24Forest Hills, United States
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My self-summary
jessie, sometimes spelled jesse! (both are fine!)

i really like hugs!

queer queer queeeeeeer, vaguely transmasculine but mostly non-binary probably? occasionally fluid a bit? labels are weird and i'm hesitant to try and distill my entire person into a few words, but i suppose for the sake of an internet profile thing they're helpful enough. :P i'm not super picky with pronouns (mostly for lack of satisfactory options) but most often go by my name or they/them/their, sometimes he/him/his.

i have a tendency to meow spontaneously.

i mostly just use OKC to procrastinate by answering endless questions or taking tests, so my profile is in a constant state of revision and may or may not be completely accurate since i'm currently going through a lot of Big Life Changes™ (pretty sure i will always be a HUGE QUEER LOSER NERD though so like... if that's your demographic...)
What I’m doing with my life
currently working as an artist assistant in chelsea while taking classes to maybe become a medical illustrator though i'm not really sure. mostly trying to scrounge up enough money to move out of my parents' house and maybe get surgery. the post-grad life. i spend most of the rest of my free time sleeping or drawing or sometimes crying a lot
I’m really good at
drawing i guess?? i also do a pretty good pikachu impression. and cats. i like to pretend to sing sometimes
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
listen, i really, like haikyuu,,
Six things I could never do without
hugs and friends to hugs!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how to plan my schedule around my love live LP bar
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i get really invested in fictional characters, i am literally in love with bokuto koutarou

i also have a pretty big thing for gore/violence?? it is maybe a bit unfortunate (though super negotiable and not an obligate fetish by any means so don't let it stop you probably??? idk)

i'm a pastor's kid and was raised evangelical protestant so while i no longer identify as christian, i have a sort of complicated relationship with religion uhhhh

i have anxiety & some weird sex trauma things so we should probably talk a lot if we're gonna do anything (i mean that's something we should do anyway but i really want to put that out there first, because i can sometimes be bad at bringing it up later)

i guess these are private?? i'm pretty open about almost everything, i think, so feel free to ask about whatever! (though i probably won't talk too much about the last one unless we've interacted for a while & i feel more comfortable with you)
You should message me if

um or y'know if we otherwise match well and you want to chat/hang out/get to know each other! :D i'm mostly just looking for friends right now but i'm open to whatever. i really like meeting new people in general.
The two of us