55San Clemente, United States
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My self-summary
"it's not the heat, it's the humility!" Y Berra

b : deviating from conventional or accepted usage or conduct especially in odd or whimsical ways

People say I'm genuine and that I have integrity.

I like to nap.

I like teas but not tease.

I wear nice shoes.

See tests section and

The Longer Answer-

Recently (couple years already!) took an extended cycle tour of
The Yunnan Province, PRC and shot a short documentary from my bicycle. Long overdue for me! For the Winter, I committed to several months meditation in three different Thai Monasteries. It was very healing. Very rewarding practice.

Life should be taken seriously, but I am not a serious guy. If you think I might be joking, then I usually am . I guess that makes me irreverent! A sarcastic wit is always attractive, it keeps me on my toes!
If you 'sweat the small stuff', doesn't that mean you're always sweating?

Never met an adventure I didn't like. I am an explorer, an 'experiment' at heart. I am currently experimenting with the deeply internal states accessed by deep focus meditation. I sometimes levitate. I love silence.
One of my many teachers said to me: "Slow down, you'll be
much happier." I did, I am.

I often travel up the coast to Big Sur and Marin. I love to tour on my Moto. You've seen guys like me on the Coast Highway right?

Looking for a real relationship and I do mean 'real'. Sustainability is the over riding theme here.

I have been decidedly focused on becoming the best me I can be.
Material concerns mean less and less as the days pass by. I have become a true believer of the Buddha's teaching and as a result,
I am more free than I could ever imagine.

the pajamalama.
What I’m doing with my life
I love art and life: the intersections. I am forever fascinated by the boundaries of reality and fiction. I want to be right where art (fiction) and reality meet. ground zero.

Developing compassion, patience and loving kindness through vipassana. Teachers- SN Goenka,Shinzen,Jack K, Thannat Chindaporn.
Managing chaos through a method of detachment and trust which allows for the happy accidents, near 'misses' and train wrecks to take there own courses.

Merging my inner and outer life, it's overdue!
I’m really good at
traveling. being a friend. following through. separating the chaff. seeing the big picture. fixing things.
The first things people usually notice about me
my blue eyes? or my graying hair!
i often look like i just woke up.
truth is, i did just wake up.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

i am a firm supporter of Plan R :

books: modern man in search of a soul/zen mind, beginner's mind/american tabloid/green eggs & ham
film: (recent)memento/grizzly man/secretary/no country for old men.
(classic) too many to list.
music: nick cave, my morning jacket, cocteau twins, sigur ros, portishead, led z., dj spooky, dj shadow, dj cam, massive attack!, the cure, dylan, cat power, j cash, nirvana, dead can dance, lisa gerard, the monkeys, mc 900 foot jesus... (the short list).

i read jack kornfield, pema chodron, thich nhat hanh, allen watts,
ahjan chah + others.

asian-thai, real chinese, korean:
non-fried ramen, kimchi, all spicy squid, noodlesnoodlesnoodles.
Six things I could never do without
my moto
vipassana (which really trumps all other 'needs')
I spend a lot of time thinking about
nothing! the source. flow and gone. mindfulness. 'who am i now?'
peace is every step. ...etc.

malapropism (also called a Dogberryism or acyrologia) not to be confused with an eggcorn, which is a similar substitution in which the new phrase makes sense on some level.?

Is my shadow my friend or my foe?

Conditions are conditional. It's best to choose an individual, a person
who you connect with in a deep and meaning way. The details, the
conditions are sure to change.
On a typical Friday night I am
this and that. you know, typical Friday night activities.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i'm not really 5'9". i have a recurring dream that I can run like a chimp.
You should message me if
You said you'd always been a dancer
worked at fifteen clubs a day
And though you thought I knew the answer
Well U knew what I could not say.

You know that conditions change, constantly.

"Which is more important,
the journey or the destination?"

Choose an individual! Not all the stuff that hangs from a persona.
The two of us