58 Richmond, United States
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My self-summary
Status today just like any other -- the usual fumbling toward transcendence. But learning to enjoy the journey as well.

There is an ineffable Transcendence, far beyond the levels that humans can reach. Some people encounter or discover pale reflections and shadows of this Transcendence, and call it 'God'.

It is impossible to truly know God, for this ultimate Reality is far beyond what we can get to. We cannot perceive the infinite. Each person deals with as much of God as they are able to handle. Each person sees a different facet, unique to them.

Because each person sees a unique dim reflection of the ultimate Transcendence differently, you can never say any person’s view of God is wrong. Each one is a glimpse beyond the Veil. Each one should be appreciated when it is shared.

Since the ultimate Transcendence is too difficult to see, as only in the shadows and reflections we can but briefly get to, we must never think our view of God is the ‘right’ one. And we must always question what we think we know, as we view more or learn more from other people.

There are always people who decide their view of Transcendence is correct, and must convince you that yours is wrong. Do not be angry at them. Rather thank them, for even the frozen view they have is another glimpse beyond the Veil. And pity them, for their view of Transcendence has become limited and closed off.

There are many paths to Transcendence – meditation, music, mathematics – and some things that don’t begin with ‘M’. Religion, even, if used properly. Whatever can take you outside yourself to get in touch with a deeper Reality is a valid way.

The search for Transcendence can be quite draining. It may not be possible to keep in touch with the shadows of that Reality all the time. Happy are those people who may sometimes accomplish this. But for the rest of us, there are times we must again fall back into the Chaos all around. The key is to learn to enjoy the journey.

Rejoice and give thanks, for even the Chaos that we seem to move through is but a manifestation of that ultimate Transcendence. For it is that Transcendence made Immanent. All of us and all things around are part of that. Rejoice in the view, and the journey.

Perhaps that ultimate Reality is more properly referred to as a ‘TranscendAnce’. For the way we relate to each other and all of its forms made Immanent is truly a Dance, as we move to Rhythms we can’t quite see. But if we have the privilege to glimpse these Rhythms, we can go in Joy, we can truly dance and rejoice.

Each of us, and all things around, all we know and touch and see and imagine, is but a manifestation of that ultimate Transcendence. We are all parts of that, made Immanent. We all come from it, we all seek it, and we will all return to it at some point.

Always remember that any conception we have of ‘God’, any perception of such things that we are able to get to, is far removed from the ultimate Transcendence. It is only the small part or facet we are able to get to. Thinking such a limited perception is the Reality is a bit like thinking the spot of light on the wall is the same as the flashlight….or is it a lantern? Or a spotlight? Maybe we’re just cats chasing that elusive red spot.

We know that some animals have senses other than the ones we have. The ability to see polarized light or sense magnetic fields, for instance. I have also heard there are some women with a fourth cone in their retinas which allows them to see into the ultraviolet. Could it be that some people have an ability to sense ‘spiritual’ things, and others either lack or have not developed this sense?

If there is that unknown ‘spiritual’ sense, and if it may not exist in all people (or be seriously underdeveloped), then it makes sense that even the dim, sparse, and incomplete manifestations of that ultimate Transcendence would be so hard to perceive, and even harder to share or explain. We simply don’t have the words for this kind of experience, there is no shared frame of reference. Trying to explain to another person the way one perceives Transcendence may be, as I have heard before, like trying to explain how to smell the color green.
What I’m doing with my life
improving myself, a little at a time.
I’m really good at
finding the humor in anything, and the wonder in the mundane. expaining complicated things in an accessible manner.
The first things people usually notice about me
a smile and a ready wit.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
i own over 6000 books. have gone through times when i would read a book a day. so it's hard to say what is a favorite.... but lord of the rings i could read again, and stranger in a strange land affected me. and of course there is also dante, and the writings of c s lewis.
The six things I could never do without
i suspect all of us could 'do without' things we think are essential. but i enjoy these, in no particular order:
a sense of humor
a sense of wonder
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how things connect
On a typical Friday night I am
pondering the mysteries of the universe.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i can get too intense. i'm also quite shy and would likely prefer to message for quite a while before any in-person meeting, if at all.
You should message me if
you feel I could learn something from you.