28Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
I'm more "omigod" than "omg.."

I hear back some time, long ago, back when, you know they say then that the *difficulty* of a piece of writing what's given it its merit, what's gotten it to be of any worth t'anyone. Who's that old fool? The one with the apples and the hand? Whats that makes property? Sound thinking on that one, I reckon, just a good ol' boy with nothing but grasp of things, as it'were.



Hi, like everyone else I have come to this site in the hopes that I might not die alone. Cheers.

I am just out here, trying to function and also find/define humanity in/for myself (but like, can't do that w/o ideology FUCK). Intellectual conversations that fold back in on themselves/lead nowhere/circle back are really frustrating (see ouroboros) but they happen. Tele-intimacy, the new modus operandi. Online only. IRL. Thousands cry out, then silence. Silence, then thousands cry out. Cycles, circles, circus. Live stream my brain, y/n. Kinetics. Kinesthetics. Bodies, The Body, the body, motion. Emotion. Electronic motion. Wow, v cool. V stupid.

Would like to be mixed up in something i guess? I prob. sound rly dumb for the rest of this w/evs.

ca. November 2013.ASPIRATIONS: 1. Longest OkCupid profile in the world, 2. waking up and not immediately masturbating, 3. washing my face twice a day, 4. own a martini set, 5. write scathing NYT piece re: millenials but actually it's abt baby boomers, 6. take me dancing, 7. write scathing buzzfeed listicla sbt millenials and its actually abt millenials, 7. eat more lobstser, 8. be a better leftist i guess but actually i feel like im compelled culturally to be a leftist so i actually don't know what to do or what my politics are?, 9. figure out if there is a way to not b a victim of ideology, 10. not go crazy, 11. get out of bed before lunch, 12. move to LA cause it is actually a weird fucked up place and pretty great, 13. weed out dumb/lame ppl from my life, 14. act w/compassion, 15. learn when irony is actually useful and when it is just poison, 15. find a good colorist who would do my hair AS a sexual favor, 17. get the lead out, 18. end my internalized white supremacy, 19. understand that avoiding confrontation is actually avoiding doing work; aka not disparaging instances of inter-personal friction as drama cuz i'm toolazy to deal w/it, 20. connection b/tw self & world, 21. what makes capitalism tick, 22. where do i go from here?, 23. experience collated w/virtuality, 24. having more fantasies, 25. read more nietzsche

ATTN: @anyone here: if u like Die Dreigroschenoper / Threepenny Opera by the no1 killer of modernity Bertolt Brecht PLEASE GET AT ME. oh ya n my profile = v. brechtian #tribute #favorites #noforreal #imnotjoking #lol #getme?

being goth is all abt context; just look @rome, duh, barbarians are NOT cheerleaders, get me?

p.s. i like dancing, karaoke, distortion, and confusion.

i need new pictures. ok so these pics r kinda old, w/ev, im like a hermit lately, can ne-1 give me reason2leave my.house?

im just gonna post youtube videos
















that sums up my worldviews
What I’m doing with my life
looking to start a #career involved in #socialMedia or #advertising but also i like2 critique those so #WHUPS

i have been painting + writing +trying not to stress and mostly just finding how u have fun when broke and living in a spiritual/cultural/emotional wasteland. get@.me
I’m really good at
nobody's really good at anything nemore cause of capitalism deskilling desk/killing des/killing every1, dummy. #marxism #truism #technology

ppl dont even kno how2walk a street nemore, have u seen it? also cyclists def not know to bike, like most of them, the ones who make #sixfigs and r #deckedout
The first things people usually notice about me
that's a weird variable probs my last name. ackshtually my full name (1st mid last) im pretty sure is a unique string of letters in the universe. hardly find anyone w/my unabridged f1stname and nobody outside of poland w/mylast. so. im a snowflake, it feels weird.

i googled myself to discover i was so unique
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
would rather lay down on the grass and talk abt that than make a list, or try and make up our minds when trying to find a place to eat. you can ask if u want tho.
Six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why I am here, networks, intestines.
On a typical Friday night I am
drinking beer and watching movies? or something. sometimes i go to the most awful small-town gay bar evr. every1 is just on grindr :(

owait thats everygaybar
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i pay ppl to hear that sht #antagonistic #resistant

o also i have a questionable "taste level" cause its an ave. for critical resistance and ya
You should message me if
u like dancing art karaoke bad jokes irreverence being funny beige carpet nosebleeds bad scifi teen dramas
The two of us