34 Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
At the recommendation of my some friends I will be whittling this down, in a "less is more" approach. Apparently, my verbosity was so intense that many did not even finish reading the entirety of my old profile (the response from some was "tl;dnr").
I was discouraged from having one of my photos as my primary one, with the reason being that my hat in it made me look like a rube or a hick or what have you. I must admit that is part of my personality, even if it is not one that some like. I am able to play the parts of city mouse and country mouse with equal ease.
I fancy myself as an independent and eclectic. A renaissance man; I have a smattering of skills from various disciplines, but have not mastered many of them. I can go between talking nonstop and being eerily quiet. Sometime I just need some quiet.
What I’m doing with my life
Life has taken a bit of a downswing; been out of the world for a while, looking forward to getting back to life. Going to go back to school (SCC/SCCC for an AAS then a BAS in Network Engineering). I work part time at a restaurant and own/operate My own business to fill out my schedule.
I enjoy Movies, Reading, and Comic Books/Graphic Novels/Manga. I listen to lectures on physics and theoretical mathematics, as well as languages and linguistics in my sleep.
Other interests include:Gaming. Acting, and Anime and cartoons. I play Pathfinder (PFS Organized play) at Card Kingdom in Ballard on Wednesdays.
I used to participate in Ren Faires and historical reenactment... have some bridges to mend and then plan on getting back into that.
I’m really good at
I am good at noticing details and repetitive tasks.
I have an analytical mind and enjoy puzzles. I am rather adept at thinking in nonlinear pattern and usually have multiple trains of thought going. Scatterbrained I am sure it would be called, if I verbalized all the thought where others could hear.
I do not really excel at anything else that really comes to mind, aside from being flexible and adaptive. I have a plethora of skills and can do most tasks with an air of confidence, if I see a demonstration. Maybe not expertly at first, but I gain proficiencies rather quickly. Give me the tools and materials and I can add a room to a house. I can cook a souffle. I can sew clothes and costumes. Want to hear a song? Hum a few bars and I can fake it, better yet, get me the sheet music and I will do pretty well.
I have a knack at memorizing stuff; such as lines for Plays and Useless Minutiae. As I child I did pretty well playing along with Jeopardy at home and when I work as stage crew for plays I tend to have every line and queue of the show memorized.
I mix a mean drink. At the Ren Faire in August, my camping group sets up a full bar in our camp and we have all sorts of drinks. It is a rather silly time for most of us. Often, I am one of the folks that will end up tending bar.
The first things people usually notice about me
Looks wise: I have a vaguely humanoid shape and long hair. Most people probably notice this first, then they notice my clothing I am sure. Not exactly the hippest wardrobe ever. Usually just a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy. Maybe with like a superhero emblem or something on the t-shirt. I am often found in a broad brimmed black hat and my WWI Swiss great coat is perhaps one of my favourite articles to wear on a regular basis. I also wear spectacles now due to a minor astigmatism (I never realized just how blurry the world was, until I got them and wore them regularly).

Personality wise: I am pretty sure those people, who have yet to get to know me, believe I am aloof and pompous and unapproachable, but once they get to know me they realize that is not the case. Usually I am taking in a situation and processing the various stimuli. The does usually include me turtling and being a wallflower for just a bit before taking action. I know many things and enjoy sharing it with others, and that intimidates some people I meet.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Gaming books make up most of my collection. Dungeons and dragons and other games like that.
Other than Gaming books, I really like non-fiction. My nonfiction collection tends also to emphasize an interest in the sciences or books that teach skills (BSA hand book, DIY books, et cetera). The bible, the Qur'an, the Book of Mormaon, the Bhagavad Gita, Books on Shamanism and Modern Witchcraft, Bhuddist sutras... my stacks have a number of religious and philosophical texts. I also have all my old text books.
For my fiction books, I tend toward Science Fiction, Science Fantasy, and Fantasy. Maybe a little suspense or noire, but not a lot of the modern stuff, mostly old stuff.
Once of my recent favourites was Asimov's Foundation Trilogy. Reading it once gets a sense that the world has not changed nearly as much as we would like to think it has in the last 50 years. The patterns of human behavior he noted back then and wrote into his fiction still ring true today.

My favourite movies are comedies (anywhere from dark comedy to slapstick), Earnest Goeas to Camp was one of my favourites growing up. I like movies I can laugh at and relate to.
I lso really like Sci-Fi (Star Trek and the like).
Fantasy genre movies are right up there also (Dark Crystal, Laberynth, and anything from Studio Ghibli).
Oh and I adore movies from the 1980s. Terrible B-Movies are super great also (Such as Buckaroo Bonzi or the Lost Skeleton of Cadaver). I do enjoy a good MSTing of a movie.

I listen to a lot of different types of music. I tend to avoid nearly all rap and most country (with a few notable exceptions for both). I regularly listen to what would be called rock of some sort (ok, rock of many different sorts), and electronica; throw in some folk music and show tunes and you have most of my collection. I remember all of the songs from the musicals I was in, but do not have as many on my MP3 player as I would like.

