27Las Vegas, United States
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My self-summary
i'm a fun loving, intelligent girl with a passion for travel. i have many conflicting interests and i'm horrible at talking about myself. i'm honest, caring, absolutely ridiculous, and would do anything for the people i'm close to (and even some that i'm not).
What I’m doing with my life
i LOVE traveling. i want to see as many places as i can, across the US and the entire world. i haven't quite finished school yet, but i'm majoring in accounting and will finish as soon as i can afford to without taking out loans. this might take a while, but i'm enjoying life all the while and i think i'll appreciate not being hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt when all is said and done.
I’m really good at
math! i'm a total numbers-nerd. i'm a great listener. i'm EXCELLENT at dancing around my apartment like a crazy person when the roomies are gone. i'm sure i'm good at a multitude of other things as well, but it's hard to come up with much at the top of my head.
The first things people usually notice about me
usually my eyes, i'd say. they're really neat and change colors! i've been told i have a great smile, too, but i don't know about all that...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books: wuthering heights, fahrenheit 451, the stand, jane eyre, the harry potter series (prisoner of azkaban is clearly the best), lord of the rings, and anything that is well written/thought provoking.

music: my music tastes are all over the map. my jacks mannequin pandora station is probably my most listened to (mainly because it's my bedtime music), but i'm not even sure i'd say that's my favorite. i love the foo fighters, stone temple pilots, tool, taylor swift, kelly clarkson (mostly from her albums that didn't garner radio play), mandy moore (see: kelly clarkson), adele, hollywood undead (my current major addiction), the trophy fire, dredg, a lot of country artists. i also have a guilty pleasure in trashy pop music like kesha. seriously, almost anything.

movies: i unfortunately don't tend to watch a lot of movies, mainly because i don't care to spend 10 dollars for a ticket to see it in theaters. movies that i've seen that tend to stick out in my head, though? the prestige, nolan's batman trilogy, gone with the wind, the pirates of the caribbean, without a paddle, anything involving robert downey jr, pride and prejudice, star wars...i'm always down for a good thriller or comedy. i'm a wimpy little girl when it comes to horror/psychological thrillers but i LOVE them. the only thing i'd 100% stay away from would be gore/slasher flicks. not my cup of tea.

tv shows: again, not huge on watching television. usually if i'm in front of a TV it's sports related. baseball is the love of my life, hockey is my lover on the side, i enjoy football and...well, basketball i will watch if there isn't another sport to be found. outside of sports, i'm in love with how i met your mother, ncis, scrubs, grey's anatomy, and i'm sure i'm missing a couple but really there's not very much i watch regularly. i do enjoy south park and family guy when i catch them!
Six things I could never do without
well, aside from food/shelter/oxygen...haha
1. my mother. she is the most amazing woman in the entire world. if i live to be half the person she is i will be doing quite well for myself.
2. my brother. he sort of fell off the face of the planet when he got married last year, but he was always my idol growing up (even when he went out of his way to make my life miserable) and i'm forever thankful that we grew to be close eventually.
3. my friends, obviously. i'm blessed with a lot of people in my life that would drop everything to help me if i'm in need and i feel the same about them.
4. sports. as mentioned about, sports are definitely the love of my life. i don't know what i would do without them. i'd be terribly bored and have a lot of pent up rage, probably. screaming at refs and opposing teams is therapeutic ;)
5. music. it truly fascinates me how there is a song out there for damn near every emotion and situation in your life. and the feeling you get when you hear that song for the first time, when it hits you out of's unreal.
6. technology. terrible, but true. i've been exposed to so much through the internet, whether it's online communities that forced me to grow and see outside out of my comfort zone, or pandora opening up my world to new music, or random memes brightening my days at my low points, the internet has definitely shaped my life and i can't imagine how things would be without it. same with something as simple as a phone allowing me to keep in touch with the people in my life that i left behind when i moved. it's an amazing thing!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
traveling places. i have an incredibly nomadic heart and it doesn't let me stay stagnant. it's a beautiful thing.
On a typical Friday night I am
working, unfortunately :( if i happen to have a night off, i usually mosey over to a sports bar to catch a game or curl up with a book. i don't know many people up here yet and i don't have a lot of spare funds to do anything crazy yet!
You should message me if
message me if you don't ever use 'u' or 'r' as a substitute for the actual words. if you're willing to deal with somebody who is a little hesitant with the whole online dating thing. if you don't mind me using random noises in place of words when I'm pouty.
The two of us