. Of course, anyone who has met me on this site (you know who you are:) might be able to attest to the inaccuracy of that perception. I'm going to stick with the following self-summary with this proviso: I am indeed very spontaneous, uninhibited, not conflicted, and sensuous. (with the right person of course)!

I'm a nurturer, professionally and personally. Friends might
describe me as: wide eyed, idealistic, still girlish, positive,
compassionate, creative. Even after being
knocked down a few times, I'm not jaded, nor disillusioned. I think most of us have dichotomous personalities: I'm strong and fragile, directed and flighty, focused and a day dreamer, serious and silly, loft and superficial (at times).

I'm not an "either/or" person. I understand all of the shades of grey and am comfortable with ambiguity.

I inherited my love of cooking from my mother. She created a home and culture where, "food was love." That's probably why I'm prone to hyperboly when describing an amazing morroccan tagine! Because of this, I was destined to be surrounded by friends and family who enjoy a beautiful table of abundance.

Professionally, I love what I do. I have a doctorate in clinical
psych and teach graduate students how to become skilled and
compassionate professionals.

If I didn't' live in the world of ideas, I would live in the object world. I tend to visualize little palettes of art in: food, my surroundings, and all things aesthetic. I like creating
vignettes. This helps me in my work and typifies how I live.
I'm adept at problem solving. I persevere by breaking down complex problems into small, manageable parts. It's probably what makes me an effective therapist and professor.

I'm serious but not intense, feminine but not
dainty, romantic but not naive, youthful but not childish. I am
prone to silliness, flights of fancy, goofy banter.

Finally, I love a quick wit and wicked sense of humor. I laugh at
the ironies of life everyday. I like men who enjoy talking about
themselves, but are also interested in me.

I grew up in a family of story tellers, so I enjoy a great story with a punchline! If you can make me laugh, you are half way there!
What I’m doing with my life
I work in a field where I help people learn how to express themselves, so if you haven't already figured that out, we aren't a "match."
I’m really good at
I love cooking and am told I'm good at it. On the weekends, you will find me getting lost in the passion of cooking a new recipe. I love to have friends over for casual dinner parties. I enjoy drinking wine; not expensive, just wine that complements the food I'm cooking.

I'm a great least I seem as if I'm listening (that's a talent, right?!) That sounds cynical.....I'm a little of that too! I grew up being surrounded by all things visual including, artifacts and art. I understand how to make a blank space feel like home. Unfortunately, I inherited the "collecting" gene so I'm not without a bunch of stuff that I move from place to place.

I'm a keen observer of human nature. I'm great at figuring out what you need and trying to give it to you.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes...I've been told they "twinkle"!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music: One of the sexiest songs ever produced: "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye. Runner up: "Ill Take You There" by the Staple Singers! Alternative Rock, techno stuff to dance to!
Current listening: new Death Cab For
Cutie, Smiths, Clash, early Elvis Costello, early Springsteen,
Lucinda Williams, Eminem (really), REM, Pretenders, Radiohead,Beck, Cure, English Beat, Stones, Led, Coldplay, Erykah Badu, Mozart, Mahler, Muddy Waters, Wilco, Feist, the Dead, Neil Young, Flaming Lips, Modest Mouse, Aretha, David Byrne, Bob Mould, Nat King Cole, Nina Simone, Etta James, Gotye.

Television: Discovery channel, science shows, Weather Channel, Good Wife, Desperate, Entourage, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Weeds, Simpsons, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Hoarders because it's so's like a train wreck, I know I shouldn't want to look but, I can't help myself!!

I'm a bit of a news hound on Sunday mornings, love Fareed Zukaria. Would like to read the New York Times more than I do.

Books: Life of Pooh, Emily
Dickinson, Motorcycle Diaries, Grapes of Wrath, Anna Karenina,
Cider House Rules, Ian McEwan, Buddhist stuff, Existentialism.

Currently on my nightstand: Patti Smith's autobiography of her life and love with Robert Mapplethorpe.

Movies: Like Water for Chocolate, Cinema Paradiso,
French Connection, Full Metal Jacket, love Truffaut, It's a
Wonderful Life, Reality Bites, Satyricon, Caddy Shack, Ordinary
People, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Das Boot, Goldfinger, A
Beautiful Mind, Woody Allen, Coen Brothers, Wes Anderson, dark, funny, and outrageous.

If you are willing to watch a "chick flick" like "27 Dresses" with me....I might be forever indebted to you:)
Six things I could never do without
MY EMOTIONAL FORTITUDE, a sense of awareness and wonder, beauty and aesthetics, passion with civility, and oh..right, a really, strong, good cup of coffee!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I think about my future, sometimes worry, mostly just daydream and space travel! I'm a thinker, so I think about the mundane and the important often. The next menu I will serve at a dinner party for close friends who are all foodies.
On a typical Friday night I am
....Cooking dinner for friends, seeing movies, going to look at great art! I love to go to great little BYOB's in the city..
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Okay, so here's where you get to use your imagination!
You should message me if
If you want to discuss the differences between the following:
*you and me AND you and I
*a simile and a metaphor
* a synapse and a relapse
*sympathy and empathy

You are "off" in a good sort of way! The thought of "ordinary" is not compelling to me. You are intelligent and enjoy smart women! You can take care of yourself and are financially stable. You are charitable and like to "pay it forward."
You are able to be captivated by one woman, read as, you are available .
The two of us