30Fremont, United States
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My self-summary

Life isn't just a cereal or a board game. It's a roller coaster, it has its up & downs. It's smiles, its frowns. Sometimes you wanna just put ur hands up & sometimes you wanna hold on tight. Just remember live it to the fullest with the ones u love.

Hello, I am Patrick DeMars. Most people actually call me Pat or Pat_____(fill in the blank) or any random nickname they feel like calling me for some odd reason. I have come to enjoy it when someone decides to give me a nickname, and when I allow you to call it, it usually means that I like you enough to allow you to have a nice name for me. So if you're one of those lucky people who have a nickname for me well then that means you're truly special for me. Now there are other special people to me in the world who haven't given me a nickname that stuck but maybe one day they will.

I was born premature. This alone was a life lesson because being premature came the disease hydrocephalus.

To know more visit:
This disease let me know that by me living through my premature birth and with his diease that there must be a purpose on this Earth for me to live. Now I feel that I have figured out that my reason for living is to be there for people, but maybe this isn't true maybe I have a different calling that I haven't found but for right now I feel my reason for living is to make sure that I am there for people during their hard tiimes. So if there is ever a hardtime and you want to chat to someone know that I will be there for you as best as I know I can.

I recently just went through my years as an undergraduate at PSU. I earned my BS Degree in Early Childhood Studies

People sometimes tell me that I can be sometimes to honest, and sometimes it hurts. I honestly don't mean to hurt people when I do that but sometimes, I feel that it is necessary for me to tell the truth because what if I lie and in the end it comes back to hunt me. I honestly don't want that to happen. It has happened in the past and has only caused drama. And lately I could use as less drama as needed. So if you ask me to be honest with you just don't take it the wrong way. I am just that good of a friend that I won't lie to you to make you happy.

Recently I have began working @ Catholic Charities in Lynn, MA. This has been one of the biggest changes in my life. Actually beginning to start my career is scary, but its nice that the people at Catholic Charities have made me feel so welcome and wanted. I love my Catholic Charities crew, they are the best and are some of the funniest people to work with.

This year (2012) my life took a big change, I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. To learn more follow the following link.
This disease left me sick in the hospital for three weeks, and home sick for 12 weeks. I have come to always care and be aware of anyone in the hospital. I went from 178 to 137. I have spent the last couple months trying to get my weight back to a healthy weight and trying to figure out what I need to eat and can't eat. I have now become lactose intolerant and gluten intolerant, plus I have been told to avoid raw veggies, and fruit and stay clear of food that is high fiber, plus any food with seeds or nuts. I have become a meat and potatoes guy, which I don't mind one bit. So forgive me if we're out and I have to pick and choose what I eat.

This disease has also changed my sexual choice in the bedroom. Typically I am a submissive/bottom. If you're not into the BDSM scene, know I am not into that scene completely either. But I will discuss your curiosity with you about what I enjoy in the bedroom. I still would like to be submissive in the bedroom, but know I can't bottom anymore due to the Crohn's Disease.

Now that I mentioned what I like in the bedroom, and I am sure your either wanting just sex or your still interested.... well know right off the bat, I am not into hooking up. I am very traditional when it comes to being with people. I enjoy making friends, and getting to know someone at first. I have had my heart broken twice, the first time was his fault, the second time we mutually decided to end our relationship. My last relationship has left me knowing I want someone who is going to be there for me, and give me the time to be there for them. I know I personally can't deal with someone working the opposite time frame as me. I need to be able to see the person I am interested in or with more than a few moments in a day or week. I hate the feeling of being alone. I am not needy but I do like being in the company of good people.

Right now I am living in the Raymond, NH area with my parents, I currently don't have my license or a single friend in the area. All I have is my parents, brother's family and my sister's family. I love being around my family but honestly, I need to find a friend that I can just relate with not involved with my family....
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a preschool teacher in Lynn MA. Living in Raymond, NH with my rents bc of student loans. Looking for friends and company of the same sex.
I’m really good at
Listening to people in a time of need.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes, lips.
Six things I could never do without
Love, friends, family, my phone, laughing daily, and coffee.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Who may end up being my next love. I tend to hope to soon and fall fast so please be honest with me.
On a typical Friday night I am
Looking to make plans for a night of drinks and dinner.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Is enjoying bondage and spankings. Plus that I can't bottom because of my inflamed colon/rectum.
You should message me if
You're looking for someone willing to compromise, be truthful, spend time, make memories and have fun and ain't looking for a quick fuck.
The two of us