53Beaverton, United States
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My self-summary
I never quite know what to do with this self summary part. When I was younger and in the est training I was given the assignment to tell my life story in 30 seconds. I was convinced that was not a lot of time. So, I ended up with 20 seconds of silence!
Turns out a lot can said in 30 seconds! Also a lot can be said here too.
But, where to start?
I am a simple, giving soul who works well with others and also needs some amount of quiet, sometimes alone, time to rest and meditate etc.

I am convinced that the world is full of what I love to call win/win opportunities. (I love looking for them and I find them.) Ways in which through our communication we can all be winners.

I am sensitive to others needs and get great satisfaction in everyone getting what they need and want. And yes I am that includes me. I am not totally selfless. But, I am not a scorekeeper either.

Being present and grateful is my spiritual practice. I am not religious per se. But, I am spiritual. I practice my Qi Gong as a path to living my life. I practice my breathing, awareness and sitting on my cushion in Qi Gong. All so that I can try to remember to breathe and be aware outside of Qi Gong.

I am sure there is more. I will try and add more insight to who I am later. But you can always ask questions also...I am good at answering. Well, I enjoy reflection and sharing.

Thanks for reading!
What I’m doing with my life
Currently, I am building my acupuncture business. I love treating me patients!


I am open to finding a partner to walk this path called life with.
I’m really good at
Hmmm...where does one start?
There is a lot I am really good at...
foot rubs, cooking soups, building fires, laughter, happiness, lightness, following a syllabus,(just wish more things came with a syllabus! like finding a partner, building a business etc LOL)
Connecting with people is of particular enjoyment.
Looking for and finding cups half full.
I am sure there is more....
The first things people usually notice about me
My laughter-- it is distinctive. No, I do not usually snort or anything! It just makes a group smile. Having said that I can be more quiet too.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I do not go to movies often but when I saw I Am everyone applauded and then a lady stands up and says "group hug!" is my kind of movie! I highly recommend it! ck it out at iamthedoc.com.

Books are a little funny for me. I read more than one at a time. Often they are considered "work related." But, since I love what I do I really like to learn more about it. I love learning how to heal myself and others. So, often it is a combo of diet, food related books, Thich Nhat Hanh, The Alchemist, Pranic Healing etc. I love biographies also. Somehow Mae West's autobiography made its way to my shelf. I have no idea where it came from. It was a good read though.
When I was a kid I thought I would read every biography in the library. I gave it a good shot...then we moved and the library was larger...I kind of gave up that dream...;)

I recently read Augusteen Burroughs "How to" book fun read. Gave me reason to pause.

I enjoy TED talk quite a bit. 15 minutes is about all I have or want and I love learning new things.
I saw one recently with a woman who spoke of all she ever needed to know she learned in a mental health hospital. It was an amazingly happy tale. And since I work a few shifts in a mental health hospital it helped shed some light on what I do.

Thai food is a favorite. I pretty much eat vegetables and a small amount of protein. Preferring locally grown, organic food grown with love. Yes, I can taste and feel the difference!!
I love to cook but get bored with my same old stuff. Funny how that is. When I have a partner I have enjoyed sharing kitchen duties and spicing up the same old thing with the synergy of 2.
I love being able to call home to figure out what to stop and get and then showing up and being able to mutually nurture each other through our cooking and interactions. I am a wonderful prep cook.

Music..I seem to have a think I have gone thru a phase in the last while of girls and guitars, Catie Curtis, Sophie B Hawkins etc.

TV-dare I admit that I do have a few favorite shows I love,
Greys Anatomy, lots of stuff on History and the Biography channels. I still have not caught up on the new Arrested Development.
There is often a lot more to people than meets the eye.

I do not really have TV any more but I do indulge in a show or two most nights viewing of something on Netflix. I pick a series and make my way through it. Often, I am multitasking with some sort of research on computer etc.

I do not like violence or pain even if righteous. I enjoy happy. Not to say everything on Greys Anatomy is happy. But, it mostly circles back around to that.
I was enjoying Weeds until a few seasons in and they were traveling to Mexico and too much stress...
No horror ever. I am a sensitive soul. I like to watch people being sweet to each other.
Six things I could never do without
My breath. Water.
Greens!! I eat a lot of greens and still not enough!!

Qi Gong class--I go every week.

6 things does not seem like much but "never do without" is such an extreme phrase.
So much in life is negotiable. And the term "things" negates people, animals etc...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Hmmm....I spend a lot of time thinking about what steps to take next in my life.
Weighing my options.
On a typical Friday night I am
Home watching a movie, out at some social event that is more on the quiet side..like Restorative Yoga class. I totally love the relaxation. Still at the office playing catch up on paperwork. If I do not have anything planned there is always something at the office asking for attention.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am not sure what to write here. Just ask and I am sure I will share.
You should message me if
you are able to speak your piece/peace. To be out loud and just say who you are. I would love to meet those who enjoy some amount of awareness in their life. Folks who want to explore what all there is out there to learn.
I am not someone who indulges in mind altering substances. I would prefer you not either. Well, does dark chocolate count?
A couple of squares of that and I am guaranteed to be a wee tad wired!! LOL
The two of us