50Inglewood, United States
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My self-summary
So much beauty, so little time ...

I think Who and What I am is not quite as important, since often enough we never match the total ideal of what anyone else wants, dating wise. I am more intrigued in what the other person IS and what they want to become. But the defining thing that attracts me is what we could be and the potential we give each toward each other...
Also, I am so sure of who and what I am it is scary to others to have such definition. Not being rigid, but having confidence and knowledge of self. Inner mastery if you will.

Yet, what I seek/desire with the opposing gender, I think what I need/ enjoy is being able to hang out and share (and amplify) things we have in common while being able to mutually learn (and enrich) from from each other whatever we may not have in common.

That last point seems to be overlooked and people are not very flexible and while nothing wrong with being selective, there is certainly a vice and retrograde in being picky and prickly.

Geeesshh...What to write here to stand out well, but without being too different for anyone else to relate?
I guess I have to just try whatever pops into my mind...That warning given; into the fray...Randomness abounds.

I am fun, deviously so sometimes. Adventurer and explorer, open minded and progressive. Better than many, not as good as some. Quirky seem to define me according to a friend.
My disposition is open, friendly, no-nonsense, quick witted and unique, yet easily and affably relateable.

Chemistry and a mental connection is more important than physicality, but I strive for a balanced whole to give and receive. Intimacy will only be achieved with the emotional connection. What I seek is NOT casual, but indeed deeper than most things.

Ex-Army Broadcaster/Airborne Veteran, Tech oriented but of artistic inclination. World traveled and SoCal savvy.

Great aptitude and attitude. Who you are you are inside counts more that the outward appearances, but certainly whole package is preferred. Relish the feminine soft side that is missing in my life to. Beauty within as without.

I will wait for a balanced sensual pursuer, with the right spice. Willing to teach (and learn) as long as you are willing to be open and explore together all possibilities...
Seek enjoyable exploration with the right person. I find myself helping people and teaching IS enjoyable at times.

I am caring, understanding of circumstances, non-judgmental, flexible in mind, spirit and practicality.
Also open minded, experimental, defined and communicative, but flexible to expand to new stuff. You should be similarly minded or complementary to this. Affectionate, tender, kissable, devious, sometimes kinky & occasionally wicked. This last quality tied to the first one would make the ideal that I need. I seek what i can give back in kind, but also would not mind being surprised with new stuff.

Seeking?: A willing partner in crime and joy. Cliche and pun tolerant.
IF you write to me or mark me as a YES or save as favorite, make no mistake and be warned... I have an intense (albeit safe), but fun (endorphin/adrenaline safe fun) side. But I am always a positivist. I can be vague, lateral and oblique since being direct doesn't seem to work or scares people off.

Assorted, amused, intellectual, sly, and culturally random. A friend used the word Eclectic. And Yes; yes I am.
(Another friend called me Adorkable, but I digress)
What I’m doing with my life
Enjoying the day.
Changing whatever I can change.
Not sweating what I cannot change.
Struggling to figure which is which.
Having fun where I can find it.
Smelling the roses along the way.
Always searching, improving and exploring.
Expanding my mind, experiences and sensations.
Looking for a willing partner in crime, to get dirty, so to speak. (wink)
Enjoying the blessings of a steady routine and peaceful life with as much harmony as possible.
I’m really good at
Trusting my gut.
Following my nose.
Analyzing and dissecting.
Finding solutions. Hacking life.
Pursuing beauty and possibilities.
Being a mischievous fun gentleman.
Being pragmatic and positive about life.
Damned the torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead.
Being silly and stupid for the right reasons.
Preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best.
The first things people usually notice about me
Quiet Intensity...

Most people can not figure me out...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Fiction, Graphic novels, science & documentaries, arts, pop culture. Any good graphic visual medium fills my senses and engages them most of them. I used to read comics copiously during a great era. But I have tapered off to a small but nurturing trickle, yet they remain a strong influence and love. A great influence of mine is Joseph Campbell and his work and themes. Another one would be The Firesign Theater.

Film: There are too many to list here. From early 20th century up to now. Including world cinema, anime and animation.
Too many to do any list justice.

Music wise I take a bit of everything, but like alternative sounds, international artists, electronic sound and music in addition to more popular music. (see film above)

Food: If you like or appreciate Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmer you know where I stand. Food is a basic need, yet it can be elevated to art or sublime experience or be reduce to numbing junk of your senses. Portions and Balance...
Six things I could never do without
Materials: Water, food, air, sleep, shelter, health.

Spirituals: Courage, Eros, Beauty, Harmony, Art and Adventure.

Metaphysicals: Humor, Tolerance, Zen, Balance, Gratitude and Energy.

Possesions: Book Collection, Game Collection, Hardware collection, Internet, Bed and Bike.

Nice Vices: Caffeine, Sweetness, Comics, Wine, Cheese, Bread

Miscellaneous: Affection, Touch, Appreciation, Understanding, Willingness, Curiosity.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Metal Gear.
Mass Effect.
What's next?
Geeky pastimes.
The hero's path.
The Fourth Turning.
We are all bozos in this bus.
Are girls with glasses a fetish?
Life, the universe and everything.
Why does dating feel/seems complicated/complex?
How do you really know when there are chemistry and sparks on BOTH sides?
On a typical Friday night I am
Enjoying whatever I am doing.
Flying my Freak Flag on...
Relaxing & Looking onward
Seeking effortlessly to flow...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Being alone is better that being in bad company.
I still love pop culture.

I wish I could close this profile sooner than later.

Did I mention I am a bit dense? Tell me you are interested or you like something; otherwise it goes over my head...
You should message me if
Seeking someone to hang with and share positive enjoyable commonalities and be ourselves. And from there if something lasting develops, it's frosting.
Meaning: Comfortable warm friendship that turns into a passionate hot relationship. Speed variable.

You have spice, sass, kink, edge, quirk OR at least are geek/nerdy are easier to relate and share with. I get along quite well with everyone I like. We all are geeky/nerdy about something. Sometimes it shows, very often it doesn't.

Like adventure, or would like to enjoy it. Want to teach me Yoga. Would have patience to teach me to dance.

Yu also want to get off this site and spend more time into more intresting and intense things.

Explore life and new sensations and well as ideas and still curious about what you have not experienced yet. Adventures within and without. Inside and outside.

You are seeking a willing partner in crime and joy.
Do not be shy and say Hi!
You can only win the lottery if you get a ticket.
The two of us