41 Toronto, Canada
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My self-summary
Hi! Thanks for visiting! I realize that my profile is rather serious, but if this is a turnoff to you then we probably wouldn’t be a good match, anyway. :-)

In addition to the qualities typically desirable in a person (respect, kindness, openness and honesty, trustworthiness and reliability, understanding and sensitivity, patience, cooperation, etc., etc.), I particularly value: family; morals, principles and integrity; open-mindedness; respect for and appreciation of other people, animals, nature and the environment; intelligence and intellect; authenticity and non-superficiality; optimism; social consciousness; pacifism; left-wing political ideologies.

I value thinking. I like things that make me think and people who make me think. I am rational, analytical and philosophical. I am introspective and very aware of my emotions, allowing them to influence but not control my decision-making.

I value conversation: intellectual/philosophical discussions, sharing ideas and opinions, expressing thoughts and emotions, brainstorming solutions to problems, working through issues and disagreements. I’m also an excellent listener.

I value curiosity and learning. I view learning as an ongoing lifelong process and every aspect of life as a learning experience. While my formal post-secondary education was in science (computer science and mathematics) and I remain more technically inclined, I have since spent more time learning about and appreciating the humanities and arts.

I value passion. I am passionate about my beliefs, my interests and life in general.

My interests are both eclectic -- from science (especially computer science and mathematics) to humanities (especially philosophy) to art (especially music and (intelligent) television) to sports (especially soccer) to general geekdom (especially science fiction) -- and esoteric (such as mathematical logic and avant-garde contemporary classical music). I tend to fully immerse myself in my most favourite things, which become a major part of my life. The best example of this is music: beyond listening to it as much as possible, I love to collect it, read about it, discuss it and generally learn as much as I can about it.

I’m looking for someone who, first and foremost, values most of the things I do. Beyond that, it would be ideal if we had common interests as well, but what is most important is that she has interests of her own that she is passionate about and then we can share our own interests with each other. I’d like a relationship in which we explore and enjoy all aspects of the world and life together.

Despite the seriousness of my profile and how serious I am about the things I’ve mentioned, I don’t take myself or life itself so seriously, if that makes any sense. I think life is primarily for enjoyment (under certain conditions, of course). I take pleasure in the little things, in smelling the roses, and in the journey more than the destination. I’m easygoing and have a good sense of humour. Of course, an ideal partner would feel the same way.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My interests:

• current events

• science in general, but especially computer science, mathematics, astronomy, nature, animals

• philosophy, politics, geography, history, art

• music: classical, classic rock, jazz, avant-garde

• intelligent television (especially science fiction)

• sports (especially soccer)