Food, is a lot like music. There are a few types that I do not like, but I will eat most things. Texture is very important to me when it comes to food. I like a good steak and potatoes and carrots. I tend to like my food simple, rather than complex; and nothing with too much zing to it.
The six things I could never do without
1) Knowledge and Wisdom. The go hand in hand; wisdom the handle and knowledge the blade.
2) Music. For when the silence is killing me.
3) Humor. You have to realize, it is all one big joke, the whole world... sometimes I have to remind myself of that. I am particularly fond of puns.
4) Silence and darkness. I think I would go insane, if I did not get some time without the sensory overload of the modern world.
5) The 4 'S's (shelter, sleep, sustenance and social interaction). Duh, basics of animal survival (I actually changed the 4th "s" from what it is in the texts books).
6) ??? Because we all need a little mystery. I would hate to have all the answers.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What to do in worst case scenarios. I expect things will go wrong, that keeps this from happening. You may heap your gratitude upon me when you feel the urge to do so.
I figure the government will become super fascist or fall into anarchy, and I will have to defend myself from the Military or the Masses (respectively)... Or there will be an uprising of the Zed-word (or the Z-word, if you happen to be American as you likely are) (we do not say Zombie or Zombi, because it is silly). Or what if I am attacked by a shark or crocodile or bees.
Although, I have a tolerance for bees, actually (since I was once a Bee Keeper). Still what if...
On a typical Friday night I am
Ideally free time would be like this:
On any free evening, I might go out to the pub or to a friends house to watch anime/movies with other friends. I might happen that I go out to roll dice. Gaming, not gambling... pen, paper, dice, and story. For the last couple of months and for the next few months, I anticipate gaming to be my Friday night plan.
During a free day, I might work with friends on a film or other projects, or perhaps go on a downtown adventure or to a cemetery, forest or beach for taking pictures(photography) or just being in nature.
My former gave shift job kept me out of my social circles quite a bit and I became a bit disconnected, thus, I am not getting out as often as I might like. People became used to me not being available, so I stay at home and play World of Warcraft, or some other videogame, and watch shows and movies streaming on the internet.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Well, lets see. I suppose I will wait to see what people ask. Yes, it will be a fun game. Ask me your questions, I will let you know if it is more than I am willing to share. I will put the questions people ask me and the answers I am willing to share in this box.

I have answered nearly all the questions that are available in the database... so that is kind of embarrassing. Seriously, have a look at all those questions, even the ones that are kind of repeats. There is a lot of info there, surely there is some overlap with questions you have answered.

Most of the time when I am caught by a camera I am in a costume of some sort. I am usually a t-shirt and jeans guys, but the camera does not seem to catch me at those times.
If I am in a kilt, I am usually regimental (except when going out dancing, then the rights of others not to have to see my junk supersede my right to a cooling breeze).

I can be a bit of a pack-rat sometimes. Things I use on a yearly basis kept around when others feel I should just get a new one every year because that is what they would do. We have differing views on frugality. I have a lot of kitschy thing decorating the mantle, it looks like a grandma died and I got all the stuff.

The use of improper personal pronouns really, and I mean really, gets my goat. There is a correct time to use "I" and a correct time to use "me." Your English teacher may have been taught wrong, because their teacher was taught wrong, because their teacher taught them wrong because their teacher... well you get the picture. "I" is for when the pronoun takes the place of the subject of a sentence. "Me" is for when the pronoun takes the place of the object. This is the case even when you have more than one subject or object. If in doubt, take away anything other than the singular first person pronoun and repeat the sentence with just the personal pronoun. Does it sound right?
Examples: Jane and I are in the picture. The picture is of Jane and me.
You should message me if
You want to, I guess. I mean, what am I going to say here that will change your mind one way or the other. You have already read this far, and likely looked at my pictures, questions, and test results... so there you have it. This is me, as well as these feeble words and pixels can represent me. If you have gotten this far, you might as well say hello. The worst that could happen is that I do not respond or make fun of you. See not that bad, particularly since it is very unlikely I will make fun of you.

I am not entirely sure what I am after with this the use of this site. You would think that after 6 years I would have some idea. I have made a few friends and activity partners from here. Had a couple of dates. Nothing long term, yet. I know in life I would eventually like to get married and produce offspring.

I suppose I am looking for :
Someone to go hiking with and observe the great celestial movement without the pollution of the city lights.
Someone with whom I can stay in and criticize Big Bang Theory for being the name-droppinist, steryotypinist, great and terrible thing to happen to nerd culture since white bread bologna sandwiches with mayonnaise and the crust crust off. And can laugh with me at it, but not at the same time as the laugh track plays because the joke is too intellectually obtuse for the audience as a whole, but at the subtle jokes that get by with stealth rather than haughtiness. Sure Shroedingers Cat has worked its way into the common parlance, but I want somebody who knows that it is hyperbole meant to demonstrate that the Uncertainty Principle is not the case for objects above the atomic scale.
Someone to play videogames with on occasion.
Someone who wants to go with me to the NW Folklife Festival and stomp around in barefeet, in the mud to Honkytonk, Balkans, and all sorts of other music. That is my favourite type of "dancing."