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My self-summary
Hello! Name's Jarrett. I'm an American expatriate working in Singapore, and I've been working as a research engineer for A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research) for about 4 years now with some possible plan to spin off a company based on some of the technologies we're working on here.

For those who want to know me, I can be a very typical westerner who speaks his mind and doesn't mince words. I don't juggle women like I do my schedule. I'm intelligent and well socialized. My sense of humor is second to none with the right girl. I almost never get angry. And I try my best to be a kind and thoughtful gentleman regardless of circumstances.

My history:

I grew up near Seattle, Washington, the rainiest region of the world...graduated from public school and moved down to Bay Area California to attend Stanford University for six years to get my Bachelor's and Master's in Materials Science. I also picked up a minor in European History (I love reading history and watching documentaries). California sunshine is great and the campus very beautiful.

I basically used my engineering credentials as a free ticket to live and work in another country ^_^; Singapore is not the first foreign country I've lived in for any substantial length of time. I also lived in Oxford, UK for several months to take some classes for my history minor. That experience got me intrested in living and working in other places around the world, and Singapore turned out to be a natural choice for me out of college. The city is really a great place, and everyone here speaks pretty good english. Its the cleanest and most trouble-free place to live that I have ever seen. The government makes sure the whole country runs like a Swiss watch. It can be a bit boring at times, though. But that's why they created Malaysia, Thailand & Hong Kong =).

My hobbies:

Outside of travelling I'm pretty into video games, although I still love my PS2 and don't feel like upgrading to a Wii or whatever. I'm also the kinda guy that doesn't buy computers from Dell. I build the thing myself, with custom selected parts and everything. I also like science fiction books, sci-fi TV shows, movies and the like, but I rarely get the chance to indulge in these things anymore because of work..

I am fun-loving, a perfectionist, and absent-minded!
I’m really good at
Being absent minded. >.< I forget to do stuff, miss meetings, lose possessions... yep, absent minded. Fortunately it doesn't happen when its really important that it doesn't happen ^^;

I absolutely refuse to become a slave to a datebook or a PDA though.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
my wife's cooking ^^
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Work. I'm buried under my research a lot. And my various hobbies occupy a lot of my time, too. But unlike many ppl, I can and do make time for the things that are important to me.
You should message me if
Although I'm married, I still keep my profile here because I'm always open to meeting new friends with common interests.

Doesn't matter if you're local or far away, you can message me if you think you're one of those people ^^